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Beyond the Music: How "November Rain" Created an Industry


When a band strikes the right chord with an audience it can have a knock on effect that can last a lifetime or more. Throughout pop history there have been hundreds if not thousands of highly-talented musicians who have taken us on an emotional rollercoaster ride with just a few lyrics and notes.

However, of these bands very few actually transcend into legendary status and become icons for a generation. But, once they do, they're virtually set for life. Naturally, each decade produces at least one of these icons and once their talents shine through, it often burns brightly for many more years.

As music fans we can always revert back to the tracks that first made us love a particular artist and reminisce about what made them great, but in this era of modern technology there are now many more ways we can relive an icon's greatest moments.

The Greatest Guns N' Roses Track Ever

As we often do here at Mr. PopCulture, let's take a trip back through time and pick out a year and an artist or band to help illustrate what we mean.

When it comes to iconic rock bands from the 1980s and 1990s, there are very few who can touch Guns ’N' Roses. Between Axl Rose's voice (which was made for rock music) and Slash's riffs (and hair), the band were an instant hit and that led to millions of album sales around the world.

Although opinions are often mixed, a poll by Rolling Stone Magazine listed the . Reportedly inspired by Elton John's Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding and a work in progress for Rose since 1983, according to former L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns, the song was the A-side to Sweet Child of Mine and went on to sell more than a million copies worldwide.

More than Singing in the Rain 

While this was to be the last real hit for the band, Guns ’N' Roses' light still burns brightly and, as we've said, you can now enjoy the fruits of the band's labour without having to travel back to 1991. Of course, you can now listen to the iconic song courtesy of YouTube (video above), Spotify or any other online music service, but that is not the end of Guns N' Roses’ digital foot print as, did you know, they also have a slot game named in their honour?

Created by software developer NetEnt, the game is now hosted by many of the leading online casinos, including Smart Live Casino, and it boasts a unique combination of graphics, game play, music and money.  Infact, unlike other Smart Live games, , the Guns N' Roses slot game stands out as an accessible option for players of all persuasions thanks to its simple mechanics, five-reels, 20 paylines from as little as £0.10. Not only that, but with an inbuilt jukebox containing the band's greatest hits, you can spin a winwhile rockingout to some great guitar riffs.

If slots aren't you're thing but you still fancy a mix of gaming and rocking, then Data East's Guns ’N' Roses pinball machine is on hand. Like the online slot game, a licensing deal means you can listen to November Rain (and other hits) while you clip a steel ball around a board in search of Super Snake Pit bonuses and Slash Solo jackpots.

The other way to immerse yourself in the world of Guns ’N' Roses and November Rain in particular is to purchase some official memorabilia. Being one of the biggest bands to ever grace a stage means that there's plenty of merchandise out there, but if you want something specifically related to November Rain, then you could pick up a vinyl version of the song from Totally Vinyl or, if you've got more cash to spend, you could try and purchase Rose's red and gold jacket from the song's video.

Engage with Legends in a Variety of Ways

Iconic artists and bands don't come around that often, so when they do it's a chance for us to honour them in a variety of ways. As we can see, this is exactly what's happened with Guns ’N' Roses and we're sure if you look around you'll see it's also true for many of the world's other great musical acts.

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