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Gambling-Addicted Stars

No prize for guessing that celebrities like to spend money – someone buys rare sport cars, others buy real estate, jewels and fashionable clothes. But there are stars who adore adrenaline rush – and we are not talking about racing. This is in reference to gambling – casinos, poker, sport betting and many other ways to spend hard-earned money quickly and with pleasure.

A list of celebrities just like the run of mankind also become gamblers and can spend an yearly income of a mortal during one visit to casino. For example, NBA player Charles Barkley confessed that he lost on total over $10 million in casinos and legendary singer Gladys Knight was addicted to baccarat for more than 10 years and could spend up to $40,000 a night on the game. Here is our list of reckless gamblers from Hollywood.

  1. Ben Affleck. The performer of a role in a gambling thriller Runner, Runner made it into rehab in 2001 because of his gambling addiction.

  2. Famous swimmer Michael Phelps is a well-known keen player passionate with video card games.

  3. Ray Romano, holder of Emmy award, confessed that his award-winning role in Men of a Certain Age about a man overcoming a gambling problem is taken from his real life.

  4. Matt Damon participated in an illegal gambling ring.

  5. Michael Jordan is said to stop his basketball career because of his problem with gambling.

  6. Brad Garrett best known for the role in the Everybody Loves Raymond is also known for being in a top-10 list of stars addicted to poker.

  7. Shannon Elizabeth, the star of American Pie today is a professional poker player. More than that, she is believed to have a gambling ring!

  8. Charlie Sheen is a fan of sport betting and can spend 20,000 a week for it.

  9. The real victim of gambling is Pamela Anderson. Because of her poker debt she had to marry Rick Salomon; however, their marriage was annulled soon.

  10. Slim accused Nelly in spending all his money on gambling.

  11. Tobey Maguire is known for participating in illegal gambling ring, moreover, he was sued for that.

Tiger Woods is another star from our list – he is known for spending from 25,000 to 250,000 on gambling during one night. These are only a few stars who like to play gamble games. Celebrities always attract attention in casinos, so no wonder that today many stars prefer to take an advantage of the  that offers anonymity, wide range of video slots, card games and tournaments. Perhaps the only star known at the moment who participated in the International Poker Tournaments is Rene Angelil, however, who knows how many celebrities take part in online tournaments?

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