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Dateline: Week Of January 8, 2007 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

A dispute between longtime allies Russia and Belarus over oil leads to a cutoff in the flow of oil through a pipeline serving European customers.

In fierce Baghdad fighting – 1,000 American and Iraqi troops, assisted by U.S. attack helicopters and warplanes, battle gunmen in a Sunni neighborhood, killing 51 militants.

President Bush presents his new blueprint for Iraq. He acknowledged that his previous strategy had failed and that 20,000 additional American troops were needed to avert defeat. Bush said that the last year in Iraq had turned out to be the opposite of what he had expected – an explosion of sectarian violence instead of growing national unity among the Iraqi people. His blueprint was not without critics. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “It’s not an open-ended commitment anymore.” And Majority Leader Harry Reid called unacceptable in a letter both sent to Bush. Both called for a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops beginning in four to six months. 

Iraqi Prime Minster Nouri Maliki files his top military job – an unknown named Lt. Gen. Abud Qanbar. It’s Maliki’s first public move.

After weeks of mounting political violence, Bangladesh’s president declares a nationwide state of emergency.


Technology News – January 8, 2007

Apple says it’s dropping computer from its name and unveils its long anticipated iPhone, which lets users listen to music, watch video and surf the Internet. It should sell for $499 when it goes on sale in June. Among the features, it switches from cellphone to Wi-Fi networks when in range.

In Las Vegas – Bill Gates kicks off the International Consumer Electronics Show. He highlighted how Microsoft’s latest creations and partnerships aim to make it easier for people to navigate, consume, share and manage different kinds of content, whether they are games, movies, photos, sports or work. 


Business News – January 8, 2007

 Walt Disney Co more than doubles its annual payout to Robert Iger in 2006 after his role was expanded from president to chief executive.

Ted Turner is forming a venture with a solar energy company targeting California markets – where the market for solar technology is expected to expand substantially. Solar currently provides just .1% of U.S. electrical power, but is growing rapidly.

Pfizer Inc says that it was considering an over-the-counter form of its Viagra anti-impotence drug as it faces tough competition From Eli Lilly’s longer-acting Cialis treatment.

Wal-mart begins running ads that praise its record as an employer and corporate citizen, taking its arguments straight to the public in an ongoing battle over its reputation with unions and other critics. 


Sports News – January 8, 2007

Florida bests Ohio State and becomes the first school to hold football and basketball national titles at the same time.


Entertainment News – January 8, 2007

Meryl Streep will star in the movie version of “Mamma Mia.”

 Passing – Yvonne De Carlo – best known as Mrs. Herman Munster. She was 84.

Paris Hilton pleads not guilty to misdemeanor drunken driving charges from her arrest last fall in Hollywood.

Tarlton Morton, the ex-wife of Peter Morton, founder of the Hard Rock restaurant and casino empire, is alleging that he dealt her a band hand by understating the value of her ownership in the business and fraudulently persuaded her to sell him $12.8 million worth of stock for just under $500,000.


Television news - January 8, 2007

- After Donald Trump called Barbara Walters a liar and Rosie O’Donnell a loser, Waters fires back on “The View,’ calling Trump, “A Poor, Pathetic Man.’


Music News – January 8, 2007

Class of 2007 - It’s announced that Michael Stipe, Patti Smith, David Lee Roth, Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five, The Ronettes will be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame.

Kanye West confirms he is developing a TV show for HBO. “It’s fictional and loosely based on my life. Maybe this will give me the opportunity to spaz out at the Emmys one day."

Toned-down - A&E’s debut of The Sopranos reruns gets 4.3 million viewers. The show is edited for commercial TV (Yikes!). So instead of the F word, Tony may say “golly-jeepers.”

 It’s new – “The White Rapper Show” a new reality program. Ten white amateurs are picked to live in an apartment in New York’s South Bronx, where they must prove their rhyming skills and gain respect. The winner gets $100,000. On VH-1.


Monday night television listing/TV Guide – January 8, 2007

CBS – How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Two and a Half Men, New Adventures of Old Christine, CSI: Miami, David Lettermen, Craig Ferguson

NBC – Deal or No deal, Heroes, Tonight, Conan O’Brien

ABC – Wife Swap, Supernanny, What About Brain, Nightline, Jimmy Kimmel

MyNet – WIcked Wicked Games, Watch Over Me

Fox – College Basketball

CW  - Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, The Game

PBS – American Experience, Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose

E! – The Daily 10, 30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds


On David Letterman – Jennifer Hudson, David Arquette

On Tonight Show – Kiefer Sutherland, Betty White, Chris Daughtry


Top Movies – January 8, 2007


Freedom Writers

Children of men

Code Name: the Cleaner

Happily N

Ever After

Black Christmas

The Good Shepherd

Night At the Museum

We Are Marshall

Rocky Balboa

Charlotte’s Web

The Holiday


The Pursuit of Happiness

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