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Dateline: Week Of September 22, 2007 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Iraq – U.S. forces kill Abu Osama Tunist – a top Al Qaeda leader. It’s believed he was responsible for the capture and killing of American soldiers last year.

The department of Homeland Security has reached its goal of completing 70 miles of new fencing by the end of this month, nearly doubling the length of barriers on the border to about 145 miles.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton says that every child born in the U.S. should get a $5,000 ‘baby bond” from the government to help pay for future costs of college or buying a home.

Mychal Bell – a black teen jailed in the racially combustible “Jena Six” case is released. Bell who is 17, has spent about 10 months in jail after he and five other black youths allegedly assaulted a white classmate last year at Jena High in Louisiana.

Iraqi and U.S. special forces arrest 59 army officers and enlisted men accused in killings, bombings and kidnappings in the latest case linking elements of the Iraqi army to sectarian militias and criminal gangs.

U.S intelligence officials say that political turmoil and a spate of brazen attacks by Taliban fighters are forcing Pakistan’s president to scale back his government’s pursuit of Al Qaeda.

 In New York - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces criticism about his opinions on women, gays, Israel, nuclear weapons and the Holocaust in an appearance at Columbia University.

At the Opening of the U.N. General Assembly, Iranian President Mohmoud Ahmadinjad declares his country’s nuclear issue “closed” while leaders of France and Germany issued ominous warnings about his nation’s alleged weapons ambitions.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton reinforces her position as the Democratic presidential front runner – appearing on five weekend talk shows.


Gas Prices – September 23, 2007

Gasoline prices are up – about $2.8 per gallon nationwide.


Medical/Health News – September 23, 2007

 Killer amoebas living in lakes can enter the body through the nose and attack the brain, where they feed until you die. Though encounters with the microscopic bug are extraordinarily rare, it is known to have killed six boys and young men in the U.S. this year and the jump in cases has health officials concerned. There were about 2.3 average deaths per year.

Passing – Rex Humbard (88) – pioneering televangelist.


Business News -  September 23, 2007

Shares of Bear Stearns jump on speculation that the company will sell a big stake in itself, possibly to Warren Buffet. Stearns has been hit the hardest by the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market.

Radio king Clear Channel approves a $19.5-billion buyout offer from a private equity group led by Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital partners.


 Technology News – September 23, 2007

 Behind Apple - Did you know that SanDisk is the No 2 maker of digital music players? Its newest player – the Sansa Shaker – is aimed at kids and shaped like a toy bongo drum.

Amazon.com launches its much-anticipated digital music store with nearly 2.3 million songs, none of them protected against copying. Songs cost 89 cents to 99 cents and albums sell for $5.99 to $9.99. iTunes also offers some songs without so-called digital rights management technology (DRM) which prevents unauthorized copies form being played. The problem though – it frustrates listeners because it limits the type of device or number of computers on which they can listen to music. iTunes generally won’t play on devices other than the iPod and iPods won’t play DRM-enabled songs bought at rival music stores.

Downloading movies to DVD is that much closer - Sonic Solutions says it has won approval for its technology, which makes it possible for people to record homemade DVD’s containing the same copy protection found on professionally made DVD’s. It will open the door to download services to let customers burn movies they buy to DVD.

Walt Disney Co. says it will end its Disney Mobile phone services at the end of the year.

The social-networking website MySpace.com is launching a free, advertising-supported call-phone version as part of a wider bid by parent News Corp. to attract advertising for mobile sites.

Yahoo Inc will jettison a little-use service for finding and rating audio programs known as podcasts, the podcast section will be silenced Oct. 31. It joins several other features Yahoo has scrapped as it tries to snap out of a financial funk that has depressed its stock price and triggered a reshuffling of top management. 


Sports News – September 23, 2007

Kelly Pavlik stops Jermain Taylor in the seventh round, becoming the WBC and WBO middleweight champ. He was considered the challenger.

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin says her regrets his off-track spat with Kyle petty last weekend after the tow Crashed and Hamlin fell to last among the 12 bidding for the Nextel Cup title. They still haven’t spoken.


Radio News – September 23, 2007

New research says that Internet surfers visit a radio station web site at least once a month.


Entertainment News – September 23, 2007

 Passing – Marcel Marceau (84) – the great French mime.

Passing – Actor Michael Evans (87).


Music News – September 23, 2007

Jurors fail to reach a decision in the Phil Spector murder trail – forcing a mistrial. 

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s new album “Magic” is first being released on vinyl (on a limited basis). Industry types say – they had to get something out to qualify for the 2007 Grammy Awards. You must to so by Sept 30. It’s the first album by the boys in five years.


Television News – September 23, 2007

 First TV interview for Jenna Bush. Catch her 20/20 this week. She talks about her fiancé, Henry Hager and has a new book, “Ana’s story: A Journey of Hope,’ about a teen mom with HIV. With Diane Sawyer.

Top TV Shows/Ratings – September 23, 2007

Sunday Night Football – 19.05

Survivor: China – 15.35

CSI – 14.07

NFL Pregame – 13.86

Cold Case – 12.75

Deal or No Deal on Monday – 11.71

Shark – 11.42

60 Minutes – 11.37

Without a Trace – 11.28

Two and a Half men – 10.84

Family Guy – 10.81

Football Night in America Pt. 3 – 10.29

CIS: Miami – 9.65

The Simpsons – 955

Fox Postgame show – 9.50

Back to you – 9.48

Kid Nation – 9.39

CSI: NY – 9.18

Desperate Housewives – 9.02

K-Ville on Monday  - 8.93


Top Hip-Hop tracks – September 23, 2007

I Get It In – Chads That Community Serva

Bed – J. Holiday

Swerving – TIM Boyz

Inside Out – Temar Underwood

Get to the Money – Reec

Until You Come Back to Me- Crystal Dove

Get Me Bodied – Beyonce


Top Country Hit Music – September 23, 2007

More Than A Memory – Garth Brooks

Take Me There – Rascal Flatts

These Are My People – Rodney Atkins

Love Me if You Can – Toby Keith

Proud of the House We Built – Brooks & Dunn

Never wanted Nothing More – Kenny Chesney

Online – Brad Paisley

All My Friends say – Luke Bryan

Because of You – Reba and Kelly Clarkson

Everyday America – Sugarland


Modern Rock Tracks – September 23, 2007

Paralyzer – Finger Eleven

Icky Thump – White Stripes

Bled It Out – Linkin Park

Never Too Late – Three Days Grace

Supermassive Black Hole – Muse


Top Pop Hits – September 23, 2007

Stronger – Kane West

 Crank That (Soulja Boy) – Soulja Boy

The Way I Are – Timbaland

Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie

Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s

Make Me Better – fabulous

Rockstar – Nickelback

Shawty – Plies

Who Knew – Pink

Umbrella – Rihanna

Wait For You – Elliott Yamin

Bed – J. Holiday

A Bay Bay – Hurricane Chris

Let It Go – Keyshia Cole

So Small – Carrie Underwood

Me Love – Sean Kingston


Top Music Albums – September 23, 2007

Hustlenomics – Yung Joc

High School Musical 2 – soundtrack

The Altar and the door – Casting Crowns

Now 25 – Various artists

Hairspray – soundtrack

Hannah Montana 2 Soundtrack/Meet Miley Cyrus

Lead sails paper Ancho – Atreyu

Minutes to Midnight – Linkin Park

All The Right Reasons – Nickleback

The Dutchess – Fergie

Jonas Brothers  - Jonas Brothers

Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

Undegrond Kingz – UGK

High School Musical – soundtrack

Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift

T.I. – T.I. vs. T.I.P.


Top Movies – September 23, 2007

Good Luck Chuck

Resident Evil: Extinction

Sydney White

Sea of Dreams

The Brace one

3:10 to Yuma

Mr. Woodcock


Balls of Fury

Rush Hour 3

Shoot ‘Em Up

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