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Week Of August 22, 2016 Man From Yesterday

In The News -
Donald J. Trump, said on Monday that he wants to come up with a plan that is “really fair” to address the millions of undocumented immigrants now in the country. The softer comments from Mr. Trump, who is planning a major immigration speech this week, follow months of vows to build a wall along the southern United States border with Mexico and deport immigrants who have entered the country illegally. The strategy was a centerpiece of the platform that helped propel Mr. Trump to winning the Republican presidential nomination.

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake that toppled homes, churches and shops in numerous medieval towns in central Italy Wednesday killed 292 people, according to Italian Premier Matteo Renzi. the magnitude-6.2 earthquake.

400% Increase - Mylan CEO Heather Bresch struggled Thursday to justify the repeated big price hikes of the company's lifesaving EpiPen devices as criticism continued that Mylan is gouging consumers with a retail cost of more than $600.
Hillary Clinton changes campaign - says Trump and his supporters support hate groups. "This is a moment of reckoning for every Republican dismayed that the Party of Lincoln has become the Party of Trump," she said in Reno, Nevada. "He's taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America's two major political parties."
On Wednesday, the U.S. Navy coastal patrol boat USS Squall fired three warning shots at an Iranian boat that had come within 200 yards of the USS Tempest, according to Commander William Urban, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet

Operations returned to normal Monday morning at Los Angeles International Airport after reports of a shooting sent panicked travelers sprinting through terminals and onto the tarmac, authorities said. Los Angeles police searched the buildings and found no shooting occurred, police said. Loud noises caused the panic, they said. The travelers on the airfield caused the diversion of at least 27 flights to other airports and delayed 281 arrivals and departures. Two flights were canceled.

Trump In Mexico - Donald Trump made a last-minute trip Wednesday to Mexico in his first visit as the Republican nominee to meet with a world leader -- one who has publicly insulted him and criticized his immigration and border policies. The lightning-speed visit with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto takes place in the frenzied build-up to Trump's speech in Arizona Wednesday.


Sports News -
His Sponsors Are Gone - Four Companies End Sponsorship of US Swimmer Ryan Lochte following incident in Rio de Janeiro. Speedo said Monday it will donate $50,000 from Lochte's fee to a children's charity in Brazil. Ralph Lauren and Syneron-Candela, the parent company of Gentle Hair Removal, also dropped Lochte Monday.
Announces retirement - Steve Kinser who won 20 championships in the World of Outlaws series and raced in NASCAR in 1995. He is 62.

Ryan Lochte is charged by Brazilian police with filing a false report over an incident during the Olympics in Rio de Janerio, according to the Associated Press.Lochte will be informed of the charges in the United States so he can decide whether to introduce a defense in Brazil, according to AP, which also reported the indictment will be sent to the International Olympic Committee's ethics commission.

Chicago police have arrested two brothers in connection with the death of NBA star Dwyane Wade's cousin Nykea Aldridge. Darwin Sorrells Jr., 26, and Derren Sorrells, 22, have each been charged with first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder.

San Francisco Giants Quarterback Colin Kaepernick plans to sit through the national anthem for as long as he feels is appropriate and until he sees significant progress - specifically when it comes to race relations in the United States.
He knows he could be cut by San Francisco for this stand. Criticized and ostracized, he'll go it alone if need be.
The quarterback realizes he might be treated poorly in some road cities, and he's ready for that, too, saying he's not overly concerned about his safety, but ''if something happens that's only proving my point.''

Another Olympic Fallout - Soccer’s Hope Solo - suspended from competition because of inappropriate Tweets.


Technology news -
The United States will officially relinquish its authority over the internet's naming system on October 1 to a California-based non-profit comprised of government and technology stakeholders. ICANN, is the group that will officially oversee the domain name system.

Microsoft announced on Monday it acquired Genee, an artificial intelligence startup focused on scheduling.

Netgear: Technology Company Launches Multi-Unit Home Router System for Wi-Fi Internet
The Orbi includes a main router to connect to the modem and a secondary unit to supplement the device to provide better coverage. The system will go on sale this month for $399.99.

The expensive Samsung phone you've always dreamed of owning might soon be available at a snip of its original price. The phone giant is set to launch a refurbished phone program as early as next year, Reuters reported on Monday, citing "a person with direct knowledge of the matter."

Samsung, which recently launched the expensive Galaxy Note 7, is reportedly cooking up ideas to help it sustain current earnings momentum and boost cost efficiency. Growth in the global phone market is stagnating, but the Korean giant has weathered the storm better than most and reported its strongest earnings in two years last month -- a trend it will hope to maintain. A refurbishment program would help the company make more money on each phone it manufactures.

The world's first self-driving taxis are picking up passengers in Singapore. Select members of the public began hailing free rides Thursday through their smartphones in taxis operated by nuTonomy, an autonomous vehicle software startup. While multiple companies, including Google and Volvo, have been testing self-driving cars on public roads for several years, nuTonomy says it is the first to offer rides to the public. It beat ride-hailing service Uber, which plans to offer rides in autonomous cars in Pittsburgh, by a few weeks.

This is the question at the heart of the dispute between European Union regulators andApple Inc.: How much value do Apple’s offices in Ireland contribute to the company’s massive profit across a big chunk of the world?
Regulators in Brussels concluded Tuesday that Apple and Irish tax authorities understated the answer to that question by tens of billions of dollars. EU antitrust authorities ordered Ireland to claw back about 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) in what they describe as unpaid taxes from the company. Citing EU prohibitions against “state aid,” Brussels said two tax deals between Ireland and Apple constituted illegal tax benefits.


Entertainment news -
Passing - Steven Hill - played first boss on 1960’s, “Mission Impossible.” He was 94.

Passing - Jeanne Martin, the second wife of legendary crooner Dean Martin, and in her early life a model and Orange Bowl queen. She was 89.

A cyberattack on “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones is being handled at a federal level. ICE, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, told the Associated Press that its New York office is looking into the breach, which included nude pictures of Jones along with images of her driver’s license and passport and a racist video posted on her personal website.

Dwayne (The Rock) - The "Fast & Furious" star was named Forbes' highest-paid actor after taking home a whopping $64.5 million between June 2015 and June 2016.

Charles Osgood announces his retirement as anchor of CBS’ “Sunday Morning,” ending a 22-year run at the broadcast. Osgood’s award-winning 45-year career at CBS News will be celebrated during his final appearance as anchor on Sept. 25, 2016 on the CBS Television Network. He’ll continue on CBS radio, as host of his “Osgood Files” and that’s good news.

Passing - Actor Gene Wilder. He was 83.

Chris Brown is arrested after a 12-hour standoff at his house in Hollywood.

MTV Video Music Awards - Some Winners:
Video of the year - Formation: Beyonce
Best female video: Hold Up - Beyonce
Best male video - This Is What You Came For - Calvin Harris
Best hip-hop - Hotline Bling - Drake
Best pop video - Formation - Beyonce
Best rock video - Heathens - twenty one pilots
Best new artist - DNCE

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