Week of January 8, 1974
In his effort for a disengagement of Israeli and
Egyptian forces on the Suez front, Secretary of
State Henry Kissinger says “considerable
progress was made” after he conferred with
ailing Prime Minister Golda Meir and other
Israeli leaders.
Curbing rationing - Federal energy officials are
asking refineries to reduce gasoline production
by 15% from original 1974 production plans.
Inflation spiral - Surging food and fuel costs
drive wholesale prices 2.2% in December -
giving 1973 an 18.2% rise in prices on average
- the worst in 27 years. One stat says inflation
added $1,100 last year to average middle-income family expenses.
President Nixon invites the foreign ministers of six major oil-consuming Western
European nations to attend a February 11 Washington meeting on global energy
Herb Klein, former White House
communications director suggests that
the television industry cut back on its
broadcasting hours to help save energy.
Klein also suggested that radio stations
reduce broadcast power and newspapers
cut back on editions to help save
newsprint and the energy used to run
Health - The FDA approves the use of a
test kit to help doctors detect cancer in
checking patients’ blood. The test was
developed in 1965 by two Canadian
researchers who discovered that persons suffering from certain forms of cancer
had higher than normal levels of a certain type of protein in their blood.
Three youths are jailed after a kidnapping goes wrong. A teenage boy who was
the victim of the kidnap, is found dead, tied to a tree in a wooded area near
Jamestown, NY. The victim’s father paid $15,000 in ransom and most of it has

Week of January 8, 1974
been recovered. Under arrest are three teenagers from he area - and at least
one is linked to a teen center where the victim, Daniel Ebersole, was last seen.
Sports The National Collegiate Athletic Assn. votes to permit an athlete to be a
professional in one sport and play at the college level in others.
The Miami Dolphins defeat the Minnesota
Vikings 24-7 in Super Bowl VIII. With
Quarterback Bob Griese, who directed the
three touchdown drives, Fullback Larry
Csonka scored twice and gained a Super
Bowl record 145 years.
Danny McCoy of Ft. Worth has a new group
to represent ugly people “Uglies Unlimited.”
“The blacks the Chicanos and the American
Indians have all had their day in the sun. Now it’s time for ugly people.”
Uglies Unlimited - now 200 strong has already picketed American Airlines in Ft.
Worth to protest against alleged discrimination against ugly persons in their ads
and application forms.
According to Senate testimony, Dr. Timothy Leary’s Brotherhood of Eternal Love
religious organization expanded to become the largest supplier of hashish and
LSD in the USA.
Television news -
Mia Farrow will join Jim Henson’s “Muppets Valentine Special” to air later this
month on ABC-TV.
Jack Lord makes his directing debut in the Hawaii Five-0 episode “Death With
Father.” Guest star is Andrew Duggan
Tuesday night television -
CBS - Maude, Hawaii 5-0, Made for TV
NBC - Chase, The Magician, Police Story,
Tonight Show
ABC - Temperatures Rising, Made For TV
Movie, Marcus Welby MD, Wide World of
PBS - War and Peace,

Week of January 8, 1974
ABC Made for TV Movie - “Death Squad” with Robert Forster Melvyn Douglas,
Michelle Phillips, Claude Akins.
CBS Made for TV Movie - “Nightmare” - Richard Crenna, Patty Duke Astin, Vic
Morrow. A Manhattan resident believes he witnessed a crime and becomes
involved in the investigation, placing he and his wife in jeopardy.
The Magician - Anthony Blake (Bill Bixby) helps a little girl, whose dad is wanted
for the slaying of a gangster.
The Tonight Show - Johnny welcomes David Brenner
and Helen Forrest.
Music news - Bob Dylan is touring for the first time in 8
years and he has a new record album “Planet Waves”
on a new label - David Geffen’s Asylum Records. Bill
Graham is producing all 40 shows.
New - Joel Whitburn’s “Top Pop Records, 1955-1972.”
Whitburn tells us Elvis Presley is the singles king,
followed by the Beatles, Pat Boone, Rick Nelson,
Connie Francis, Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Supremes, James Brown and
Brenda Lee.