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How To Search Google (Updated 2016) Type Or Talk

The Best Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Search Without The Frustration

What’s Relevant To You?


By Gary (Mr Pop) West


I began this website back in 1998 – the first year for Google. Back then, Yahoo was the big search engine – along with forgotten favorites such as Alta Vista, Lycos and Webcrawler. The most popular browser? Netscape. I am as big into tech as I am pop culture history. However, I still find folks who have a hard time using Google search. As much as we’d like to go back to 1998 – we don’t want to search like it was 1998, 1999 or 2005. After 25,000 pages on this site – I got pretty good searching content on and off-line.  So, here are (seven) practical Google search tips which I’m sure – will help you too!:

1) Don’t Be Generic, Be Specific. Once upon a time, you could search “pop culture” and get lots of relevant information.  Today, if you’re looking for Seinfeld news from say, 1998 – say it: Seinfeld tv news 1998. This can apply to any subject. Need more help? Add a month. The best research (searches) come from a (subject) year and/or a month.

2) Brevity - Lots of folks believe that a good search means using lots of words. Most of the time, the exact opposite is true. One of the first TV shows I ever saw featured a character named Haywood. I could not remember the name of the show - I was just too young. I also remembered the channel and the period (early 1960’s). So, ABC-TV, show, Haywood - and, got it! It was a show called “Margie” and only lasted one year beginning in 1962.  You don’t have to type in long phrases or a string of sentences. Just try to formulate your keywords as best as possible. Brevity (keeping it short) works well in Google search. A few extra “think” seconds here will take you miles.

3) Google Doesn’t Know Everything. It can’t read your mind. Help it along. Think about it – you’re a team. Anything you can do to help your search will benefit both of you. For example – my cat knocked over a keepsake statue – sitting on the fireplace. It was a special gift and, I couldn’t even tell you who made it and - wouldn’t know where to get one. I had one clue - a quote across the front. I typed “statue” and the quote into Google – and voila -  there it was. I purchased another one instantly!  Oh, and the cat? That’s another story – I’m crazy about her!

4) Let Google Fill In The Blank. So, let’s say you visited London back 1982 and there was this store you were just crazy about. And, you forgot the name of it. What to do? You know the name of the street, and perhaps, you remember some of the other stores around. Type these in (street, stores, year, city)… let Google fill-in the blank! I actually did this once, and got a blog that described the surroundings, including the store I was missing!

5) Time Is On Your Side - With every passing month – more and more content becomes available and that includes videos.  And, Google keeps getting better at searching. So, if you gave up on a particular search, say last month - try again!

6) Searching For A Business, Place To Eat  - A Store?  Remember - the most powerful keyword (besides the name) is the location/city. When in doubt, Search local. Don’t pout!

7) Don’t Be Afraid To Go To Search Page 2 And Beyond. Let’s face it, some searches are more challenging than others. Sometimes, it pays to really dig into Google search where your best, most relevant information could be waiting. That’s just a fact of search engine life. Don’t give up! Remember, it’s only relevant if it’s relevant to what YOU want!

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