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Dateline: Week Of October 15, 2011 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts

In The News -

Tens of thousands nicknamed "the indignant" marched Saturday in European cities as protests against capitalismand austerity measures went global. Violence broke out in Rome, where some protesters smashed shop windows, torched cars and attacked news crews. The "Occupy Wall Street" protests that began in Canada and spread to cities across the U.S. moved Saturday to Asia and Europe, linking up with anti-austerity demonstrations that have raged across the debt-ridden continent for months.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc will shut its four Marketside stores next week, abandoning the concept after three years as it works on opening other small shops. Marketside marked Wal-Mart's attempt to give U.S. shoppers a quick place to buy prepared food such as roasted chicken and freshly baked bread for last-minute meals without the need for a trip to a larger grocery store or supercenter. The stores also carry produce, win e and other groceries.The world's largest retailer opened its four Marketside stores in the Phoenix metropolitan area in 2008. A year later, it started to sell some Marketside branded food in other Walmart stores, and it will continue to do so.

Protesters in at least four U.S. cities who were part of a growing anti-Wall Street sentiment were arrested after refusing to obey police orders to leave public areas, including 175 people in Chicago, where the arrests brought about a new phase of civil disobedience, organizers there said Sunday. Most of those marches Saturday were largely nonconfrontational, though dozens were arrested in New York and elsewhere not for refusing to obey orders but when police moved to contain overflowing crowds or keep them off private property. Two officers in New York were injured and had to be hospitalized. The arrests were mostly peaceful and came as somewhat of a contrast to earlier demonstrations, where protesters took care to follow laws in order to continue protesting Wall Street's role in the financial crisis and other grievances. The arrests came after a day of protests in cities around the world where thousands gathered to rally against what they see as corporate greed

obama October 15, 2011Aretha Franklin, poet Nikki Giovanni and President Barack Obama were among those who attended the more than four-hour ceremony. King's children and other leaders spoke before the president, invoking his "I Have a Dream" speech and calling upon a new generation to help fully realize that dream. Thousands of people spanning all ages and races honored the legacy of the nation's foremost civil rights leader during Sunday's formal dedication of the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington.

Rolling through small Southern towns in a campaign-style bus, President Barack Obama on Monday pressed lawmakers back in Washington to start taking up pieces of his rejected jobs bill and mocked the Republicans who had shot it down in total. The Senate moved to vote soon on one part, a plan to help states hire teachers, but the proposal seemed doomed. Deep in the mountains of politically important North Carolina, Obama soaked up the region's autumn beauty at the same time he assailed foes of his jobs legislation, accusing them of failing to listen to the public.

Retailer Lowe's Cos. said Monday it will close 20 underperforming stores in 15 states and cut 1,950 jobs in order to focus on more profitable locations. Ten locations were closed Sunday; the other 10 will close in a month. They include three closings in New Hampshire and two each in California, Illinois and Maine. Before the closures, Lowe's operated 1,725 stores. Lowe's, based in Mooresville, N.C., also said it will only open 10 to 15 stores in North America annually beginning in 2012. Previously the company expected to open 30 stores per year. It will open 25 stores this year.

Israel and the Palestinians today began a controversial and lopsided prisoner swap in which Israel is releasing 1,027 Palestinians for a single Israel soldier who was captured in 2006. Sgt. Gilad Shalit, the lone Israeli soldier, was taken across the border and into Egypt early Tuesday in an SUV filled with armed men who quickly returned to Gaza, an official told The Associated Press. In first public comments on Egyptian TV, Shalit said that he is "very excited.

Some 55 million Social Security recipients will get a 3.6 percent increase in benefits next year, their first raise since 2009, the government announced Wednesday. The increase, which starts in January, is tied to a measure of inflation released Wednesday morning. About 8 million people who receive Supplemental Security Income will also receive the 3.6 percent cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, meaning the announcement will affect about one in five U.S. residents. There was no COL in 2010 or 2011 because inflation was too low. Those were the first two years without a COLA since automatic increases were adopted in 1975.

Turkish soldiers, air force bombers and helicopter gunships launched an incursion into northern Iraq on Wednesday, hours after Kurdish rebels killed 24 soldiers and wounded 18 in attacks along the border. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan canceled a visit to Kazakhstan and held a nationally televised news conference to announce that Turkey had launched the "hot pursuit" operation, wording that officials often use to describe cross-border offensives in northern Iraq.

Republican Debate – this week in Las Vegas. Critics say – this one, Rick Perry took off the gloves. Gone was the laconic and vaguely dazed Texas Governor. In his place was a feisty candidate eager to engage frontrunner Mitt Romney. But, even as he took the gloves off, Perry didn’t land any knock-out punches – or even leave a bruise.Meanwhile, it was Herman Cain who struggled throughout the night. Cain, who normally shows up with a spring in his step and a quick quip at the ready, looked like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s learning, as Romney knows all too well, that it’s not so fun coming into a debate with a bulls-eye on your back. The relentless assault on his 9-9-9 plan by his opponents and the media has clearly taken its toll.

gadhafi killed october 2011Mommar Gadhafi killed - According to reports from several sources, Gadhafi was fleeing a NATO-led rebel attack on the former leader's hometown of Sirte, which had been a last remaining stronghold for Gadhafi forces. According to the Reuters report, the rebels found the former Libyan strongman hiding in a hole in the ground; the rebel fighter who found Gadhafi said that the Libyan leader repeated "Don't shoot, don't shoot" upon his capture. The BBC reported that the same rebel fighter was "brandishing" a golden pistol which he said belonged to the Libyan strongman.

President Obama hailed the announcement today by the Libyan government that longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi was killed, calling it a historical victory for the Libyan people. "Today we can definitively say the Gadhafi regime has come to an end," the president said this afternoon. "This is a momentous day in the history of Libya," he added. "The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted." The president, however, also warned that Libya will face a "long and winding road to democracy," but vowed U.S. support in coming months.

An evangelical broadcaster whose end-of-the-world prophecy earlier this year stirred a global media frenzy has vanished from the public eye and airwaves ahead of his recalibrated doomsday date, set for Friday. Days after the apocalypse he originally predicted for May 21 conspicuously failed to materialize, Harold Camping emerged from a brief seclusion to say he had merely miscalculated by five months, and he pronounced a new Judgment Day, October 21. The following month, the now 90-year-old former civil engineer was said by his California-based Christian radio network to have suffered a stroke that left him hospitalized. He has largely dropped out of sight since then, and his daily radio program, "Open Forum," broadcast on more than 60 U.S. stations, has been canceled.

rupert murdoch news october 2011Rupert Murdoch's company said Friday it has agreed to pay 2 million pounds ($3.2 million) to the family of a murdered schoolgirl whose phone was hacked by the tabloid News of the World. News International and the family of Milly Dowler confirmed the settlement in a joint statement. It said Murdoch also will donate 1 million pounds ($1.6 million) to charities chosen by the Dowler family, including youth and cancer research groups. Murdoch shut down the 168-year-old News of the World in July after evidence emerged that its reporters had eavesdropped on the telephone voice mail messages of the 13-year-old who disappeared in 2002 and was later found murdered.

Technology News October 15, 2011 -

steve jobs apple honors deathApple holds a private memorial service for employees to celebrate the life of company co-founder and former chief executive Steve Jobs. The service, announced to Apple employees in an email by CEOTim Cook, is scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday at company headquarters in Cupertino. It will also be webcast to employees worldwide. Apple closed its retail stores for several hours so employees could watch the service online, according to a person familiar with the matter. The person was not authorized to speak publicly about the issue, and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Google has revealed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the latest "Google phone" that serves as the bench-setter for Android devices. The Galaxy Nexus smartphone features some impressive hardware, including a larger-than-usual 4.65-inch screen, an ultra-thin design and a camera with virtually no shutter lag. But the most crucial new feature is Android 4.0 -- the latest update to Google's mobile operating system, code named Ice Cream Sandwich. Google believes it delivers on that notion by giving Android a total makeover with Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest version of Android offers a distinctly more tablet-like experience, with interactive and resizable widgets, large thumbnail images, and a button-free interface. Ice Cream Sandwich also comes with some groundbreaking features such as facial recognition technology, which will scan your face to unlock your phone. The demo failed at Tuesday night's event, but Google maintained that the feature works.

Yahoo's sales and earnings in the third quarter fell compared to last year, but came in ahead of analyst forecasts. Yahoo had a $293 million profit in the quarter ended Sept. 30, down 26% compared to last year. The company's sales for the quarter, excluding traffic acquisition costs -- revenue shared with partners -- came in at $1.07 billion, a 5% decline from last year. Yahoo's earnings per share were 23 cents.

Entertainment News October 15, 2011 -

Actor Zachary Quinto, known for portraying Spock in the 2009 blockbuster film "Star Trek," has publicly come out as a gay man. In an interview with New York Magazine published on Sunday, Quinto recalled a stage play he performed in last year, "Angels in America," which was set against the backdrop of the AIDS epidemic and the toll it took on him personally. "(A)s a gay man, it made me feel like there's still so many things that need to be looked at and addressed," he told the magazine.

Larry Hagman has been diagnosed with cancer. The 80-year-old actor is famous for playing J.R. Ewing on "Dallas."He said: "As J.R. I could get away with anything — bribery, blackmail and adultery. But I got caught by cancer."

taylor swift wonderstuck photoTaylor Swift launches her new fragrance,"Wonderstuck."

Canceled - Despite a slew of hot, nubile young actresses and a Miami twist, the show -- a reboot of the 1970s classic "Charlie's Angels -- didn't get the pulses of America racing. ABC has canceled the show after just a few airings.

Actor and martial arts expert Steven Seagal has been sworn in as a deputy in the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department. Hudspeth County is located in far west Texas and is on the border with Mexico,according to the Houston Chronicle. * Seagal was born on July 10, 1952. Besides being a martial artist, a film star, and a law enforcement officer, he is an environmentalist, an animal rights activist, and a practicing Buddhist. Seagal lived in Japan in his teens and became the first westerner to operate an Akido dojo in that country. Seagal is a 7th dan degree and Shihan in Akido.

Director and producer John Singleton is suing Paramount Pictures and MTV Films for at least $20 million, claiming fraud and breach of contract. In a complaint filed Wednesday in Los Angeles, Singleton claims the studios failed to uphold an agreement connected with the distribution rights to 2005's "Hustle & Flow." The lawsuit claims the studios promised to finance and distribute two future Singleton productions within five years but added restrictions when he submitted the projects.

Top Music Albums October 15, 2011 -

Clear As Day - Scotty McCreery

21 - Adele

Duets II - Tony Bennett

Tha Carter IV - Lil Wayne

Cole World: The Sideline Story - J. Cole

Metals - Feist

Own The Night - Lady Antebellum

Take A Back Road - Rodney Atkins

The Whole Love - Wilco

Neighborhoods - Blink-182

People And Things - Jack's Mannequin

Mayday Parade - Mayday Parade

Watch The Throne - Jaz Z Kanye West

Torches - Foster The People

My Kinda Party - Jason Aldean

Tailgates and Tanlines - Luke Bryan

NOW 39

Halfway To Heaven - Brantley Gilbert

19 - Adele

george strait photo facts history oct 20114 - Beyonce

I'm With You - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Here For A Good Time - George Strait

Top Movies October 15, 2011 -

Real Steel

Footloose (1st week $15.5 million)

The Thing (1st week $8.4 million)

The Ides of March

Dolphin Tale




The Big Year

The Lion King

Dream House

Top TV Shows/listings/TV Guide October 15, 2011 -





Dancing With the Stars Results



Dancing With the Stars



NFL Football: Minnesota at Chicago



Two and a Half Men



NCIS: Los Angeles



Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick



Modern Family



The Big Bang Theory



Last Man Standing



Criminal Minds



The OT



The Mentalist



The Big Bang Theory" (Thursday



Person of Interest






Mike & Molly



The X-Factor" (Thursday)



Blue Bloods



60 Minutes


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