Week of June 7, 1951
The House Ways and Means Committee votes for a 20% withholding on
dividends, interest and royalty payments at the source, to insure payment of
income taxes by those who receive them... The Committee is busy this week. It
also gives final approval to higher taxes on cigarettes and liquor. The tax on a
pack of cigarettes moves to eight cents, from seven. Whiskey, gin, brandy, rum
and other hard liquor, from $9 a 100-proof gallon, to $10.50... Beer, from $8 a
barrel to $9... Wine, up an average of 12 1/2%.
Gen. MacArthur will make a trip into Texas next week on the first round of a
grass roots campaign to convince the American people his Korean War program
is a better gamble for peace than President Truman’s. He’ll speak in Austin,
Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Ft Worth.
In a New York Daily Mirror story by Walter
Winchell - he quotes Gen Douglas MacArthur
on how to end the Korean War: “To win in Korea,
you must strike at their supply lines, but they
won’t let us bomb them or blockade them where
we could wipe them off the map.” “What the
people of the United Nations must learn
eventually is that the crucial boundary of
civilization is not the Rhine or the Elbe, but the
Yaluf. The Trans-Siberian Railroad is their only
good artery and the Reds in Moscow who are
supplying the North Koreans must transport
everything from behind the Urals.” “If they would
let us bomb everything north of the 38th
(parallel), there wouldn’t be any line of supply
and the war would be over.”
Winchell asked MacArthur why “The Reds fight so hard?” - “Because their
reserves number over a million and after we have annihilated the ones we fight,
they simply replace them with fresh troops. We not only do not waste our men
with such indifference, we just can’t afford that many expendables.” “Our boys in
Korea are among the finest I ever commanded. They have crossed the 38th six
times now - but the way they are doing things in Washington, they will have no
fight on this and that side of the 38th six times again.”
U.S. Secretary of Defense William Marshall says he does
not expect any Chinese peace move soon. “They have got
themselves into a difficult situation, but they have the
problem of face - the importance of which is hard for us to

Week of June 7, 1951
understand. There’s no doubt the Chinese want to force us out of Korea.”
The Federal Reserve Board eases installment-buying curbs on automobiles and
similar durable goods. The order includes an extension from 15 to 18 months in
the time allowed to pay off the balance on new and used cars under Regulation
Italian police accuse Charles (Lucky) Luciano -
reputed czar of the United States underworld, of
currency smuggling. No, police didn’t establish a link
between Luciano and the gang. They nailed him when
he smuggled a $57 thousand and an American
automobile into Italy. Luciano must pay five times the
amount of the currency and the value of the automobile
as a fine, or he will be arrested.
L. Ron Hubbard - founder of
dianetics, is awarded an emergency
divorce from his wife Sara Northrup
Hubbard. The divorce is without
alimony, but she’ll get custody of their 14-month-old daughter
Alexis and $200 child support.
Marries - actress Hedy Lamarr and Ernest (Ted) Stauffer.
He’s an Acapulco nightclub owner. It’s her fourth marriage.
Engaged - Ralph Kiner of the Pittsburgh Pirates to California tennis star Nancy
For the first time - The Federal Communications Commission issues permits to
microwave a “closed circuit’ television feed to theaters to broadcast the Joe
Louis-Lee Savoid heavyweight contest in New York City. As a result, paying
customers in five cities will be able to view the bout.
Bestsellers - “From Here To Eternity” - James Jones, “The Caine Mutiny” -
Herman Wouk, “Return To Paradise” - James A. Michener, “A Woman Called
Fancy” - Frank Yerby, “A King’s Story: The Memoirs of the Duke Of Windsor”
“The Riddle Of MacArthur” - John Gunther, Better Homes and Gardens Garden

Week of June 7, 1951
At Sears Roebuck and Co - Men’s Gabardine Blouses - all rayon sheen in solid
colors - choice of dark green, skipper blue, cocoa brown and gray in all sizes -
$8.95. Men’s Rayon Gabardine slacks - $4.49.
Also at Sears Roebuck and Co - it’s Sporting Goods Week! ... J.C. Higgins Super
Deluxe Bikes for boys and girls - Beauty, speed, smooth riding. Torpedo
headlight, electric horn in tank, luggage carrier, troxel saddle, and crusader
balloon tires. Color-Flow styling - $46.88... Men’s golf bags - $8.88 ... Tennis
Racquets - $5.98
“For men only - Here’s a great offer to get you to
try Brylcreem ... Buy a tube of Brylcreem- the
world’s largest selling hair dressing and get a free
comb! It’s a superior comb - won’t scratch or tear
your scalp - has smoothly polished edges - is
shatter-proof and is just the right size to fit into
your pocket. Brylcreem instantly improves your
appearance, leaves your hair soft, well-groomed,
healthy looking!” Get both for just 57 cents.
At the mart - Motts Apple Jelly - 18oz jar - .14 ...
Cooked Salami - 1/2 lb - .38 ... Fresh Corn - .18lb ... Large Grade A Eggs - .71.
Actress Martha Vickers files suit against Mickey Rooney on the ground of cruelty.
They were married in June of ‘49.
Entertainer Carmen Miranda says TV is more
like working in a theater or a nightclub, but more
challenging. As for television, she has a fortune in
gowns and they won’t show in black and white, so
she’s waiting to appear on a color program.
General David Sarnoff, chairman of the Radio
Corporation of America says black & white
telecasts will remain the backbone of the
television industry for years. “The public has a big
investment in television (black and white). By the end of the year, there will be at
least fifteen million sets in use. It is unfair to urge on the public an incompatible
system that would force people to spend a lot of money to adapt present sets to
receive a picture from color television.” Rival CBS’s color television system is not

Week of June 7, 1951
compatible with present black & white televisions - but RCA does have a color
system that can be received in black & white and any television.
CBS says it will begin transmitting
regular color programs with its
system on June 25. The first program
will feature Arthur Godfrey. The CBS
color schedule will run from 10:30am
to 11am and 4:30pm to 6:15pm
weekdays. CBS color programs
cannot be viewed on present black &
white televisions - so CBS is only
transmitting color programs on a
limited basis to minimize any loss of
an existing audience. CBS color sets
are expected to be on the market
later this summer. NBC also plans color telecasts, but before 10:30 in the
morning. In New York, the color telecasts will be seen on experimental station
KE2XJV on the UHF band. WNBT-TV (channel 4) will continue with regular
The NBC television network is expanding as the network places an order with
American Telephone and Telegraph for full-time video circuits to the cities of
Tulsa, Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. The system should be up
and running by late next year.
This Thursday night - a behind the scenes pre-view from Walt Disney’s “Alice in
Wonderland” on “Ford Festival.” Starring James Melton - Walt Disney is the
special guest on NBC television.
“Don’t miss the Paul Whiteman TV-Teen Club - for the
young in heart of all ages! Full-hour talent hunt show
that’s new and different ... you’ll make it a family favorite!
Every Saturday - 8 to 9pm on ABC television. Presented
by Nash-Kelvinator/Nash Airflyte Cars and Kelvinator
Home Appliances.”
Saturday Night Television - CBS - Beat the Clock w/Bud
Collyer, Summer Theater, Frank Sinatra Show, Sing It
Again ... NBC - One Man’s Family, Telethon w/Milton
Berle, The Doodles Weaver Show, Your Hit Parade with

Week of June 7, 1951
Snooky Lanson ... ABC - Paul Whiteman TV Teen Club w/ Nancy Lewis
Saturday Night Radio - CBS - The Gene Autry Show, Hopalong
Cassidy w/ William Boyd, Gangbusters, Broadway’s My Beat,
Sing It Again ... NBC - Musical Merry-Go-Round, The Magnificent
Montague with Monte Woolley, Your Hit Parade with Snooky
Lanson/Eileen Wilson, Dennis Day, The Judy Canova Show ,
The Grand Ole Opry (Red Foley guests) ... ABC - Calvacade of
Music ... Mutual - Comedy Of Errors, Twenty Questions, Take a
Number, Hawaii Calls, Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Theatre of the
Air Concert.
Pop music this week in 1951 -
Too Young - Nat King Cole
How High The Moon - Les Paul & Mary Ford
Sound Off - Vaughn Monroe
My Truly, Truly Fair - Vic Damone
On Top of Old Smokey - Vic Damone
On Top of Old Smokey - Percy Faith with Burl Ives
Mister and Mississippi - Patti Page
At the movies -
Best of the Badmen - Robert Ryan, Claire Trevor, Jack Buetel, Robert Preston
Sealed Cargo - Dana Andrews, Carla Belinda, Claude Rains
House on Telegraph Hill - Richard Basehart, Valentina Cortesa, William
Circle of Danger - Ray Milland, Patricial Roc
Inside The Walls of Folsom Prison - Steve Chochran, David Brian
Appointment With Danger - Alan Ladd, Phyllis Calvert
The Prowler - Van Heflin, Evelyn Keyes
The Great Caruso - Mario Lanza, Anne Blyth, Dorothy Kirsten, Jarmila Novotna,
Blanche Thebom
Fabiola - Michele Morgan, Henri Vidal, Michel Simon
I Was An American Spy - Ann Dvorak,
Gene Evans
Sirocco - Humphrey Bogart, Marta
Toren, Lee J. Cobb
Rawhide - Tyrone Power, Susan
California Passage - Forrest Tucker,
Adele Mara
Oh! Susanna - Bob Cameron, Adrian

Week of June 7, 1951
The Scarf - John Ireland, Mercedes McCambridge
The Thing From Another World!
Night Into Morning - Ray Milland
Lucky Nick Cain - George Raft, Coleen Gray