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Dateline: Week Of October 22, 2010 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts

Obama campaigning in California for Senator Barbara Boxer and Governor-hopeful (again) Jerry Brown. Focused on turning out base voters, President Obama is spreading this message: Don't turn your back on the change happening in Washington. "We are excited about these last 10 days" before the Nov. 2 election, Obama said Thursday night. He’ll be in Los Angeles Friday (October 22).

Haiti - At least 142 people have died in a cholera outbreak, and aid groups are rushing in medicine and other supplies Friday to combat Haiti's deadliest health problem since its devastating earthquake. The outbreak in the rural Artibonite region, which hosts thousands of quake refugees, appeared to confirm relief groups' fears about sanitation for homeless survivors living in tarp cities and other squalid settlements.

Visiting five states in four days as the Nov. 2 election nears, President Barack Obama is appealing to the coalition of women, Hispanics and young voters that helped put him in the White House. The message to those now feeling disillusioned by the pace of change: Don't give up. "If everybody who showed up in 2008 shows up in 2010, we will win this election," Obama said Friday night in Las Vegas, where he campaigned with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Reid is in the country's most closely watched Senate race, a matchup against tea-party backed Sharron Angle. Obama's campaign blitz — earlier stops were in Oregon, Washington and California — was to end Saturday at a Minneapolis rally for gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton. The former U.S. senator is facing a challenge from Republican Tom Emmer.

President Barack Obama says consumers would lose if Republicans regain power in Congress and try to roll back his hard-won Wall Street overhaul. He says the GOP's promised repeal of the law would mean the return of a financial system whose near-collapse led to the worst recession since the Depression. "Without sound oversight and commonsense protections for consumers, the whole economy is put in jeopardy," Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address. "That doesn't serve Main Street. That doesn't serve Wall Street. That doesn't serve anyone."

The world's leading advanced and emerging countries vowed Saturday (October 23) to avoid potentially debilitating currency devaluations, aiming to quell trade tensions that could threaten the global economy. The agreement comes amid fears that nations were on the verge of a "currency war" in which they would devalue currencies to gain an export advantage over competitors — causing a rise in protectionism and damaging the global economy.

Up to a third of U.S. adults could have diabetes by 2050 if Americans continue to gain weight and avoid exercise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projected on Friday. The numbers are certain to go up as the population gets older, but they will accelerate even more unless Americans change their behavior, the CDC said. "We project that, over the next 40 years, the prevalence of total diabetes (diagnosed and undiagnosed) in the United States will increase from its current level of about one in 10 adults to between one in five and one in three adults in 2050," the CDC's James Boyle and colleagues wrote in their report.

Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels resigns, pressured by tales of raunchy behavior that likened him to the ringleader of a college fraternity house. Michaels' exit apparently was accelerated by an unflattering portrait drawn of his management style in a front-page story published by The New York Times two weeks ago. The story, based on interviews with more than 20 current and former Tribune Co. employees, asserted that Michaels helped cultivate a culture filled with sexual innuendo, profanity, poker parties and other bawdy behavior. Tribune's Chicago headquarters, one of the country's most famous skyscrapers, "came to resemble a frat house," the Times reported.

A U.S.-born spokesman for al-Qaida on Saturday urged Muslims living in the United States and Europe to carry out attacks there, calling it a duty and an obligation. In a 48-minute video posted on militant websites, Adam Gadahn directed his appeal to Muslim immigrants in what he called the "miserable suburbs" of Paris, London and Detroit, as well as those traveling to the West to study or work. "It is the duty of everyone who is sincere in his desire to defend Islam and Muslims today, to take the initiative to perform the individual obligation of jihad ... by striking the Zio-Crusader interests," he said, referring to Western and Jewish interests.

More News - October 22, 2010 -

Somali pirates seized a German freight ship off the coast of Kenya on Sunday — the second commercial vessel to be captured in the region in as many days, officials said. The pirates took control of the German freight ship Beluga Fortune about 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometers) east of Mombasa, Kenya, a spokesman for the German army said on condition of anonymity, in keeping with military regulations.

It'll be the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers in the World Series!! Both were underdogs.

New Jersey lawmakers introduced an "anti-bullying bill of rights" Monday that one advocate said would be the toughest state law of its kind in the nation, a proposal that follows the widely publicized suicide of a Rutgers University student who was humiliated online. The proposal was introduced by a bipartisan group of legislators and advocates and seeks to augment laws New Jersey passed eight years ago. It would require anti-bullying programs in public K-12 schools and language in college codes of conduct to address bullying.

A powerful earthquake hit off western Indonesia late Monday, briefly triggering a tsunami warning that sent thousands of panicked residents fleeing to high ground. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The 7.7-magnitude temblor struck at a depth of 13 miles (20 kilometers) off Sumatra island, said the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Democratic candidate for Rhode Island governor, widely seen as more conservative than the independent seeking to lead the heavily Democratic state, said Monday (October 25) that President Barack Obama can "shove it" after learning Obama would not endorse him. Frank Caprio's campaign said last week that he would welcome the president's endorsement. But on Monday, the same day Obama made his first visit to Rhode Island as president and a day after the White House said Obama would endorse no one, Caprio angrily told WPRO-AM that Obama can "take his endorsement and really shove it.

A powerful earthquake triggered a 10-foot (three-meter) tsunami that pounded remote island villages in western Indonesia, killing at least 113 people and leaving scores more missing, an official said Tuesday. The fault that ruptured Monday on Sumatra island's coast also caused the 2004 quake and monster Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen countries.

The death toll from a tsunami and a volcano rose to more than 300 Wednesday as more victims of Indonesia's double disasters were found and an official said a warning system installed after a deadly ocean wave in 2004 had broken from a lack of maintenance.

Nissan announced a global recall of 2.14 million vehicles, the company’s third largest recall. The Japanese automaker said its third biggest recall will focus on fixing problems in the ignition relay, which could cause the engine to stall or fail to restart. To date, no accidents involving the ignition relay problem have been reported.

The economy grew slightly faster last summer as Americans spent a little more freely. Yet it remains too weak to reduce high unemployment just as Democrats face deep losses in Tuesday's elections. The Commerce Department said Friday that the economy expanded at a 2 percent annual rate in the July-September quarter. It marked an improvement from the feeble 1.7 percent growth in the April-June quarter.

Authorities on three continents thwarted multiple terrorist attacks aimed at the United States from Yemen on Friday, seizing two explosive packages addressed to Chicago-area synagogues and packed aboard cargo jets. The plot triggered worldwide fears that al-Qaida was launching a major new terror campaign. President Barack Obama called the coordinated attacks a "credible terrorist threat," and U.S. officials said they were increasingly confident that al-Qaida's Yemen branch, the group responsible for the failed Detroit airliner bombing last Christmas, was responsible.

Authorities in Dubai intercepted an explosive device bound for a Chicago-area Jewish institution aboard a cargo jet, officials disclosed Friday, triggering a worldwide alert and fears that al-Qaida was attempting to carry out fresh terror attacks. A second package — like the first, shipped from Yemen — was discovered aboard a plane in England. It, too, was addressed to a Jewish organization in the Chicago area, although there was no immediate confirmation about its contents.

A gunman who police said was about to be fired surrendered after shooting three co-workers at a Walmart store in Nevada in a possible retaliation attack, authorities said. The peaceful surrender capped a six-hour standoff during which police negotiators spoke by telephone with 45-year-old John Dennis Gillane as he was holed up in an office in the back of the store.

Whatever the outcome of Tuesday's election, it's time to put aside partisanship, President Barack Obama is telling Democrats and Republicans. But, his unity includes a jab at GOP leaders in the House and Senate for comments that the president said were troubling. House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio "actually said that 'this is not the time for compromise,'" Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address. The president added that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky "said his main goal after this election is simply to win the next one."

Pontiac, whose muscle cars drag-raced down boulevards, parked at drive-ins and roared across movie screens, is going out of business on Sunday (October 31.) The 84-year-old brand, moribund since General Motors decided to kill it last year as it collapsed into bankruptcy, had been in decline for years. It was undone by a combination of poor corporate strategy and changing driver tastes. On Oct. 31, GM's agreements with Pontiac dealers expire.

One of two powerful bombs mailed from Yemen to Chicago-area synagogues traveled on two passenger planes within the Middle East, a Qatar Airways spokesman said Sunday. The U.S. said the plot bears the hallmarks of al-Qaida's offshoot in Yemen and vowed to destroy the group.

tom shales oct 2010Tom Shales, the Washington Post's Pulitzer-prize winning television writer, says he's probably going to leave the paper when his contract expires at the end of December. "It's been a long process," he says. Shales took the paper's buyout offer in 2006. "I hate that expression, 'took the buyout,'" he says. It reminds him of an old Gregory Peck movie that ends with a boy killing his pet deer. Shales went on contract immediately after, remaining the paper's TV critic until last summer, when Hank Stuever was named lead critic; Shales, the Post announced, would become an at-large culture critic with a mission to Illuminate, pontificate and eviscerate, on TV and other subjects.”

Sports News - October 22, 2010 –

The Texas Rangers best the Yankees – and for the first time – will be in the World Series. Vladimir Guerrero drove in three runs before Nelson Cruz hit a towering, two-run homer and the Rangers beat New York 6-1 Friday night in Game 6 of the AL championship series, the biggest victory in the franchise's 50 seasons.

Sing Along At The World Series In San Francisco - This sing-along of more than 43,000 people happened in the middle of the eighth inning, just after Javier Lopez got Josh Hamilton to fly out and end the Rangers' last true scoring threat. The song is Journey's "Lights" — a tune about San Francisco.

Technology News - October 22, 2010

A September study conducted by Forrester Research found that 37 percent of 18- to 30-year-old Americans access the internet with their mobile phones and 15 percent use their phones to watch videos or TV. "Mobile data traffic is up 5,000 percent over a 3-year period," said Dawn Benton, the director of corporate communications at AT&T. That growth is a perfect example of the fact that more people are choosing to use smartphones and "emerging devices," like tablets and notebooks, she added.

The Internet is growing fast, but Google is growing even faster. According to online security company Arbor Networks, Google now represents an average 6.4% of all Internet traffic. This is a new record for Google, as it gained more than 1% of all Internet traffic share since January. Now, only one global ISP handles more traffic, and a lot of that traffic is - unsurprisingly – Google’s traffic. The number is even more incredible if you consider that Internet traffic is growing at a staggering 40% to 45% each year, and Google is still gaining market share.

Facebook took more steps to stop third-party applications from sharing identifying information about users with advertising and Internet tracking companies. "Today, we are clarifying our policy to ensure that developers understand the proper use of UIDs (user identification data) in their applications," the world's leading online social network said in a release. "Our policy has always stated that data received from Facebook, including UIDs, cannot be shared with data brokers and ad networks." Facebook recently learned that some software developers behind outside applications popular in the online community were "inadvertently" sharing user identification numbers due to the way Web browser programs work.

Entertainment News - October 22, 2010 -

lisa marie presley talks to oprah oct 2010 Appearing on Oprah’s show - Sixteen months after Michael Jackson’s 's death, his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley finally opened up about their much-scrutinized marriage. "I didn't understand my relationship with him," Presley, 42, confessed on The Oprah Winrey Show Thursday. Though skeptics have labeled their 18-month marriage a sham, Presley insisted it was the real deal -- though she understands why Jackson's behavior might cause people to question its validity.

Mel Gibson won’t be appearing in the movie, “The Hangover 2.” The troubled actor was set to cameo as a tattoo artist in the sequel, but the appearance has been scrapped due to lack of support from the cast and crew, director Todd Phillips said.

Comedian Chris Rock will make his Broadway debut in a new play about love and fidelity with an X-rated title. The 14-week engagement begins previews on March 22 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

A judge sentences Lindsay Lohan to more rehab. The 24-year-old troubled actress avoided additional jail time Friday for failing a drug test while on parole, but the judge ordered her to continue attending rehab until Jan. 3, 2011.

Randy and Evi Quaid plan to seek refuge in Canada after they were arrested in Vancouver on U.S. warrants related to vandalism charges.The couple was arrested Thursday in a shopping area in a Vancouver neighborhood and jailed on outstanding warrants. A Santa Barbara, Calif., judge issued the warrants Monday after the Quaids failed to show for a hearing stemming from their arrests last month on suspicion of illegally squatting at a home they previously owned. They are accused of causing more than $5,000 in damage to the Montecito, Calif., property.

They Get Married - British comedian Russell Brand and U.S. pop singer Katy Perry married on Saturday in a closely guarded traditional Hindu ceremony at an exclusive hotel resort in India's Rajasthan. Pop star Rihanna played the maid of honor as a priest chanted Hindu hymns around a sacred fire.

Passing – Goodbye Danno - Actor James MacArthur, who played "Danno" in the original version of television's "Hawaii Five-0" and was the son of actress Helen Hayes and playwright Charles MacArthur, died Thursday at age 72.

madonna news - october 2010Pop singer Madonna is opening a chain of fitness centers around the world to be known as Hard Candy Fitness global gyms. A partnership between Madonna, her manager and New Evolution Ventures plans to open the first gym in a posh neighborhood in Mexico City on Nov. 29. Madonna will attend the Mexico City opening. A statement by Hard Candy Fitness says gyms "will open in major cities around the world," including 10 more locations in Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Europe and Asia. No gyms are immediately planned for the United States, but the statement noted that more locations are possible in the future.

Charlie Sheen was briefly hospitalized Tuesday after security at the Plaza Hotel called police to report he was disorderly and had broken furniture in his room, police said. His publicist blamed an allergic reaction to medication, and said the actor was discharged Tuesday evening and on his way back to Los Angeles. Another report says it straight – he was in a suite with a hooker doing cocaine.

billy ray cyrus ending marriage oct 2010Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish are ending their 17-year marriage. The parents of teen sensation Miley Cyrus have filed for divorce. In a statement released Wednesday, the pair said it was a "very difficult time for our family."

Television News - October 22, 2010 -

President Obama appears on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show.” Stewart just got “most influential man” on a site called “AskMan.” Stewart, who is filming his show in Washington this week in anticipation of his "Rally to Restore Sanity" event on Saturday, played a liberal Devil's Advocate Wednesday, channeling criticisms of the president often heard from disillusioned Obama supporters. "Are you disappointed in how it's gone?" Stewart asked. Obama replied that the situation is no surprise given the country's high unemployment, underwater mortgages, and an overall poor economy. "Folks are going to be frustrated, and that's going to reflect on the political environment," Obama said. Obama said that in context, he's "feeling great about where the American people are, considering what we've gone through."

Top Movies - October 22, 2010 -

SAW 3D – (1st week $22.5 million)

Paranormal Activity 2 (1st week - $41.5 million)

Jackass 3D



The Social Network


Life as We Know It

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’ Hoole

The Town

Easy A


Top Albums October 22, 2010

The Incredible Machine – Sugarland

The Union – Elton John/LeonRussell

Come Around Sundown – Kings of Leon

I Am Not A Human Being – Lil Wayne

Glee: The Rocky Horror…

Sale ElSol – Shakira

Fly Me To The Moon – Rod Stewart

Recovery – Eminem

Charleston, SC 1966 – Darius Rucker

Move – Third Day

Bootleg Series Vol. 9 – Bob Dylan

Hemingway’s Whiskey – Kenny Chesney

You Get What You Give – Zac Brown Band

BTR Soundtrack – Big Time Rush

The Band Perry

A Thousand Suns – Linkin Park

A Year Without Rain – Selena Gomez & The Scene

Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons

Passion, Pain & Pleasure – Trey Songz

Bullets in the Gun – Toby Keith

My World 2.0 – Justin Bieber

Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

NOW 35

Doo-Wops & Holigans

WOW Hits 2011

Brothers – The Black Keys

1967-1960 – The Beatles

TV listings/TV Guide October 22, 2010

Saturday Night TV

Saturday Primetime Sporting Events
ABC: College Football -- 8 p.m. start for Oregon and USC
FOX: World Series -- 6:30 start for game 3 between the Giants and Rangers
ESPN: College Football -- 8 p.m. for Michigan at Penn State
ESPN2: College Football -- 6 p.m. start for Auburn at Mississippi, followed at 10 p.m. by Colorado at Oklahoma
VERSUS: College Football -- 7 p.m. for Stanford at Washington

8:00 to 9:00
Univision: 'Sabado Gigante' -- (180 minutes)
Animal Planet: 'Dogs 101'
CNN: 'Boiling Point: Inside the Tea Party'
DIY: 'Run My Renovation'
ID: 'American Occult'
Style: 'How Do I Look?'

9:00 to 10:00
CBS: '48 Hours Mystery'
PBS: 'Austin City Limits'
Bio: 'Celebrity Ghost Stories'* -- The season premiere features stories by Daryl Hannah, Maxim Chmerkovskiy, Shana Moakler and Marilyn Manson
CNN: 'Fareed Zakaria GPS'
CNBC: 'The Suze Ormon Show'
DIY: 'Renovation Realities'
ID: 'American Occult'
Sundance: 'Iconoclasts' -- Ron Howard and Steve Nash
SyFy: 'Red: Werewolf Hunter' -- (120 minutes) Felicia Day stars as a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood who finds out her family hunts werewolves

10:00 to 11:00
CBS: '48 Hours Mystery'
Animal Planet: 'Pit Bulls and Parolees'*
BBC America: 'The Graham Norton Show'* -- Season 8 begins with guests Maggie Gyllenhaal, Russell Howard and Charlotte Church
CNBC: 'Til Debt Do Us Part' -- Two episodes
DisneyXD: 'Kit vs. Kat' and 'Jimmy Two-Shoes'
HGTV: 'Color Splash: Miami'
ID: 'American Occult'
NatGeo: 'The Truth Behind Zombies'
Style: 'The Dish'

On 'Saturday Night Live' -- Jon Hamm hosts with musical guest Rihanna

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