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Fascinating Retro Facts 


 Fascinating Fact 1961 - Orlando, FL (Before Disney) 


Today, Orlando Florida is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. It all started in October/1971 when Disneyworld opened. Today, it's a yearly destination for millions.

10 years earlier - it was a whole different scene. Not much going on. 

Here's an Orlando tourist ad from 1961 - and, it's a little confusing - but interesting. I'm not sure how compelling a space missile is - and why you would want to visit/live in Orlando based on this ad - but, it's fascinating and nothing like it is today. And, it uses city founder Martin Orlando.

Here's why you should visit Orlando, FL - 1961 style...





Fascinating Fact 1966 - Sonny and Cher Kicked Out Of the Rose Parade


Replaced By Buck Owens... 


If you know anything about the 1960's and music, you're familiar with those riots on the Sunset Strip. It even spawned a hit record by a new band, The Buffalo Springfield titled, "For What It's Worth." The riots were primarly late-aged teenagers rebelling about club admission. There was lots of action on the Strip - and clubs were responding to all the great music generated from the L.A. and San Francisco areas. But, lots of younger folks couldn't get in. 

Back in November-December 1966 - Sonny and Cher were riding high in popularity - with hit songs behind them and more to come. What most folks don't know - they were to appear in the January 1, 1967 Rose Bowl parade - but, were kicked out. Kicked out of the Rose parade! This may be a first and last. 

Here's an interesting article from "Variety," from December/1966. It's another fascinating retro fact from the Mr. Pop archives - where yesterday is always cool!



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