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Dateline: Week Of February 22, 2008 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

Hillary Rodham Clinton gets a little angry at Barack Obama – getting a little tough you might say. She said he was making false and shameful attacks on her record. "Enough with the speeches and the big rallies and then using tactics right out of Karl Roves playbook,” she said – referring to the Republican campaign strategist. 

Campaigning in Ohio – Hillary and Obama say that they would use the threat of opting out of the North American Free Trade Agreement to substantially renegotiate the treaty.

 Sen. John McCain strongly denies allegations that he was warned during his first White House campaign, in 2000 to avoid meetings with a female telecommunications lobbyist who allegedly claimed to have special access to the senator and his aides.

A suicide bombe blows himself up among Shiite Muslim pilgrims at a crowded rest stop in Iraq.

Passing – William F. Buckley Jr. – Conservative columnist, novelist and television talk show host. 

Members of The Writers Guild of America approve a new three-year contract – ending a labor dispute that resulted in Hollywood’s biggest strike in two decades.


Technology News – February 22, 2008

Disney debuts a digital studio that will develop original content for the Internet. It’s called State 9 Digital Media and it debuts “Squeegees,” a comedy series about window-washer slackers on ABC.com and YouTube. 

Google debuts a free service designed for high teach neophytes looking for a simple way to build a website and edit from the Internet. 


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie News – February 22, 2008

80th Annual Academy Awards this week – some winners:

Best Picture:
• No Country For Old Men

Actor in a Leading Role:
• Daniel Day-Lewis

 Actor in a Supporting Role:
• Javier Bardem, No Country For Old Men

Actress in a Leading Role:
• Marion Cotillard

Actress in a Supporting Role:
• Tilda Swinton, Michael Clayton

Animated Feature Film:


Music News – February 22, 2008

 Universal Music Group says it had agreed to buy Univision Communication’s record division for nearly $140 million.

Passing – Larry Norman – (60) – record the first Christian rock album – “Upon this Rock.” Norman had been with a group called People and scored with a top-40 hit – a cover of the Zombies “I Love You” in 1968.

 Passing – Mike Smith – lead singer and keyboardist with the pop 1960’s band “The Dave Clark Five.” He died of pneumonia at 64. It all came from complications of a 2003 spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. This group is about to be inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.   

On “American Idol” – the audience is wowed by David Archuleta singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Maxim magazine apologizes for publishing a negative review of the Black Crowes new album – “Warpaint” by a writer who hadn’t listened to the whole CD. The group knew the writer had no advance copy – because nobody did at the time.

Looks like Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter Miley will be co-hosting the CMT award show on April 14.

For the first time – last year – nearly half of all teenagers bought no compact discs – a dramatic increase from 2006, but legal downloading is picking up steam. In the last year, iTunes – which sells only digital downloads, jumped ahead of Best Buy Co. to become the No 2 U.S. music seller – trailing Wall-Mart Stores. Inc.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – February 22, 2008

American Idol (Tue.) – 29.96 million viewers

American Idol (Wed.) – 24.75

Moment of Truth - 14.01

Lost (9pm) – 13.76

Extreme makeover: Home Edition – 13.49

Survivor: Micronesia – 13.18

Deal or No Deal (Mon.) – 13.15

Knight Rider – 12.72

60 Minutes – 12.50

 Deal or No deal (Thu.) – 12.18

Two and a Half Men – 11.90

Fox Daytona 500 Post race – 11.76

NCIS – 11.38

Deal or No deal (wed.) – 11.07

CSI – 10.87

Law & Order (Wed.) 10.22

Old Christine – 9.98

Without a Trace – 9.65

Cold Case – 9.75

Dance War – 9.16

Apprentice 7 – 9.11

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 9.06

Americas Funniest Home Videos – 8.90

American Gladiators – 8.82

Supernanny – 8.80

CSI: Miami – 8.56.


Top Movies – February 22, 2008

Vantage Point

The Spiderwick Chronicles


Step Up 2 the Streets

Fool’s Gold

Definitely, Maybe

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins


Be Kind Rewind

There Will Be Blood

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