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Dateline: Week Of September 22, 2009 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts

In The News -

Neighborhoods, schools and even roller coasters at Six Flags over Georgia were awash in several feet of murky, brown water Tuesday, and officials warned worried residents to wait for the floodwaters to recede before checking out their damaged homes. As Tuesday rush-hour began in Atlanta, Interstate 20 west of the city was closed in two spots by water spilling over the major artery for suburban commuters. Portions of at least two other freeways in the metro area were also closed, as was I-75 in Houston County in central Georgia.

gadhafi first U.N. appearance sept 2009In his first U.N. appearance, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi issued a slashing attack on the Security Council and chastised the world body on Wednesday for failing to intervene or prevent some 65 wars since the U.N. was founded in 1945. Gadhafi called for reform of the council — abolishing the veto power of the five permanent members — or expanding the body with additional member states to make it more representative.

G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh - World Leaders closed ranks on pay limits for bankers whose risky behavior contributed to the global financial meltdown. With economies on the mend, a summit mood of cautious optimism replaced last year’s fear and uncertainty. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner cited progress on several fronts, predicting that summit partners would endorse the broad outlines of a proposal to deal with huge imbalances in the global economy — such as large trade surpluses in China and record budget deficits in the United States. He said other countries also seemed willing to scale back subsidies supporting fossil fuels that aggravate global warming.

California said it had approved the most aggressive energy efficiency plan among U.S. states on Thursday, earmarking $3.1 billion to retrofit homes and other programs that will cut power needs equivalent to three medium-sized power plants. Conservation and efficiency have become national buzzwords as the economy has failed, since such investments have some of the quickest paybacks of any in 'green' industries. The California Public Utilities Commission set a three-year budget for utilities 42 percent higher than the previous plan. The state pioneered the concept of letting utilities raise rates as they spurred conservation, which still is not the case in many U.S. states.

President Barack Obama asserted on Friday that he and other leaders of the world’s 20 wealthy and developing nations took actions that “brought the global economy back from the brink” and saved or created millions of jobs. “We leave here today confident and united,” Obama said at the conclusion of a two-day summit to deal with the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.

The disclosure of a second uranium enrichment site in Iran has led the Obama administration to shift the emphasis in its dealings with the Islamic republic -- away from engagement and toward building an international consensus for sterner action against Tehran.

Iran test-fired missiles on Sunday to show it was prepared to head off any military threat, four days before the Islamic Republic is due to hold rare talks with world powers worried about its nuclear ambitions. The missile maneuvers coincide with escalating tension in Iran's nuclear row with the West, after last week's disclosure by Tehran that it is building a second uranium enrichment plant. News of the nuclear facility south of Tehran added a sense of urgency to a crucial meeting in Geneva Thursday between Iranian officials and representatives of six major powers, including the United States.

Passing - Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative columnist, language expert and former White House speechwriter William Safire has died. He was 79.

Iran's nuclear chief said Tuesday his country built its newly revealed uranium enrichment facility inside a mountain and next to a military site to ensure continuity of its nuclear activities in case of an attack. Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi, who also heads the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said the site near the holy city of Qom is next to an ammunition depot controlled by the elite Revolutionary Guard, Iran's most powerful military force. He said the only connection between the Qom nuclear facility and the Guard is the Guard would protect it against possible attacks.

A massive tsunami hurled by a powerful earthquake flattened Samoan villages and swept cars and people out to sea, killing at least 99 and leaving dozens missing Wednesday. The toll was expected to rise. Survivors fled the fast-churning water for higher ground on the South Pacific islands and remained huddled there hours after the quake, with a magnitude between 8.0 and 8.3, struck around dawn Tuesday.

Business News – September 22, 2009 -

General Motors said it would shut down its Saturn brand after an agreement with Penske to acquire it fell apart. Penske could not find another automaker willing to agree to make vehicles for Saturn once its manufacturing contract with GM ran out in two to three years. Penske had a tentative agreement with an unnamed automaker to build additional cars, but that automaker's board of directors notified the company that it had rejected the deal.

Fascinating Facts- September 22, 2009 -

Passing - Susan Atkins, a follower of cult leader Charles Manson whose remorseless witness stand confession to killing pregnant actress Sharon Tate in 1969 shocked the world, has died. She was 61 and had been suffering from brain cancer. Atkins' death comes less than a month after a parole board turned down the terminally ill woman's last chance at freedom on Sept. 2. She was brought to the hearing on a gurney and slept through most of it.

Entertainment News – September 22, 2009 -

Britney – She’ll tape, "A Night With Britney Spears" in Las Vegas for ABC on September 29. The singer is set to drop a new greatest hits album, "The Singles Collection," and single, "3 Love."

Oprah appearance – Mackenzie Phillips — who, in 2008, pleaded guilty to one count of felony cocaine possession and agreed to enter an 18-month drug deferment program — said her father, Mamas and Papas founder John Phillips, was only slightly nervous when he injected her with cocaine, saying it seemed to be the "next logical progression." "I remember going into my room, I was crouched on the floor. ... He put the needle in my arm and put the plunger in and he missed," she says. "He missed the vein and my whole arm went numb." Phillips — whose new memoir, High on Arrival, hits stores this week — also reveals how Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger tried to seduce her. “Mick Jagger” locks the door and he says, 'I've been waiting for this since you were 10 years old,'" she says in the promo, but does not state how old she was at the time.

The Ashton Kutcher-produced series “The Beautiful Life”," a scripted drama about the seamy side of modeling, is the first casualty of the new fall TV season. After airing only two episodes, The CW announced it was pulling the series starring Mischa Barton and that production had ceased.

roman polanski arrested sept 2009Director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland as he arrived in the country for a film festival and could be extradited to the United States to face 32-year-old charges of having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Polanski fled the U.S. in 1978, one year after pleading guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with the underage girl, because the judge in the case planned to renege on the plea agreement. The girl said he plied her with champagne and half a Quaalude during a photo shoot at Jack Nicholson’s 's house while the actor was away. Polanski lives in France, where he has continued to make successful films, including The Pianist, for which he won a directing Oscar. He did not return to the U.S. to accept the award.

Conan O'Brien hit his head during a stunt for the "Tonight Show," an accident that halted production and brought back memories of a rare absence by his predecessor in the job. But while NBC canceled two episodes of "Tonight" when Jay Leno fell ill in May, there was no word from the network on plans for next week's shows following O'Brien's mishap. O'Brien was examined Friday at a hospital. The network declined comment on his condition or whether he had been released.

Nabbing Megan Fox to host the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" wasn't the only bang for the start of the season. There was also an F-bomb.

Newcomer Jenny Slate let the dreaded word slip during a parody of a talk show by biker women. The sketch was laden with tough talk from its three characters, but the most objectionable word was substituted with an inoffensive stand-in for that vulgarity. Then, midway through the sketch, Slate slipped and said the word. The sketch continued with no interruption or further slip-ups.

Passing - Lucy Vodden, who provided the inspiration for the Beatles’' classic song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," has died after a long battle with lupus. She was 46. Her death was announced by her husband, Ross Vodden, and St. Thomas' Hospital in London, where she had been treated for the chronic disease for more than five years.

conan obrien show accident sept 2009Conan O'Brien turned his "Tonight Show" stunt injury into laughs at his expense by showing footage of the cringe-worthy backward fall on a hard studio floor. "As many of you may know, on this past Friday's show I was doing a stunt and I hit my head and suffered a slight concussion. And I promise, if you're a good audience, I'll do it again tonight," O'Brien said during Monday's taping.

In a transcript released by NBC, he joked that he struck his head so hard "that for five seconds I actually understood the plot of 'Lost.'"

Top Movies – September 22, 2009 –

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs



The Informant

Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself


Love Happens

Jennifer’s Body


All About Steve

I nglorious Basterds

The Final Destination

Julie & Julia

Sorority Row

District 9

Top TV Ratings/TV Guide – September 22, 2009 –


NFL Football: New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys



Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick



The Jay Leno Show" (Monday)



America's Got Talent" (Wednesday)



NFL Post Game



America's Got Talent" (Monday)



Emmy Awards



The Jay Leno Show" (Wednesday)



Football Night in America



60 Minutes






Survivor: Samoa



The Jay Leno Show" (Tuesday)






Biggest Loser 8



The Mentalist



The Jay Leno Show" (Thursday)



CSI: Crime Scene Investigation



The Office





Top Music Albums – September 22, 2009 -

Backspacer – Pearl Jam

jay-z music sept 2009The Blueprint 3 – Jay-Z

Life Starts Now – Three Days Grace

I Look To You –Whitney Houston

The Time Of Our Lives (EP) – Miley Cyrus

Daisy – Brand New

Your Songs – Harry Connick Jr.

War is the Answer – Five Finger Death Punch

So Far Gone (EP) – Drake

The Resistance – Muse

Church Music – David Crowder Band

Fearless – Taylor Swift

Draw the Line – David Gray

Monsters of Folk – Monsters of Folk

Only by the Night – Kings of Leon

The E.N.D. – Black Eyed Peas

Man on the Moon: The End Of… Kid Cudi

The Foundation – Zac Brown Band

The Boy Who Knew Too Much – Mika

The Fame – Lady GaGa

Ready – Trey Songz

Hanna Montana: The Movie Soundtrack

#1’s … And Then Some – Brooks & Dunn

Breakthrough – Colbie Cailat

Now 31 – Various artists

Widen Open – Jason Aldean

BLACKsummer’s Night - Maxwell

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