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Dateline: Week Of October 8, 2006 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

North Korea conducts an unannounced nuclear test, bringing international condemnation and as the U.N. Security Council denounces the North Korean action.  Later, North Korea said the underground nuclear test was successful.

President Vladimir Putin says those behind the assassination of writer Anna Politkovskaya might have been ordered by exiles to make Russia look bad.

President Bush rejects calls for one-on-one talks with North Korea, but stresses multi-nation diplomacy over force.


Fascinating Facts/Jennifer Wilbanks Update – October 1, 2006

Jennifer Wilbanks – the runaway bride who took off days before her lavish wedding in 2005 is suing her former her former fiancé for 500,000 claiming he defrauded her out of her share of their assets. She seeks $250,000 as her share of a home she says John Mason purchased with $500,000 they received for selling their story to Regan Media. She also wants $250,000 in punitive damages for alleged abuse of the power of attorney she granted to Mason to handle their financial affairs.  


Technology – October 1, 2006

Youtube history

Google agrees to pay $1.65 billion for YouTube.

Wal-Mart loves Garth Brooks – look for an exclusive – a five-DVD box set for $19.95 – “Garth Brooks: The Entertainer.” Contains 15 music videos and seven live performances. Brooks is currently retired from the business.


Radio news – October 8, 2006

“Air America” – the liberal radio talk network has filed for chapter 11 BK. It still remains on the air.


Entertainment news – October 8, 2006

Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie gain custody of a 1-year-old boy they want to adopt in Malawi.

Plagued by a strep throat, Usher leaves the Broadway show “Chicago” for the last days of his two-month run.


Television news – October 8, 2006

 Mel Gibson appears on “Good Morning America” saying that “to be anti-Semitic is a sin,” after he got loaded on tequila and spilled out anti-Semitic remarks. 

On Dr Phil Friday – Agoraphobia.

Tuesday night television listings/TV Guide – week of October 8, 2006

CBS – NCIS, The Unite, CSI: Crime Scene Intensification, late Show, Craig Ferguson

NBC – Friday Night Lights, law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special  Victims Unit, Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien

ABC – Dancing With the stars, Help Me Help You, Boston Legal, Nightline, Jimmy Kimmel

MyNet – Desire, Fashion House

CW – Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars

Fox – Malcolm in the Middle, The Simpsons

PBS – Nova, Frontline. P.O.V., Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose

Disney – Phil of the Future, that’s So Eaven, Don’t Look Under the Bed, Life with Derek


On Jay Leno – Tiger Woods, Emeril Lagasse, and musical guest Chingy.

On Conan O’Brien – Tina Fey.


Top Movies – October 8, 2006

The Departed

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning

‘Open Season

Employee of the Month

The guardian

Jackass: Number two

School for Scoundrels

Gridiron gang

Jet Li’s Fearless

The Illusionist

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