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Dateline: Week Of January 15, 2007 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News  

News conference in West Bank – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas implores Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice for help moving stalled peace talks with Israel toward their final stage.

President Bush asserts that he has the power to send more U.S. forces, regardless of what lawmakers want.

Iraq – U.S. officials in Baghdad say that the latest plan to calm the area will succeed because Iraqi politicians will come through this time – they’ll be part of the solution. Meanwhile – the Iraqi government moves to solidify relations with Iran – with or without the U.S.

At least 70 Iraqi college students are killed and many others wounded after a pair of car bombs explode at a Shiite-dominated university in the capital. 

The Bush administration says it will no longer eavesdrop on the international phone calls of terrorist suspects in the U.s. without first getting a court order.

The Chinese military has shot down one of its own satellites with a ground-based ballistic missile. The satellite was no longer working. 

Returning from a fact-finding trip to Iraq, Sen. Hilliary Rodham Clinton calls for a cap on the number of U.S. troops stationed in the war zone.

 Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton enters the 2008 presidential race. “I’m in. And I’m in to win.”

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill, establishes a presidential exploration committee. Will he enter?

The Pentagon is not violating privacy rights by requesting information from financial institutions, phone companies or credit bureaus in suspected espionage and terrorism cases – so says Vice President Dick Cheney.

Iraq – U.S. and Iraqi military forces arrest a top Shiite officials suspected of torturing and killing civilians.


Medical/Health News – January 15, 2007


Homebuilder KB is selling homes inspired by Martha Stewart. Look for them on a billboard or ad! The American Cancer Society reports that cancer deaths in 2004 dropped by 3,014 – early eight times the number during the previous year – the second straight year of declining cancer deaths.


Technology News – January 15, 2007

Four families sue MySpace after their underage daughters were sexually abused by adults they met on the site.

Demand for iPods helps lift Apple’s earnings to a 78% increase in fiscal first-quarter earnings.

Intel Crop – in its price war with AMD – sees profits plunge 39%.

“The Big Debate” the first of 10 planned MSN Originals shows from TV producer Ben Silverman makes its debut on MSN Video. It’s a three-minute Web series scheduled to run five days a week for the next month. Sponsor is Cingular Wireless.


Entertainment News – January 15, 2007

Lindsay Lohan has checked herself into a Los Angeles rehab clinic.

On demand Web feature - NetFlix will begin showing movies and TV episodes over the Internet this week.

64th annual Golden Globe Awards – some winners –

Best picture drama – “Babel”

Best actor drama – Forest Whitaker – “The Last King of Scotland”

 Best actress drama – Helen Mirren – “The Queen”

Best picture comedy – “Dreamgirls”

Best actor comedy – Sheha Baron Cohen – “Borat”

Best actress comedy – Meryl Streep – “The Devil Wears Prada”



Radio News – January 15, 2007

Stunt goes deadly – Jennifer Lea Strange dies after participating in a water drinking contest held by the morning show at KDND-FM in Sacramento. She was one of a dozen or so who tried to win a Nintendo Wii gaming console by seeing how much water they could drink without going to the bathroom in a “Hold your Wee for Wii” contest. The entire morning show and staff has been let go. 


Music News – January 15, 2007

Usher is found guilty of speeding in Georgia. He was fined $425 and told to perform 20 hours of community service.

Mix DJ – DJ Drama (Tyrie Simmons) and a partner are arrested on suspicion of selling pirated CD's. A raid included 81,000 CD’s and other assets valued at $500,000.

A respiratory infection forces Kylie Minogue to cancel two concerts in England following treatment for breast cancer.

Passing – Michael Brecker – jazz saxophonist.


Television News – January 15, 2007

Despite an apology pressure continues to build on ABC to oust “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington after his slur on homophobia.

Passing- Actor Ron Carey – best known for his role in “Barney Miller.” He was 71.

20th Century-Fox releases the season premiere of “24” less than 12 hours after the popular drama finishes airing. Usually, studios release a TV DVD months after the network run.

Monday night television listings/TV Guide – week of January 15, 2007

CBS – How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Two and a Half Men, New Adventures of Old Christine, David Letterman

NBC – 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Jay Leno

ABC – Wife Swap, Supernanny, What About Brian, Nightline

Fox – 24

CW – Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, the Game

PBS – Antiques Roadshow, American Experience, Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose


Top Movies – January 15, 2007

Stomp the Years

Night at the Museum

The Pursuit of Happyness


Freedom Writers

Children of Men

Alpha Dog


Arthur and the Invisibles

Charlotte’s Web

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