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Celebrities who could not gamble responsibly...

Gambling is fun. Whether it’s poker, slots, blackjack or roulette: it’s all great. It’s an entertaining hobby to engage in either at a local casino, or an for greater convenience. And from the comfort of your own home too! Sadly, just like some people cannot drink alcohol because they develop a problem with the substance, the same is true for gambling. But just because some people’s gambling becomes problematic, it doesn’t mean that yours ever will. You’re allowed to enjoy the thrill of the win so long as you gamble sensibly.

Let these celebrities with gambling issues be a cautionary tale, and a reminder that gambling responsibly makes all the difference. There is no reason why you should give up a fun form of entertainment; you just need to gamble smartly!

Ben Affleck:

Ben Affleck went to a rehabilitation center in 2001 to deal with not only his problematic gambling, but his addiction to alcohol too. Having concurrent addictive behavior is very common. Often a gambling addiction does not come about independently, but in the presence of an already existing addiction. As a result gambling problems and alcoholism are . Gambling is then sometimes used as a substitute for drinking and only masks the real reason why the drinking problem arose in the first place.

Tobey Maguire:

While Tobey Maguire has not admitted himself that he has a gambling problem, his friends were reportedly worried about him. At the very least, Maguire’s Poker playing landed him in . He was sued for winning over $300 000 in an unlicensed poker game. He settled, and paid over $80 000. That is quite a lot of money even considering how much he won in that game!

So what can you do to make sure that your gambling does not become a problem? Make sure that if you have a problem with alcohol, you monitor your gambling habits –and try not to drink and gamble at the same time. Deciding to gamble at an online casino is also a good idea. Firstly, this guarantees that you are gambling legally, and do not find yourself in the same situation as Maguire. Also, at a casino that you visit in person, you play with chips. Whereas when you play in an online casino, you have the money you spend displayed. Often the use of shiny chips makes one more removed from the amount of money that is being spent. An online casino gives you the benefit of being able to see the exact amount of money in your account. This way you are able to manage your money better, and know what percentage of your money you should use on a single bet at any given time.

Gambling is good fun; don’t let it get out of control like it did for Ben and Tobey. The key is to be a responsible adult in your behavior. You need to have the balance of knowing when to walk away, and when to gamble further. Because, often, you need to make a big risk to get an even bigger reward!

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