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2007 Review


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Anna Nicole Smith Dies

Don Imus' "Nappy Headed Hoes" Comment/Subsequent Firing

Keith Richards Admits "Sniffing" Dad's Ashes

Live Earth Concerts

Goodbye Dan Fogleberg

Top Pop Music Artists For 2007

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NASA Astronaut Arrested For Attacking Another

Virginia Tech Murder Rampage

9 Firefighters Die

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Apple Launches iPhone

Guitar Player Is Hot Video Game

Goodbye Netscape

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Year Of Bush Protester Cindy Sheehan/Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Trouble w/Law 

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Year 2007 – Entertainment/Celebrity/Hollywood Info/Trends/Trivia/TV News

"Irreplacable" - Beyonce

steve irwin video january 2007 timeline facts historyJanuary -  Rapper Busta Rhymes is charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a complaint that he had beaten a man in a dispute over money... It’s announced that Michael Stipe, Patti Smith, David Lee Roth, Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five, The Ronettes will be inducted into the R&R Hall of FameCrocodile Hunter - Authorities have given the video of Steve Irwin’s fatal encounter with a Stingray to his family and destroyed all copies to prevent the footage from being shown in public... U2’s new video “Window n the Skies” features Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday and Iggy Pop, Beyonce, Jim Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Costello, Keith Richards and George Harrison among others… Nielsen Soundscan says music purchases in the U.S. exceeded 1 billion units for the second straight year as down loads continue to compensate for declining CD sales.... After Donald Trump called Barbara Walters a liar and Rosie O’Donnell a loser, Waters fires back on “The View,’ calling Trump, “A Poor, Pathetic Man"... It’s new – “The White Rapper Show” a new reality program. Ten white amateurs are picked to live in an apartment in New York’s South Bronx, where they must prove their rhyming skills and gain respect. The winner gets $100,000. On VH-1.... Lindsay Lohan has checked herself into a Los Angeles rehab clinic... Despite an apology pressure continues to build on ABC to oust “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington after his slur on homophobia...  Paris Hilton (25) is placed on 36 months probation and ordered to pay fines after pleading no contest to alcohol related reckless driving... 

Madonna Performs On The Super Bowl XVI Halftime

bobby brown trivia 2007 year arrested mrpopculture musicFebruary -  Battle of the morning coffee - Consumer Reports magazine says that its tasters found McDonald’s coffee to be “decent and moderately strong” with no flaws and that the Starbucks brew was strong, but burnt and bitter enough to make your eyes water instead of open... Singer Bobby Brown is arrested while in Canton, Mass for failing to appear at a child support hearing in October…Actor Ryan O’Neal is arrested on suspicion of assault and a firearm offense after a dispute at his Malibu beachfront home with his son Griffin...

Anna Nicole Smith is found dead in a Florida hotel. She was 39.... Anna Nicole Smith’s last movie – “Illegal Aliens” debuts on home video in May... Anna Nicole Smith’s autopsy is inconclusive. So far – three men, including Howard K. Stern claim to be the father of her baby.

Goodbye Anna Nicole

britney spears 2007 timeline facts history shave headMore February - Britney Spears enters rehab after a weekend which saw her shave her head and get a tattoo... Starbucks founder Howard Schultz says that the company’s expansion to 13,000 stores was “watering down” its brand.” He suggested perhaps that streamlining store design might be more efficient and financially responsible. His comments come as Starbucks faces more competition from Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s Corp, which introduced premium coffee last year.

49th Annual Grammy Awards:   

Sting and the two other Police memebers get together for the first time in public in two decades for a reunion that kicked off the Grammy Awards. They sang “Roxanne,” from 1979.

Record of the year – “Not Ready to make Nice” – Dixie Chicks

Album of the year – “Taking the Long Way” – Dixie Chicks

Song of the year – "Not Ready To Make Nice" – Dixie Chicks and Dan Wilson

Best new artist – Carrie Underwood.

At the 79th Annual Academy Awards - Some Winners:

Best picture – “The Departed”

Best actor – Forest Whitaker – “The Last King of Scotland’

Best actress – Helen Mirren – “The Queen”

Best supporting actor – Alan Arkin – “Little Miss Sunshine”

Best supporting actress – Jennifer Hudson – “Dreamgirls”

Best director – Martin Scorsese – “The Departed” 

More February Pop NewsVan Halen’s planned tour - after they’re inducted to the R&R Hall of Fame - has been shut down – in the face of the chaos surrounding Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth , who was supposed to be back

Nielsen TV Ratings - March 1, 2007

American Idol on Tuesday – 30.65

American Idol on Wednesday – 29.78

American Idol on Thursday – 27.39

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader on Tuesday – 26.48

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader on Wednesday – 23.46

Are You smarter Than a 5th Grader? – 23.37

 Desperate Housewives – 18.31

CSI: Miami – 17.42

Deal or No Deal on Monday – 17.26

Two and a Half Men – 16.58

NCIS – 16.16

CSI – 15.69

Without A Trace – 14.88

Extreme Makeover – Home Edition – 14.71

Survivor: Fiji – 14.67

Criminal Minds – 14.50   

hilary duff new album march 2007 music timeline March - It’s a hit - Fox-TV’s “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” which tests adults on 5 th -grade level and below math, science and history. Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy…. Passing - Brad Delp (55) - lead singer for super 1970’s group “Boston”… The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is acknowledging hip-hop by inducting pioneering Bronx rap group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five….. Snoop Dogg won’t be touring in Britain after that country denied him entry. Snoop has been on a European tour with Sean “Diddy” Combs and was supposed to play five dates in Britain…. Rapper Busta Rhymes will face trial in NY on two assault charges…Hilary Duff (19) has a new album coming out in a few weeks called “Dignity,” she co-wrote all songs on the album. She’s also promoting her new Elizabeth Arden fragrance, “With Love,’ in addition to a clothing line... 

Don't Matter - Akon

April - Music producer Timbaland is becoming a recording artist - putting out his second solo album, “Timbaland Presents Shock Value.” He’s known for working with Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado…  Radio - Don Imus apologizes for referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “some nappy-headed hos” during a broadcast this week of his syndicated radio show”…

Imus Making Comment "Hoes"

keith richards snorted fathers ashes 2007 comment timeline historyMore April - Keith Richards is commented in Rolling Stone magazine as saying he had snorted his father’s ashes mixed with cocaine.The strangest thing I’ve tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father. He was cremated and I couldn’t resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn’t have cared… It went down pretty well and I’m still alive….

Live Earth concerts will be held July 7 in cities around the world aimed at raising climate change awareness. Madonna, the Beastie Boys and Black Eyed Peas will headline at Wembley Stadium in London. They will be joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Keane, Foo Fighters and others. Headliners for the U.S. concert at Giants Stadium in New Jersey include Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Kayne West, Rihanna, John Mayer, Smashing Pumpkins and Fall Out Boy…. Don Imus is fired from CBS after pressure from civil rights and feminist leaders….. His radio show is now off the air… The TV Guide Channel drops Joan and Melissa Rivers from their Hollywood red carpet coverage and replaces them with Lisa Rinna… Lindsay Lohan reaches a deal with prosecutors - and she has agreed to serve a one-day jail sentence after pleading no contest to drunk driving charges while admitting to using cocaine in two separate incidents…. A British newspaper splashed photos of Amy Winehouse bloody and bruised after she allegedly had a fight with her husband… More Radio - Following the firing of Don Imus – Shock jocks better watch it – everybody is watching you! CBS suspends the hosts of WFNY (NY) “The Dog House with JV and Elvis – indefinitely without pay after they twice broadcast a racially charged prank call to employees at a Chinese restaurant.

Country Music Awards - Video of the Year goes to:

Carrie Underwood - "Before He Cheats"

paris hilton sentenced 45 days prison may 2007 facts history timeline May - On “American Idol” –  It’s John Bon Jovi night!... And - Bee Gees night!....  Britney Spears performs live in front of an audience for the first time in three years - appearing as part of a mysterious group billed as the M+M’s. This was down at the House of Blues in San Diego… After 11 seasons - “7 th Heaven” ends its run. Also, “Gilmore Girls” its ending its seven year run… Taylor Swift seems to be the talk of Country music. Her debut single last fall  - “Tim McGraw” bolted up to the top 5 and her debut album – “Taylor Swift” has sold over 500,000 copies. And – she’s only 17!... Don’t miss Kelly Clarkson “My December Tour” – tickets go on sale soon.. Rapper Usher confirms that his mom – Jonnetta Patton is no longer in charge of his career. There is no rift – he just wants her to be his mom. .. Socialite Paris Hilton is sentenced to 45 days in county jail for violating her probation, - repeatedly driving with a suspended license - but she’ll probably serve much less time…  Nancy Grace “Closing Arguments” is ending its run after 10 years - over Court TV… XM radio’s shock personalities Opie (Greg Hughs) and Anthony (Cumia) apologize for airing a homeless man’s crude comments about wanting to have sex with Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Queen Elizabeth....In Hollywood - Lindsay Lohan is arrested for drunk driving after she crashed her Mercedes convertible in Beverly Hills. Lohan was slightly injured after her car ended up striking a curb and shrubbery. She left the scene of the crash and was taken by an associate to the hospital... Goodbye - Rosie O’Donnell leaves “The View.” This came (two days) after a heated exchange with Elizabeth Hasselbeck over the war in Iraq...  

Jordan Sparks is declared the winner on "American Idol."

seinfeld movie bee year 2007 trivia hollywood gossip facts mrpopcultureJune - Jerry Seinfeld is everywhere to promote his animated “Bee Movie”… R. Kelly just released a Virginia Tech tribute called “Rise Up,” on the Internet… Rihanna performs on the Jay Leno Show this week...  Passing - Entertainment reporter Joel Siegel (63) after a long battle with colon cancer. Paula Abdul gets her own reality show with “Hey Paula,” it’ll follow her life… A judge calls Paris Hilton back to court after her early exit from jail. She served only three days of a planned 23-day stay, sparking outrage... This week – the finale of the Sopranos airs on HBO... Paris Hilton chooses Larry King to detail her 23-day incarceration in jail…

Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5

July -  Live Earth concerts are held July 7 in cities around the world aimed at raising climate change awareness. Madonna, the Beastie Boys and Black Eyed Peas will headline at Wembley Stadium in London. They will be joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Keane, Foo Fighters and others. Headliners for the U.S. concert at Giants Stadium in New Jersey include Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Kayne West, Rihanna, John Mayer, Smashing Pumpkins and Fall Out Boy. The concerts will be broadcast by NBC and more than 120 networks around the country. 

Metallica Performs At Live Earth

mindy mccready july 2007 facts history music timelineMore July - Radio - The Jack-FM format is no more in New York as CBS-FM (oldies) returns to New York. The format dropped the station back to 16 th place in the last ratings… Many believe Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” is a ripoff of the Rubicoos 1970’s,“I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" - note for note. She is being sued for copyright infringement for allegedly plagiarizing the song… Don’t miss Justin Timberlake’s 2007 Future Sex Love Show concert. … In Hollywood – Lindsay Lohan is arrested and charged with a DUI and also, cocaine is found.   Passing – TV talkshow host and news anchor Tom Snyder (71)…. Drew Carey is replacing Bob Barker as the host of “Price is Right” – CBS daytime.. .Court TV will become truTV on January 1. Same channel. Different name...  Country singer Mindy McCready is in jail because she violated probation on a 2004 drug charge after a scuffle with her mom...First Paul McCartney – now Joni Mitchell has signed with the Starbucks label – “Hear Music” for a new album. McCartney’s “Memory Almost Full” has sold about 447,000 copies – and about 45% of sales came from Starbucks... Kelly Clarkson apologizes about her feud with record vet Clive Davis on the direction of her newest album – “My December.” For months – she’s fueled reports about the spat. Davis oversees her record label – RCA.  

avril lavigne august 2007 facts history timelineAugust - Pearl Jam plays at Loolapalooza 2007, topping a bill of more than 120 acts. The event is August 3-5 at Grant Park in Chicago... Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony will go on a concert tour together starting next month. It’s a14-date tour. They both costar in the movie “El Cantante”… it’s announced that Sheryl Crow, Avril Lavigne , Fiona Apple, Colbie Caillat, Antigone Risine and Sara Bareilles will come together and launch the Girl Frenzy Festival. Date is Oct 27 in Los Angeles (this will never happen)…Passing – Merv Griffin – singer turned TV talk host – turned TV producer.... Pepsi will be heavily connected to one of the year’s most anticipated videogames,Halo3,” developed by Bungie studios for Xbox 360, the third game in the “Halo” trilogy hits shelves September 25. Pepsi’s involvement includes product placement… The Disney Channel shows “High School Musical 2” to the biggest cable audience to date - just over 17 million viewersStar Jones now admits she did have gastric bypass surgery. She said there were a number of reasons for keeping it quiet, including a fear of “what people might think of me”... Ryan Seacrest is tapped to host the 59th annual Emmy Awards. “I’ve covered the Emmys before from many different angles and I’m thrilled, honored and excited to be hosting it this year. With my schedule, there’s always that final check to make sure I could do it all, but with the Emmy’s you make the time”... Actor Owen Wilson is now receiving medical treatment at Hollywood’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center...

Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston

 pavarotti passes september 2007 timeline musicSeptember -  Passing - Luciano Pavarotti - the top tenor in the world. He was 71….. Kayne West and 50 Cent appear on BET’s “106 th & Park.” Both have new albums released this week - and both are considered the pinnacle of rap rivals…. Another “Duets” album – this time – Reba McEntire and friends such as Kelly Clarkson, Vince Gill, Don Henely, Carole King, Kenny Chesney and Justin Timberlake... Rap singer Snoop Dogg is sentence to three years’ informal probation and agreed to serve 160 hours of community service after agreeing to plead guilty to carrying an illegal police baton in his luggage while boarding a plane in S. California...  

The big news - Britney Spears’ appearance at the MTV Music Awards. Is she losing it? She wore a sparkly black bikini and performed “Gimme More.” It was supposed to be a comeback for the pop queen. ….

justin timberlake hot streak 2007 facts history timeline popculture photo musicMore September - He’s on a streak - Justin Timberlake cleans up at the MTV Video Music Awards and to boot, he also received his first Emmy. This as his former mate Britney Spears seems to be spiraling out of control Timberlake’s record producer is Timberland…

Rihanna's, "Umbrella" received Video of the Year

celene dion vegas show 2007 facts timeline mrpopculture photo Celine Dion’s Vegas show “A New Day” is wrapping up in December after some 4 1/2 years…

59th Annual Emmy Awards - Some Winners:

Supporting Actor - Comedy: Jeremy Piven (Entourage)

Supporting Actor - Drama: Terry O'Quinn (Lost)

Supporting Actress - Comedy: Jamie Pressly (My Name is Earl)

Supporting Actress - Drama: Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy)

Reality Competition Program: The Amazing Race

More Music This Week: Crank That - Soulja Boy


 sean combs october 2007 timelineOctober - Sean “Diddy’ Combs is accused in separate lawsuits of swindling a business associate and battering a concert promoter. This just after resolving a child support dispute with the mother if his 15-month-old daughter, whom he had stiffed for more than a year… Garth Brooks is back - and he’ll be appearing live in concert soon. Also, after 25 years with the country band “Alabama” - Randy Owen is cutting a solo album. Alabama gave its farewell concert in 2003....  NBC Universal agrees to pay $925 million for the chick channel Oxygen – which was launched seven years ago… Musician Kid Rock is arrested after a fight in a Waffle House restaurant just days after he scored his first No. 1 album - “Rock N Roll Jesus” on the U.S. pop charts… 19-year-old Rihanna has a huge hit with “Umbrella”…Snoop Dogg is ordered to pick up trans and clean toilets in Orange County (CA) after pleading guilty to carrying an illegal police baton aboard an airplane at John Wayne Airport. He’ll be doing his service at a park... ITunes begins selling nine albums from the late George Harrison, the last of the four Beatles to have his solo work added to the online music store. ITunes still lacks songs from the Beatles as a group... Look for Britney Spears new album - “Blackout” to come out Oct. 30...  A federal judge in Atlanta orders rapper T.I. released on $3 million bond but he must remain in home confinement while he awaits trial on weapons charges… Marie Osmond fainted onstage during ABC’s live broadcast of “Dancing with the Stars” but recovered… Led Zeppelin’s eight original albums will now be made available to all major download retailers, as will the live collections “the Song Remains the Same” and “How the West Was Won. The Beatles are now the last major act to still not have its catalog available digitally (on line)... Looks like the Spice Girls’ greatest hits CD will go on sale – but at Victoria’s Secret stores and on the company’s website. It’ll be released nationwide two months later... 

No One - Alicia Keys

heather mills november 2007 facts history timeline mrpopculture photoNovember - Heather Mills McCartney breaks their silence about her split with Paul, but because of all the tabloid exposure, she fears for her life about their split. “I’m been close to suicide. I’m so upset about this”… Thousands of Hannah Montana fans are suing her fan club. They say membership in the “club” should have enabled them to obtain concert tickets in priority. “The Best of Both Worlds Tour” - is the hottest concert going these days and it’s sold out everywhere… American Music Awards - Carrie Underwood gets Artist of the Year... Tim McGraw gets favorite country male artist...

Rev. David Ajemian of Boston - accused of stalking Conan O’Brien is found fit to stand trial. He was arrested last week while trying to enter a taping  of “Late Night With Conan O’ Brien in New York City after being warned to stay away….  Passing - Actor Dick Wilson (91) – best known for portraying “Mr. Whipple” in commercials all those years…. Actress Lindsay Lohan arrives to serve time for a drunk driving conviction, and spends 84 minutes in a holding cell… Billy Ray Cyrus is on the charts again, thanks to his daughter Miley. After lingering on the Country charges for 11 weeks, his previously solo version of “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” jumps thanks to his Oct. 9 performance of the song on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” with daughter Miley. Walt Disney records has re-released the song – now as a duo to radio stations...

Ready Steady Go - Billy Ray Cyrus

More November - Online talkshow hosted by Kool Mo Dee called “Spitfire.” Says Dee, “This is an opportunity to reach out to people who want to share the collective hip-hop experience... Danny Federici – an original member of the E Street Band, drops out of the group’s current tour to undergo treatment for skin cancer... 

Top DVD’s for 2007 –

High School Musical: Encore Edition

Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chase

The Office: season One

Planet earth: The Complete Series

Family Guy: Volume Four

The Office: Season Two

Grey’s Anatomy: Season One

24: Season One

Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Second Season

Hannah Montana: Living the Rock star Life!

What’s New Scooby Doo? Safari So Good

FireFly: The Complete Series

24: Season 5

That So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana: Pop Star Profile  

 December -  Carson Daly returns to the air without his writers – who are still on strike...

Passing- Dan Fogelberg (56) after battling prostate cancer….

Longer - Dan Fogelberg (Saying Goodbye)

jimmy kimmel 2007 december facts tv history timelineMore December - So far, Nickelodeon has made no announcement about the future of “Zoey 101,” following the news that 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant…. ABC confirms that Jimmy Kimmel would return to the air Jan. 2 the same day that Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien plan to start up their late night shows on NBC once again. The all shut down when the Writers Guild of America went on strike Nov. 5…. Soulja Boy’s “Crank It” is the biggest novelty tune of 2007 and it all began as a Youtube video…The Police led the way in concert business – according to Pollstar magazine’s annual ranking of the North American concert business. The trio did $131.9 million over 54 shows. Here are some others (in millions) – in order:

Kenny Chesney – $71.1 – 54 shows

Justin Timberlake - $70.6 – 60 shows

Celine Dion - $65.3 – 113 shows

Van Halen - $56.7 – 39 shows

Tim McGraw/Faith Hill - $52.3 – 44 shows

Rod Stewart – 49.0 – 58 shows

Genesis – 47.6 – 25 shows

Top pop artists for 2007 


Justin Timberlake


Avril Lavigne




Nelly Furtado



Gwen Stefani



Fall Out Boy

Maroon 5

Carrie Underwood

Plain White T’s


Sean Kingston



The Year 2007 In News Headlines And Information

January 1 - Mitt Romney serves his last day as governor of Massachusetts and has his eyes as a Republican candidate for president….. A federal judge freezes the money O.J. Simpson received as an advance for the book “If I Did It.” The book and a television deal was to have described how he could have killed his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman. The package was put together by publisher Judith Regan, who was recently fired from her position, but canceled by News Corp. after an outcry….. The U.S. military death toll hits 3,000 in Iraq.

clinton enters presidential race year 2007 trivia timeline facts history mrpopcultureJanuary 8 - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton enters the 2008 presidential race. “I’m in. And I’m in to win”…President Bush presents his new blueprint for Iraq. He acknowledged that his previous strategy had failed and that 20,000 additional American troops were needed to avert defeat. Bush said that the last year in Iraq had turned out to be the opposite of what he had expected – an explosion of sectarian violence instead of growing national unity among the Iraqi people...

January 15 - Iraq – U.S. officials in Baghdad say that the latest plan to calm the area will succeed because Iraqi politicians will come through this time – they’ll be part of the solution. Meanwhile – the Iraqi government moves to solidify relations with Iran – with or without the U.S... At least 70 Iraqi college students are killed and many others wounded after a pair of car bombs explode at a Shiite-dominated university in the capital... The Bush administration says it will no longer eavesdrop on the international phone calls of terrorist suspects in the U.s. without first getting a court order... Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill, establishes a presidential exploration committee. Will he enter?... 

January 23 - 100,000 antiwar protesters coverage on the National Mall, apparently galvanized by opposition to increase the number of troops in Iraq by President Bush… Wal-mart agrees to pay more than $33 million to tens of thousands of workers who were short-changed on overtime wages during the last five years.... President Bush defends a tough new administration policy on Iran – that U.S. troops are now cleared to seek out and kill agents from Tehran who put lives at stake... Seeking to regain political ground lost to the new congressional Democrats, President Bush call for bipartisan action on energy and other domestic issues. The President still defends his decision to send more troops to Iraq... Baghdad - Iraqi and American forces kill several hundred gunmen who were planning to attack a Shiite Muslim shrine... 


February 1 - Navy Capt. Lisa Marie Nowak – a NASA astronaut is arrested and accused of attacking a woman she considered her rival for the love of another astronaut. She accosted Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman in a parking lot and sprayed her with pepper spray in an attempt to kidnap her, according to a police affidavit Sen. Joseph Biden Jr. (D-Del.) announces his candidacy for the presidency, arguing that when the media buzz fades from Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama – voters will rally around Biden’s foreign policy expertise... A suicide bomber  driving a dump truck hauling a ton of explosives – explodes in the center of a crowded Baghdad market – killing at least 130... Toyota – becomes the world’s #1 automaker – reporting a 7.3% jump in fiscal third-quarter profit...  

 condoleezza rice baghdad february 2007 facts timelineFebruary 8 - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice makes a surprise visit to Baghdad and urges Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish politicians to use a lull in violence resulting from a new security plan to reach long-delayed agreement on issues…Russian President Vladimir V. Putin berates the U.S. declaring that Washington’s militarism had fostered global instability and forced vulnerable nations to seek nuclear weapons... Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney formally launches his bid for president in Michigan – stressing values and innovation... Making it official – Sen. Barack Obama formally launches his bid for president in Springfield, Illinois... North Korea says it will freeze its nuclear tests – for now! A deal calls for a halt to plutonium production in return for energy aid...   

February 15 - Senate Republicans block a Democratic effort to pass a resolution opposing President Bush’s troop buildup in Iraq... A U.S. Military helicopter crashes before dawn in southern Afghanistan, killing eight American service members... President Bush warns that fighting in Afghanistan was likely to flare this spring and he called for a renewed commitment from NATO allies for additional troops commitments to battle Taliban insurgents...

Febuary 22 - Iraq - Twice in two days – Sunni Insurgents target civilians with a crude chemical weapon – a bomb attached to chlorine gas canisters. Several are dead... A suicide bomber gets past guards at the Shiite Muslim Mustanstriya University in Baghdad and sets off an explosion that killed at least 40 Iraqis... Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Congress should not try to limit President Bush’s conduct of the Iraq war, but some democrats differ. She was asked if Bush would abide by a binding resolution now being drafted by democratic leaders. Meantime – there’s still a delay on Reconciliation in Iraq as Shiites block and effort to include ex-members of Saddam Hussein’s party in government service... Vice President Dick Cheney harshly criticized Democrats’ attempts to thwart President Bush’s troop buildup I Iraq, saying their approach would “validate the Al Qaeda strategy,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fired back that Cheney was questioning critics’ patriotism. 

March 1 - Maj. Gen. George Weightman, the general in charge of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center is stripped of his command after revelations that wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan were receiving slipshod outpatient treatment. He was in command for 6 months…The White House moves back a deadline to implement national driver’s license standards. Critics say the move would undermine personal privacy and burden states... A chartered bus flips over a concrete railing of an interstate overpass and plunges 24 feet in Bluffton, Ohio. Four teammates from Ohio College are killed en route to games... Lewis “Scooter” Libby” – former aide to Dick Cheney is convicted of lying about his role in discrediting a war critic.

president bush march 2007 facts history timeline March 8 - President Bush asks Congress for $3.2 billion to pay for 8,200 more U.S. troops for Afghanistan and Iraq on top of the 21,500-troop buildup he announced in January... Fire sweeps a crowded Bronx home, killing 8 youths and an adult. There were at least 22 people living in the small house. All were members of an extended family of immigrants from the nation of Mall... Rudy Giuliani is presumed to be the Republican Party’s frontrunner for the 2008 presidential nomination... Defense secretary Robert Gates defends a Pentagon decision to hold secret hearings for 14 suspected terrorists transferred to Guantanomo Bay, despite the fact that similar proceedings have been held in open session... Iraq – A suicide bomber rams a car with explosives into a flatbed truck carrying dozens of pilgrims home after a weekend Shiite celebration and 31 die... In Buenos Aires – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez – mixing his characteristic style of humor, bombast and sarcasm calls President Bush a political cadaver, denouncing his swing through Latin America as an “imperial” excursion. 

March 15 -  Khalid Shaikh Mohammed – the highest-ranking Al Qaeda operative in U.S. custody, tells a military tribunal that he was responsible for the sept.11 terrorist attacks... Iraq – Taha Yassin Ramadan – Saddam Hussein’s former vice president is hanged for his role in a 1982 massacre... Seven American troops are killed in a car bombings in Baghdad, bringing the U.S. military casualty toll to 3,218... The Senate rejects a resolution that would have required President Bush to begin withdrawing U.S. combat troops within 120 days after it was enacted... Residents of Sadr City – a Shiite neighborhood chant “No occupation!” and “o America!” in a march... Anti-Clinton video mystery found - Philip de Vellis – a Democratic operative with ties to Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign claims credit for creating and posting a video on YouTube that slammed rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Barack people say they had no knowledge of the incident until told….

March 23 - President Bush inspects Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which has been criticized for shoddy living conditions. He apologized and promised to fix the bureaucratic snafus that led to the mess... Iraq - There’s some divide between Sunni insurgents and Al Qaeda - so says insurgent leaders and Sunni Arab politicians and the U.S. is not unhappy - it’s something it hopes to exploit... D. Kyle Sampson - a former aide - says the despite his earlier denials - Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales was deeply involved in discussions that led to the firing of eight U.S. attorneys... John Edwards says he’ll continue to run - that his presidential campaign is not over, despite that wife Elizabeth has cancer. Her cancer - first diagnosed in 2004, has now spread from the breast into her bone… February sales of new homes in the U.S. fell 18.3% from a year earlier to the lowest level in nearly seven years…

sheehan protest texas year 2007 timeline news facts photo mrpopcultureApril 1 - Cindy Sheehan and other protesters pledge that beginning Friday night, they would stand near President Bush’s ranch and read the names of the more than 3,000 U.S. military personnel who have died fighting in Iraq…Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pardons and releases 15 British sailors and Marines detained two weeks ago in the Persian Gulf... 

April 8 - Former House speaker Newt Gringrich urges Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales to resign, saying the “self-created mess” over the firings of eight U.S. attorneys last year had hampered his ability to do his job....  Business - Nestle says it will purchase baby food maker Gerber for $5.5 billion…A Russian rocket carrying Charles Simonyl, and American billionaire who helped develop Microsoft Word, roars into the skies over Kazakhstan sending him and two cosmonauts into orbit on a two-day journey to the International Space Station. Simonyl paid $25 million for the 13-day trip, making him the fifth space tourist. 

Virginia Tech Gunman

April 15 - A gunman kills 30 people in classrooms before turning the gun on himself at Virginia Tech. It’s revealed that Seung-hui Cho - the student who went on a bloody rampage at Virginia Tech had prepared the attack for weeks… NBC’s broadcast of portions of Seung-hui Cho’s angry rants has led to angry protests. A day after receiving a package containing the Virginia Tech gunman’s profanity-laced writings and videos mailed shortly before his second round of shootings, NBC curtailed its use of the images. 

NBC News - April 18 

boris yelstin passes april 2007 timelineApril 23 -  Passing – Boris N. Yelstin – former President of Russia... Sen. Larry E. Craig of Idaho denies  making a sexual advance to an undercover officer in a men’s room. “I am not gay and never have been,” said the Republican lawmaker….All 5,500 restaurants to stop frying chicken - KFC’s fried chicken buckets soon will be stamped with a health message along with the likeness of its founder – Col Harland sanders. The banner proclaims that its chicken has zero grams of trans fat per serving... Nationwide home sales drop 18% in March – the worst in 18 years. 

May 1 - More than 100,000 Israelis gather in Tel Aviv to press Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and defense Minister Amir Peretz to resign over their handling of the 2006 war against Hezbollah… It’s official - Prince Harry will be deployed to Iraq this month. He is the first British royal assigned to active combat since the Falklands war…

May 8 -   In Iraq - Vice President Dick Cheney makes an unannounced visit and presses government leaders to reconcile their political differences…In Kansas – a survivor is found beneath the rubble in Greensburo as the Kansas death toll from tornados hits 12...  

May 15 - The Senate launches debate on a bipartisan immigration bill with opponents protesting the way the measure was written. Republicans say they want to eliminate the bill’s provision that would allow illegal immigrants to gain citizenship. Meanwhile President Bush asserts that the bill would settle the status of illegal immigrants without granting them amnesty….. President Bush picks Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute as war czar…


May 25 - President Bush says that once his troop buildup improved security in the Iraqi capital, he intended to follow the withdrawal plan proposed by a bipartisan study group…. President Bush pays solemn tribute to America’s fallen forces and called troops killed in combat so far in Iraq and Afghanistan “a new generation of heroes.” Congress passes a $120-billion emergency war spending bill that would not require U.S. combat troops to be withdrawn…Coca-Cola buys Glaceau – maker of Vitaminwater, Fruitwater, Smartwater and Vitaminenergy for $4.1 billion in cash...  

June 1 - Rep. William Jefferson (D-la.) is indicted on charges that he used his congressional office to enrich himself and his family through a pervasive pattern of fraud, bribery and corruption that spanned five years and two continents. Federal investigators say they have disrupted a plot by Islamic extremists to  blow up buildings, fuel tanks and pipelines at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Authorities arrested a U.S. citizen from Guyana and two alleged accomplices … Jack Kevorkian – the suicide doctor – is paroled after serving eight years behind bars...  

putin facts history timeline june 2007June 8 - The fragile bipartisan illegal immigration deal is now sidelined. It’s a hot issue!.. The Senate can’t agree on how to handle amendments... Share missile defense system - Russian President Vladimir V. Putin proposes that an existing missile defense radar system in Azerbaijan be used to protect Europe form a possible attack by Iran... Campaigning – Rudolph Giuliani is in the lead on the Republican side as Hillary Clinton is on the Democrat side... Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) pleads not guilty to all 16 corruption-related charges against him. He says the $90,000 found in his freezer is the FBI’s...

 June 15 - President Bush warns Congress that he would use his veto power to stop runaway spending. “The American people do not want to return to the days of tax-and-spend policies.”Sen. Barack Obama scrambles to sooth the hurt feelings among supporters after they complained that a memo distributed by his presidential campaign was offensive to Indian Americans. The memo poked fun at the ties between India and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton…. Nine firefighters are killed in Charleston - fighting a fire in a furniture warehouse. It’s the single deadliest incident for U.S. firefighters since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks…

 tony blair ends prime minister year 2007 trivia timeline news facts mrpopcultureJune 23  - Ali Hassan Majid - better known as “Chemical Ali” and two other ex-Hussein officers will hang for their deeds… Goodbye Tony - Tony Blair ends his decade-run as Britain’s Prime Minister. “I wish everyone, friend or foe, well. And that is that - the end,” said Blair in a farewell speech…. Iraq – U.S. commanders plan a step-up of offensive against Al Qaeda... The Senate defeats a bill that would have overhauled the nation’s immigration laws for the first time in two decades. The subject is very contentious because of the vast number of illegal aliens from Mexico... Oil prices settle above the psychologically important $70-a-barrel mark for the first time since last August on worries about gas supplies in the heart of the summer driving season... Egyptian archeologists identify the mummy of Hatshepsut, the only woman to rule ancient Egypt while the kingdom was at the height of its wealth and power...

July 1 - President Bush spares the prison sentence of former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, calling it an excessive punishment for a first time offender with years of exceptional public…Campaigning - Sen. Barack Obama raised $32 million with Hillary Rodham Clinton $27 million...It’s reported that the number of U.S. private contractors in Iraq now exceeds that of American combat troops!...

July 8 - President Bush appears argues that U.S. forces have made some progress and needed time to make the country more secure and that placates some in Congress a little bit. He gets two more months... A suicide bomber drove a load of watermelons and vegetables to the center of a village marketplace in northern Iraq, detonated his yellow truck and killed as many as 150...  Passing - Lady Bird Johnson...


 July 15 - Albert Gore III – son of Al Gore (24) is charged by authorities in Orange County (CA) with two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance, two misdemeanor counts of possessing drugs without a prescription, one misdemeanor count of possessing marijuana and a traffic infraction for speeding…President Bush signs an order the clears the way for the CIA to resume harsh interrogation methods against suspected terrorists... An underground steam pipe explodes through a Manhattan street during rush hour – killing one and injuring 30 others... A U.S. intelligence terrorism assessment says that Al Qaeda has strongholds throughout Pakistan – not just the areas near Afghanistan…The Dow leaps past 14,000 – a new high.  

July 22 - Two parolees break into a doctor’s home, strangled his wife and killed the couple’s two daughters in a fire they set to cover the tracks in Meriden, Connecticut. Dr. William Petit Jr. was attacked – but he’ll live. His wife – Jennifer and daughters Hayley and Michaela are dead. The two suspects are Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes…Former Durham County Dist. Atty. Mike Nifong apologized in court for his aggressive prosecution on rape charges of three former Duke University lacrosse players and admitted there was no credible evidence against them... 

Raw Footage Bridge After Callapse

August 1 - The Interstate 35W bridge - an eight-lane bridge in Minneapolis collapses during afternoon rush hour, plunging dozens of cars into the Mississippi River. At least nine are dead…. Federal officials plan a new crackdown on  illegal immigrants that would force businesses to fire them or face stiff penaltiesBear Stearns says that co-President and co-Chief Operating Officer Warren Spector had resigned after the melt-down of two hedge funds that invested in risky mortgage-backed securities...

AP News - August 7

August 8 -  Georgia accuses Russia of sending two fighter jets into its airspace and dropping a missile near a village. Moscow denies involvement, saying that Georgian authorities staged the incident to gain an edge in their conflict with Russia... S. Iraq - The governor and acting police chief of Qadisiya  - Gov. Khalil Jalil Hamza and police Maj. Gen Khalid Hassan are killed in a roadside bombing...  Federal reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke is trying to ensure there is sufficient money to encourage lending but not enough to stoke an inflationary boom... NASA says the tile damage on the underbelly of Endeavour is as deep as feared and that officials will decide whether to send an astronaut out to fix it...

sen obama august 2007 facts history timeline August 15 - A posting on his website says Sen. Barack Obama is cutting back on his debates for now. He’ll decline new debate invitations until mid- December and after that, he will consider requests case by case….. An earthquake in Peru kills 500 with 16,000 homes destroyed…. Officials in Utah all but declare dead six minors they’ve been trying to rescue for two weeks...

August 23 - Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzalas resigns. Bush defended him, but Democrats say he had tarnished the office with his actions…Iraq - A U.S. Black Hawk helicopter crashes – killing all 14 troops on board...

September 1 - President Bush and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke take steps to ease the credit crunch that has socked investors and dried up access to home loans for millions of Americans…In Iraq – President Bush makes an unannounced visit and says that if security gains continue, there is a possibility of U.S. troop withdrawal... 

September 8 - Appearing in a video message for the first time in nearly three years, Osama bin Laden tells the American people to reject their capitalist way of life and embrace Islam to end the Iraq war or his followers will “escalate the killing and fighting against you"…Alex the parrot – who knew more than 100 words and could count to six and do other amazing feats has died. He was 31...  In talks with Shiite militia - The media reports that U.S. diplomats and military officers have been in talks with members of the armed movement loyal to Muqtada Sadr – a sharp reversal of policy... Frances Townsend – President Bush’s domestic security advisor – dismisses Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden as “virtually impotent.”

if i did it - top seller amazon year 2007 trivia mrpopcultureSeptember 15 - Crude oil futures close at a record $80.57 a barrel…. O.J. Simpson’s book “ If I Did It ” - the ghostwritten account of how the ex-football star would have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman - ranks #2 on Amazon and is  going into its second printing…New York says it will allow drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. The change, announced by Gov. Eliot Spitzer, means that 500,000 to 1 million illegal immigrants will be eligible for licenses by presenting a valid foreign passport... 

September 22 - In New York - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces criticism about his opinions on women, gays, Israel, nuclear weapons and the Holocaust in an appearance at Columbia University…. At the Opening of the U.N. General Assembly, Iranian President Mohmoud Ahmadinjad declares his country’s nuclear issue “closed” while leaders of France and Germany issued ominous warnings about his nation’s alleged weapons ambitions… Jurors fail to reach a decision in the Phil Spector murder trail - forcing a mistrial…President Barack Obama acknowledged in unaired portions of a "60 Minutes" interview that his campaign ads sometimes go "overboard" when it comes to attacking Mitt Romney. But "that happens in politics" and voters deserve to see the "sharp contrast" between the candidates, the president said... Afghanistan banned all Pakistani newspapers from entering the country in an attempt to block the Taliban from influencing public opinion via the press. 

October 1 - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama proposes spending $150 billion over 10 years on new clean-energy programs, including proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to develop new energy sources...  Oregon will join California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont and Washington - that have approved  partnership rights in some form for same-sex couples…

al gore peace prize october 2007 timelineOctober 8 - Global warning guru Al Gore shares the Nobel Peace Prize with a Geneva-based United Nations climate group…The Justice Department announces the creation of special task forces around the country to prevent unfriendly nations such as Iran from illegally obtaining U.S.- made parts and technology for their military and fledgling nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs.

October 15 - Pakistan – What was supposed to be a joyous homecoming turned into tragedy for former Prime Minster Benazir Bhutto as a pair of blasts rip through the crowd surrounding her convoy in Karachi – killing more than 125 people.  Pakistan - Benazir Bhutto steps out in public for the first time since a bloody attack on her homecoming celebrations, saying, “We will not be deterred”…

October 25Genarlow Wilson – imprisoned from committing a consensual sex act who became for many an example of an inequitable criminal justice system - is released from prison after his conviction was overturned by Georgia’s Supreme Court…. Thousands of people called for a swift end to the war in Iraq as they marched through downtown San Francisco, chanting and carrying such signs as “Wall Street gets Rich, Iraqis and GI’s die” and “Drop tuition Not bombs”….

president bush november 2012 photo mrpopcultureNovember 1 - President Bush delivers an upbeat assessment of the war’s progress, citing both a drop in violence and greater Iraqi control of restive provinces. …President Pervez Musharraf declares emergency rule in Pakistan - citing rising militancy…. Sen. Barack Obama mocks Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, saying she cried, “Don’t pick on me” after being attacked by her foes on policy issues at this week’s debate among the Democratic presidential hopefuls…

November 8 - Georgian President Mikheil Saakashviili declares a 15-day state of emergency after riot police battle thousands of protesters demanding new elections... Millions of Chinese-made toys have been pulled in the U.S. and Australia after scientists found they contain a chemical that converts into a powerful “date rape” drug when ingested... Commercial – GOP presidential candidate Tom Taneredeo has a new TV commercial which shows a terrorist bombing a shopping mall, implying the U.S. has a loose border. Merck decides to pay $4.85 billion to settle tens of thousands of claims from patients who took painkiller Vioxx. The money should cover as many as 26,500 of the more than 30,000 cases filed against the company…

November 15 - The Bush administration begins a public effort to salvage the embattled presidency of Pakistan’s Gen. Pervez Musharraf and pushes him to compromise with political opponents and abandon emergency rule…. The United Nations lowers years of estimates on the number worldwide infected by the AIDS virus. The new analysis shows that the total number of people living with HIV has been gradually increasing, but at a slower rate. About 33 million people worldwide are infected with the virus,  compared with last year’s estimate of almost 40 million…

December 1  - President Bush said that despite a new intelligence assessment concluding Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program, the country still posed a danger and must stop enriching uranium. A report said that Iran had halted their nuclear push in 2003…Letter to North Korea - President Bush sends Kim Jong II a hand-signed letter reminding him of his commitment to disclose the details of his country’s nuclear weapons program by the end of the year... 

December 8 - Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is sworn in as Argentina’s first elected female president…  Oprah Winfrey conducts a three- state swing to promote her candidate Barrack Obama . Polls are showing his campaign is making gains. Oprah will appear with the candidate in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina…Face transplant update - Some 18 months after getting a new nose, chin and lips, Isabelle Dinoire of France has overcome two tissue-rejection episodes and has recovered enough use of her facial muscles to close her lips and draw her face into a slight smile... 

dick cheney office fire dec 2007 news facts mrpopcultureDecember 15 - A fire breaks out in the office of Dick Cheney at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door to the White House. The fire broke out in an electrical panel. The building was evacuated and about 1,000 employees had to leave for the day…. Seeing his poll numbers slipping - Rudy Giuliani has scaled back and is spending more time in New Hampshire and waging a campaign in Iowa…Time magazine named Russian President Vladimir Putin as its "Person of the Year" for 2007, saying he had returned his country from chaos to "the table of world power" - though at a cost to democratic principles...

December 23 - Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto , who had promised to restore democracy in Pakistan is assassinated, setting off a nationwide wave of grief and fury in the area…. A tiger escapes from its enclosure in the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas day and mauls a man to death - and leaves two others seriously injured…

Year 2007  In Technology News And Information

iphone launched january 2007 tech history timelineJanuary Apple says it’s dropping computer from its name and unveils its long anticipated iPhone, which lets users listen to music, watch video and surf the Internet. It should sell for $499 when it goes on sale in June….  Demand for iPods helps lift Apple’s earnings to a 78% increase in fiscal first-quarter earnings… In Las Vegas – Bill Gates kicks off the International Consumer Electronics Show. He highlighted how Microsoft’s latest creations and partnerships aim to make it easier for people to navigate, consume, share and manage different kinds of content, whether they are games, movies, photos, sports or work... Four families sue MySpace after their underage daughters were sexually abused by adults they met on the site... Demand for iPods helps lift Apple’s earnings to a 78% increase in fiscal first-quarter earnings... Intel Corp. – in its price war with AMD – sees profits plunge 39%... “The Big Debate” the first of 10 planned MSN Originals shows from TV producer Ben Silverman makes its debut on MSN Video. It’s a three-minute Web series scheduled to run five days a week for the next month. Sponsor is Cingular Wireless...  On demand Web feature - NetFlix will begin showing movies and TV episodes over the Internet this week....  YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley says his website would begin sharing revenue with its millions of users. About 70 million videos are viewed on the site each day. Recently, it was sold go Google... EBay profits are up 24% after they began charging some sellers more to hawk their holiday products.  

February - Apple endorses a radical proposal to do away with restrictions over what people can do with the music they buy online. The plan cold allow music fans to purchase songs from apple and play them on rivals music players... Wal-mart Stores begins selling movies online – the first major retailer to offer downloadable digital movies from all major Hollywood studios...On line site Veoh – which stocks more than 100,00 videos by amateurs and professionals. It sees itself as the place if you really want to broadcast. It debuts this week.... MySpace plans announces that it has introduced a video-filtering program that should automatically remove copyrighted material from its website.  A federal judge rules that MySpace is not liable for alleged sexual assault on a girl. This after a female lied about her age and met a guy via MySpace and was allegedly sexually assaulted by him in Texas…. XM and Sirius agree to merge in a $4.6 billion deal…. A San Diego jury says Microsoft needs to pay $1.52 billion for infringing patents on MP-3 technology. A company called Alcatel said Microsoft used their technology…. Google will begin selling corporate America on online suite of software that includes e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets and calendar management, escalating the Internet search leader’s invasion of technological turf traditionally dominated by Microsoft Corp and IBM Corp…

best of youtube year 2007 mrpopculture tech history newsMarch - Online only - Disney says it’s going to shoot 80 episodes of a new series called “Prom Queen,” each lasting just 90 seconds. It’ll begin showing online at YouTube, Veoh.com and Vuguru.com... Magnolia Pictures - a film studio owned by technology and media entrepreneur Mark Cuban asked a U.S. federal court to force Google to identify people who put its copyrighted videos on Google Video and YouTube. Cuban has been a critic of YouTube and once called any potential buyer of YouTube a “moron” over possible legal liabilities of allowing the uploading of copyrighted videos without permission…. You Tube announces it will conduct the first YouTube video awards to recognize the best user-created videos of 2006. The awards will be handed out in seven categories - most creative, most inspirational, best series, best comedy, musician of the year, best commentary and most adorable video. … Google says it would continue to collect and maintain a vast internal database of search engine queries tied to the unique addresses of the computers on which they were entered. But it will “anonymize’ the data by stripping addresses from the records after 18 to 24 months. Google says that’s enough time to keep law enforcement officials happy YouTube announces the seven winners from its inaugural awards. Videos “Ask a Ninja” and a treadmill-choreographed music video by the OK Go’s are among the winners…Seen on YouTube – Surveillance videos from police department to help identify criminals... Business software maker Oracle Corp agrees to buy Hyperion solutions Corp. for $3.3 billion in cash...  IBM says that it had developed a tiny chip capable of transmitting an entire high-definition movie in a single second... 

April - EMI says it has agreed to sell its 150,000-song catalog through Apple’s iTunes store without the anti-piracy software that limits which devices can play digital music, but songs will cost about 30 cents more… Google reaches an agreement to acquire DoubleClick Inc - a web advertising company for $3.1 billion in cash…. Google and Clear Channel announce an agreement that will allow Google to place advertising for its online customers on more than 675 Clear Channel stations…Google Inc. reports first-quarter earnings up 69% to $1 billion!... BlackBerry breaks its silence after a lengthy outage that dropped e-mail service to its customers. It says it was due to a software malfunction... Microsoft posts a 65% rise in quarterly profit  - topping Wall St. expectations and much of it had to do with the Vista operating system... BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is introducing a software application that can make Palm Treos and other Windows-based mobile devices made by rivals work like BlackBerrys. It’s due out in the fall... Amazon.com’s profit soars 115% for the first quarter... Reality show producer Mark Burnett has another great idea. He is planning to use MySpace to find contestants for a proposed TV show focused on politics and would air early next year as the race for president heats up....

May -  The U.S. military opens a YouTube channel on the Iraqi war. Don’t miss it!... Sony Corp is shuttering its Connect digital music store and opening its portable media players to other formats. Sony’s NWZ-A810 and NWZ-S610 can play videos and display photographs - much like iPods... EarthLink says it would cut 900 jobs - nearly half its workforce. The company was founded some 13 years ago…. Yahoo introduces features for its Web-based e-mail program, including software that allows computer users to type text messages on a keyboard and send them directly to someone cellphone… Microsoft says it will buy online advertising firm AQuantive Inc for $6 billion in cash. It’s the last of the large and independently owned entities that focus on web advertising. Amazon says it will open a digital music store, but unlike ITunes, customers can do anything they want after purchasing a song. In other words - no restricted copying. Look for it this fall. …Rapid expansion of video offerings on MySpace - The company says it will serve an array of news and entertainment channels on its website… U.S. consumers have snapped up 2.5 million Wii consoles since they hit the market in November - a comeback for Nintendo, whose GameCube got wiped out by Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox…

June - Federal authorities arrest Robert Alan Soloway – who lived in Puget Sound – for four years of spam on the Internet and e-mail... Google is in court - arguing that a 2002 consent decree requiring Microsoft to ensure its rivals can build products that run smoothly on Windows - isn’t happening - and Vista is the target. At particular issue - is a desktop feature that competes with a free program Google introduced in 2004. Google says that Microsoft had made it too complicated to turn off vista’s built-in desktop-search vehicle… iPhone is here - Apple considers its iPhone its biggest product launch since the Mac back in 1984 and if the lines are any indication - they’re right. They’ve already sold some 100 million iPods. They closed all 164 Apple stores on Friday to prepare for sale of the iPhone, which began 4 hours later (Friday) and the lines were huge… Ebay says it plans to resume advertising through Google but would increase its reliance on other services. It canceled all Google ads this month in protest of the web search company’s bid to woo Ebay customers to a rival payment system called Google Checkout. Ebay owns rival PayPal… Radio giant Clear Channel agrees to use the new people meter from Arbitron in the top 50 U.S. markets. It’s a pager-like device that detects audio codes embedded in radio broadcasts and the ratings results are more detailed than the older diary system…Blockbuster – the video rental giant – says it will expand the availability of Blu-ray DVD’s to more stores...  Thousands of websites will drop their music streaming after substantially higher royalty rates kick in next month. Internet operators are hoping a federal court will grant an emergency stay... MySpace says it plans to expand its video with a new site that combines amateur and professional material... Ebay says it plans to resume advertising through Google but would increase its reliance on other services. It canceled all Google ads this month in protest of the web search company’s bid to woo Ebay customers to a rival payment system called Google Checkout. Ebay owns rival PayPal.  

xbox360 news year 2007 trivia update history tech mrpopcultureJuly  - Warranty extension - Troubled by an unacceptable number of malfunctions in its Xbox 360 - Microsoft says that ht has set aside more than $1 billion to take care of customers who suffered from the “three flashing red light” error messages…. iPhone problems – activation and insufficient tech aid to name two.   A federal appeal panel declines to delay a substantial increase in royalties that Internet radio stations must pay for playing music and the big rates could take effect on Sunday if nothing else is done. Some small radio stations already have stopped broadcasting to avoid accruing royalty payments because the rate hike is retroactive to Jan 1, 2006. The Copyright Royalty Board - an obscure group of federal judges, set the new rates in March, eliminating a provision that allowed small webcasters to apply 10% to 12% of their revenue instead of a set per-song fee of .0762 of a cent each time a song is played…. But wait - SoundExchange – the organization that collect royalties for musicians and record companies – say they wouldn’t seek immediate payment of the higher rates. Many of these Internet radio station say the hike would have put them out of business….. Google plans to offer Internet search service through a web portal that spring Nextel Corp is developing for its WiMax high-speed wireless service. The agreement is Google’s closest alliance with a major U.S. mobile service provider… Apple says consumers snapped up a record 1.76 million Macintosh computers during Apple’s fiscal third quarter – up 33% from a year earlier. This outpaced the industry – which was at 12%.... Activision is hot stuff with its Guitar Hero and is #1 in video game sales because of it – with $397.8 million in sales of games for consoles and hand held game players from Jan. through June.Google wants to buy a chunk of radio airwaves for high-speed data – as it readies to bid in an upcoming federal action of spectrum... EBay Inc tops earnings expectations as second-quarter profit surges 50%.


 August - Google street-level maps keep growing and growing. It’s done the old fashioned way - Google has hired a bevy people with cars and trucks - with cameras mounted atop - as they race up streets, highways and byways to record a street view. The result - close-up views of homes, shops and public places. Google’s Street-View program is part of Google’s effort to organize al the world’s information - including visual data about our planet… Apple introduces a line of iMac computers that are thinner and faster than their predecessors. The computers come with new software for storage and editing video and photos. “The new iMac. You can’t be too thin. Or too powerful” is the new slogan… Comscore Inc. which gives information on the habits o Web users, changes its method of measuring Internet searches to include queries sent to.  Under the new system, Google’s share rises to 55.2%, from 46.2% a year earlier. Yahoo’s share fell to 23.5% from 29.8%. Microsoft’s MSN engine had 12.3% of queries in July, compared to 12.4% a year ago… Sony Corp is shuttering its Connect digital music store and opening its portable media players to other formats. Sony’s NWZ-A810 and NWZ-S610 can play videos and display photographs – much like iPods... Yahoo introduces features for its Web-based e-mail program, including software that allows computer users to type text messages on a keyboard and send them directly to someone cellphone... A 17-year-oldhacker has broken the lock that ties Apple’s iPhone to AT&T’s wireless network, freeing the most hyped cellphone ever for use on the networks of other carriers. George Hotz of NJ says he is now using his iPhone on T-Mobile’s network... Monster.com says that 1.3 million users had personal information stolen by criminals who hacked into a job placement website. 

September - Steve Jobs apologizes for slashing iPhone’s price -   some two months after customers waited in line for hours to pay $600. Prices will drop 33%. Apple is offering $100 store credits to anyone who had paid full price for the phone – which bines a cellphone, a Web-surfing deice and an iPod. Behind Apple - Did you know that SanDisk is the No 2 maker of digital music players? Its newest player – the Sansa Shaker - is aimed at kids and shaped like a toy bongo drum…. Amazon.com launches its much- anticipated digital music store with nearly 2.3 million songs, none of them protected against copying. Songs cost 89 cents to 99 cents and albums sell for $5.99 to $9.99. iTunes also offers some songs without so-called digital rights management technology (DRM) which prevents unauthorized copies form being played. The problem though – it frustrates listeners because it limits the type of device or number of computers on which they can listen to music. iTunes generally won’t play on devices other than the iPod and iPods won’t play DRM-enabled songs bought at rival music stores…. Downloading movies to DVD is that much closer - Sonic Solutions says it has won approval for its technology, which makes it possible for people to record homemade DVD’s containing the same copy protection found on professionally… made DVD’s. It will open the door to download services to let customers burn movies they buy to DVD….. Walt Disney Co. says it will end its Disney Mobile phone services at the end of the year….. The social-networking website MySpace.com is launching a free, advertising- supported call-phone version as part of a wider bid by parent News Corp. to attract advertising for mobile sites. … Yahoo Inc will jettison a little-use service for finding and rating audio programs known as podcasts, the podcast section will be silenced Oct. 31. It joins several other features Yahoo has scrapped as it tries to snap out of a financial funk that has depressed its stock price and triggered a reshuffling of top management…

steve jobs trivia year 2007 news photo update mrpopcultureOctober - Google will begin showing YouTube videos on thousands of other websites, hoping to profit from ads attached to the clips. The material sent to other websites will be confined to video from providers who sign consent forms… Radio news - Arbitron’s new people meter ratings service debuts in Philly and Houston with interesting results. More people listen on weekends, morning drive isn’t as important as thought and some formats are doing better than others… Web show - MySpace has co-developed a new scripted series, “Roomates” that debuts this week…. Facebook ends an investigation by New York’s attorney general by agreeing to changes designed to shield minors from porno images and improper advances from adults…. Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs says that the company would let outside developers create software for its iPhone and iPod Touch gadgets…. A coalition of major media and Internet companies issue a set of guidelines for handling copyright-protected videos on large user-generated such as MySpace…. The guidelines would require sites to use filtering technology to block copyrighted clips from being posted without permission. The incentive for the coalition’s websites and others to comply is the media companies promise not to sue of any copyrighted material sneaks past their best efforts to block it….. MySpace is collaborating with bookseller Harper Collins for a paperback original to be called “MySpace/Our Planet: Change is Possible” - a book for kids. The book will feature ideas from MySpace users…. Microsoft wins the right to invest in Facebook which was chosen over Google!... Hulu.com a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp. will launch with episodes of hit NBC and Fox shows and a small sampling of movies - all with a quarter the commercials of regular TV. …Apple says it would no longer accept cash for iPhone purchases and would now limit sales of the cellphone to two per person in a move to stop people from reselling them,,,

November - Google - in partner with Gilbarco Veer-Root will display Google’s mapping service in color at gasoline pumps across the country - beginning in early December….. Facebook unveils an advertising strategy that piggybacks on one of its most powerful features - the news feed - which shows users a streaming list of what their friends are doing. Facebook believes these feeds will help users promote its advertisers…. Activision ends the last quarter with revenue up $317.7 million – beating Wall Street’s expectations. This was in large, due to the success of “Guitar Hero III.” MySpace says it will soon allow not just big advertisers, but also everyday users to target narrow  slices of MySpace’s membership…. Social networking gets bigger - as Google and MySpace announce that software developers could now use a common technology standard Google had created to build features for MySpace users. Called OpenSocial - it could be a boon for small outfits… Apple Inc agrees to pay $10 million to Burst.com - settling a patent-infringement lawsuit. The suit concerns technology that stores audio and video files…. Facebook - just three years old, has some 54 million users with estimated 2007 revenue at $150 million…

netscape shutting down december 2007 tech history timelineDecember - The IPO for “Classmates.com” is called off. It would have been the first IPO for a social networking site... Ask.com becomes the first major search engine to let users decide whether it can keep records of their queries... CompUSA says it will close its stores after the holidays after the sale of the company to an affiliate of Gordon Brothers Group. Comp USA operates 103 stores. CompUSA closed more than half its stores last spring and  got cash infusion of $440 million to restructure….  Ask.com becomes the first major search engine to let users decide whether it can keep records of their queries…. Microsoft Corp wins the right to deliver advertising on Viacom’s network of websites for the next five years. Pressured by a lawsuit, Internet social network Facebook Inc. will adopt measures to prevent its 58 million members from sending text  messages to recycled cellphone numbers…. Goodbye Netscape - Netscape Navigator, the world’s first commercial Web browser, the launchpad of the Internet boom, will be pulled off life support Feb 1 after 13 years. AOL has decided to kill further development and technical  support to focus on growing the company as an old advertising business. Netscape’s usage dwindled with Microsoft Corps entry into the browser business, and Netscape all but faded away after the birth of its open-source cousin, Firefox…. You’ll be able to download Netscape, but AOL will stop releasing security and other updates Feb. 1... Warner Music Group says it will sell digital songs without anti-piracy protection through Amazon.com. The pressure is on as CD sales are falling and Warner Music reported profit had plunged 58% in its fiscal fourth-quarter. Brand new for X-Box - “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” and “Guitar Hero II” and “Rock Band”…NBC will be picking up a TV series – that first “aired” on the Web!. “quarterlife” will debut on NBC Feb 18... The Commerce Department begins accepting applications for coupons worth $40 off a no-frills converter box to allow older televisions who use antennas and not cable – to receive digital broadcast signals. The complete conversion to broadcast digital happens in February 2009... 

Year 2007 In Sports News And Other Fascinating Facts

January - Keifer Bonvillain - who lives near Atlanta - is charged with trying to extort $1.5 million from Oprah Winfrey by threatening to release tape recordings he claimed would hurt her reputation… Passing - Country music legend Del Reeves (73)…. Passing - Yvonne De Carlo - best known as Mrs. Herman Munster. She was 84… Radio - Stunt goes deadly - Jennifer Lea Strange dies after participating in a water drinking contest held by the morning show at KDND-FM in Sacramento. She was one of a dozen or so who tried to win a Nintendo Wii gaming console by seeing how much water they could drink without going to the bathroom in a “Hold your Wee for Wii” contest. The entire morning show and staff has been let go…

 February - The Indianapolis Colts defeat the Chicago Bears 29-17 in Super Bowl XLI. QB Peyton Manning gets game MVP…

More February -  Passing - Frankie Laine - Pop hit singer of the 1950’s. He was 93…. Rafael Garcia - a videographerrecords some 30 to 50 rats through a window of a closed-KFC-Taco Bell restaurant in Greenwich Village. “There were enough creatures in that room that they could have devoured a human being… It was frenzy”… Rupert Murdoch announces that his Fox will launch a business channel to compete with CNBC... LeBron James – Cleveland’s All-Star forward teams with Microsoft’s MSN to launch lebron.msn.com – a story-book-style website about his life designed for kids and teens...  

starbucks news trivia year 2007 timeline mrpopcultureMarch - Passing - Thomas Eagleton – former U.S. senator from Missouri who was forced to withdraw as the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee in 1972 after admitting he had been hospitalized for nervous exhaustion and had undergone electric shock treatments…  Major League Baseball shifts its Extra Innings pay package from cable/Dish TV exclusively to DirectTV and some fans are not happy. But, a provision allows the package to remain on cable and Dish Network if certain criteria are met... Chris Simon of the New York islanders is suspended for 25 games after hitting Ryan Hollweg with his stick...Starbucks and Concord Music announce the formation of a join record label called “Hear Music.” Of course, they’ll be sold in Starbucks…. Chairman Howard Schultz says that Starbucks Corp. could add 10,000 coffee shops in the next four years, knocking down speculation that he would slow the chain’s expansion. Starbucks has been around since 1971…  Six “American Idol” artists - winners Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, plus season two runner-up Clay Aiken, have sold a combined 23 million-plus copies of their albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan… Ice Cube signs a deal with A&E to produce “Good in the Hood,” an hour-long pilot for an unscripted reality series about gang members and urban criminals who have changed their ways…. Paul McCartney’s next album will come from Starbucks’ newly-formed “HearMusic” label. It’ll be the first release away from EMI since 1962… Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers becomes the fourth player to score 50 or more points in three consecutive games. The others are Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor and Michael Jordan

cocaine drink fda april 2007 facts history timelineApril - The FDA says an energy drink called “Cocaine” is illegal. It contains no actual cocaine, but is being marketed as “the Legal Alternative” to the illegal drug. The FDA cites as evidence the drink’s labeling and website which include the statements, “Speed in a Can,’ Liquid Cocaine” and Cocaine – Instant Rush.”.... The NFL suspends Adam “Pacman” Jones for the 2007 season and Cincinnati receiver Chris Henry for the first half of it under tightened conduct policies…. Zach Johnson wins the masters at Augusta with a total score of 289. He was followed by Rory Sabbatini, Retief Goosen and Tiger Woods…NBA official Joey Crawford is suspended indefinitely by league Commissioner David Stern for his conduct toward the Spurs’ Tim Duncan...  Entertainment news - Passing - Actor Barry Nelson (89)….. Passing - Actor Roscoe Lee Browne (81)…. MTV says it will pursue a new direction - featuring Internet content such as shorts and shows from its younger audience as presented on the Net… . Passing - Hilly Kristal - whose CBGB served as the birthplace of the punk rock movement and a launching pad for bands such as Blondie. He was 75….Payola - The FCC says that radio companies Clear Channel, CBS, Entercom and Citadel will pay a combined $12.5 million on charges of accepting cash and merchandise from record companies in exchange for airplay. 

May - Danny DiVito launches Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncellos - a 60-proof liqueur …. Passing - Actor/comedian Tom Poston. He was 85…. Passing - Actor Dabbs Greer (90)…. Passing - Tommy Newsom (78) - “Tonight Show” musician and foil for Johnny Carson…. The Osmonds are reuniting this summer for a television special. Look for all seven - Alan, Wane, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie and Jimmy. It’ll be broadcast on PBS stations in March…NASCAR takes 100 championship points from Dale Earnhardt Jr. and fines his crew chief $100,000 after finding that his No. 8 Chevy had unauthorized parts before the Nextel Cup race in South Carolina....   Paul Newman (82) says he has given up acting. He says that because of his age - “you start to lose your memory, your confidence, your invention. So that’s pretty much a closed book for me.” … Passing – Charles Nelson Reilly (76)…Indy 500 - Dario Franchitti is the winner


June - Laurie and Larry David announce they were separating after 14 years of marriage…

Stanley Cup - The Anaheim Ducks defeat the Ottawa Senators in five games. Scott Niedermayer got the MVP. 

More June - Passing - Actress Mala Powers (75)… Passing- Don Herbert - “Mr. Wizard” of early TV. He was 89…. Blockbuster - the video rental giant - says it will expand the availability of Blu-ray DVD’s to more stores… After surrendering to face charges in a Las Vegas strip club melee that preceded a triple shooting - Adam “Pacman” Jones posts bail in Las Vegas and heads back to home in Nashville. The arrest was sixth for Jones since he was drafted in 2005. He is currently suspended from the NFL…Blue Jays’ Frank Thomas hits his 500th home run... After surrendering to face charges in a Las Vegas strip club melee that preceded a triple shooting – Adam “Pacman” Jones posts bail in Las Vegas and heads back to home in Nashville. The arrest was sixth for Jones since he was drafted in 2005. He is currently suspended from the NFL... Skateboarding – every popular these days may get a place in the Olympics by 2012... ABC/ESPN and Time Warner (TNT) agree to pay the NBA $7.4 billion over eight years for television rights to its games... 

NBA Champs - The San Antonio Spurs sweeps the Cleveland Caviliers in four games straight. Tony Parker got the MVP. 

charles lane I love lucy actor trivia dies year 2007 hollywood mrpopcultureJuly - Passing - Boots Randolph - pop saxophonist…. Passing - Beverly Sills - soprano diva…. Sidney Crosby of the Penguins – and the NL’s most valuable player and scoring champ, signs a five-year extension through 20212-12 season worth $43.5 million. … All Star game - The American League wins for  the fifth straight time - 5-4…. Passing - Actor Charles Lane (102) - who often played humorous cranks - and crusty skinflints…. ESPN SportCentral anchor Dan Patrick is leaving after 18 years…. Passing - Director Ingmar Bergman (89)…. Moveon dot org and other liberal organizations are asking thousands of supporters to monitor who is advertising on the Fox News Channel and put pressure on its advertisers…NASCAR - Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Ginn racing merge...  Barry Bonds hits homer #754... Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is in Virginia and pleads not guilty to federal charges related to illegal dogfighting... Woody Williams threw eight shutout innings and the Houston Astros made several outstanding plays to defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates 1-0.  

August - Passing - Lee Hazelwood - producer and singer - best known for his duets with Nancy Sinatra on records during the late 1960’s… A day after setting baseball’s all-time homerun record (756) - Barry Bonds hits # 757… Yankees Alex Rodriquez (A-Rod) hits his 500th career home run!Passing Phil Ruzzuto (89) Yankee hall of famer and sports broadcaster…

September - Passing - Actor Percy Rodriques (89)…. Passing - Actress Jane Wyman (90)… Rap singer Snoop Dogg is sentence to three years’ informal probation and agreed to serve 160 hours of community service after agreeing to plead guilty to carrying an illegal police baton in his luggage while boarding a plane in S. California… Passing - Alice Ghostley (81) - TV and Tony Award winning actress… Passing - Marcel Marceau (84) -the great French mime…. Passing - Actor Michael Evans (87)…

October - Rush Limbaugh says he has raised $2 million for charity by auctioning of a letter signed by 41 Democratic senators that criticized his on-air comments about U.S. soldiers…. Crackdown on scalping – The New England Patriots win a bid to get the names of al the fans who bought or sold, or tried to buy or sell tickets to home games through online ticket reseller StubHub. joe torre la dodgers october 2007 baseball history timelineA lawsuit claimed that the website encouraged fans to break state law and violate team policies... Joe Torre is leaving the Yankees as manager. He refused to take a $2.5 million paycut – down to $5.5 million... Passing - Actress Deborah Kerr She was 86…. Passing - Joey Bishop (89) - Last of the Rat Pack of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin Sammy David Jr. and Peter Lawford…. Passing - Teresa Brewer - Pop song artist of the 1950’s…. The New York Yankees offer their managerial job to Joe Girardi. He’ll replace Joe Torre

World Series - The Boston Red Sox Sweep the Series - beating the Colorado Rockies in four games. Mike Lowell got MVP.


November - Baseball – Major league general managers approve a proposal to use video replays on a limited basis... Joe Torre is now the new manager of the LA Dodgers and coaching staff includes Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa... Oprah Winfrey pulls the discredited children’s book, “The Education of Little Tree” from her list of recommended titles. The work by Forrest Carter, is considered by some, a literary hoax of a white supremacist…Near Phoenix - Mike Tyson is sentenced to 24 hours in jail and three years probation for cocaine possession and driving under the influence. ...Passing - actress Laraine Day (87) - once married to baseball great Leo Durocher…. Passing - Norman Mailer - wrote nearly 50 books and won two Pulitzer Prizes. He was 84…

December - An investigative report on drug use in the major leagues is released by former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell. It’s blasts baseball for its slow and ineffective response to what it called “baseball’s steroid era”... Passing- Daredevil Evel Knievel. He was 69…. Welterweight title - Floyd Mayweather gets the best of Ricky Halton in Las Vegas….  Passing - Ike Turner (76) - Best known for his pairing with Tina Turner… ESPN’s “Monday Night Football’’ - in a game between the Patriots and Ravens was the most watched program in cable television history - with 17.52 viewers - breaking the 17.24 million Disney had with the debut of the Disney Channel’s “High school Musical 2” last August… Passing - Roger King, one of the famed King brothers of King World Productions. He was 63…


Top Movie Of 2007 - "Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End" 


Top Pop Hit Music Single/Download/Video For Year 2007 - "Irreplaceable" - Beyonce Knowles


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