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Dateline: Week Of June 22, 2006 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

It’s revealed that the U.S government without the knowledge of banks and customers has engaged in a secret effort to track terrorist financing by accessing a vast database on transfers of money between banks worldwide. 

Israeli troops and equipment launch into the southern Gaza Strop, hours after  Israel declared that time was running out for Palestinian militants to free an Israeli soldier seized in a cross-border raid.

Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger turns down a White House request to more than double the number of California National Guard troops what will be deployed to the border. He felt it would leave the state vulnerable if case of an emergency.

The Supreme Curt declares that President Bush had overstepped his authority in the war against terrorism. They ruled he did not have the power to set up special military trials at Guantanamo Bay without the approval of Congress.

The Fed raises its benchmark interest rate a quarter-point to 5.25%.

President Bush criticizes newspapers for exposing a secret U.S. government program that monitors international banking transactions. He called the disclosure “disgraceful” that could aid the terrorists.

More newspaper exposure as Rep Peter King of New York – chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee calls for criminal prosecution of the New York times, saying its report on U.S. government surveillance of confidential banking records “compromised America’s anti-terrorist policies.”

A survey released this week says travelers rank JetBlue Airways their favorite low cost carrier and Continental Airlines the best traditional full-service carrier.

 Staff Sgt. Raymond Plouhar - a Marine and onetime recruiter who appeared in “Fahrenheit 9/11 dies in a roadside bombing in Iraq.  Plouhar, at the time, was not told it was an antiwar movie.

Flooding as the Susquehanna River near Wilkes-Barre rises and 200,000 were ordered to leave their homes.

Passing – Patsy Ramsey, who with her husband, was once a suspect in the murder of her daughter JonBenet – has died of cancer. She was 49.


Business News – June 22, 2006

Warren Buffet pledges to begin giving away 85% of his $40 billion plus fortune, most of it to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Sports News – June 22, 2006

Andre Agassi says “this Wimbledon will by my last.” “And the U.S. Open will be my last tournament.” Agassi is the winner of all four of tennis’ grand Slam tournaments. They are Wimbledon in 1992, U.S. Open in 1994 and 1999, French Open in 1999. Australian Open in 1995, 2000, 2001 and 2003. He’s one of only five men in tennis history to win all four  - joining Fred Perry, Rod Laver, Don Budge and Roy Emerson. 


Technology news – June 22, 2006

XM radio has an expensive radio – for $400 – but it lets you record the music you hear. It’s called the Inno.


Music news – June 22, 2006

Axl Rose gets jailed in Stockholm after allegedly biting a security guard in the leg at his hotel.

Lisa Loeb has a Reality TV series on E! called "#1 Single.”


Entertainment/Celebrity news – June 22, 2006

Seen on the cover of “People” last week – Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt’s new baby – Shiloh Nouvel.

Porn Icon Jenna Jameson is selling Club Jenna Inc to Playboy Enterprises. Club Jenna is known for its hard-core porn.

Aaron Spelling death - Tori Spelling says she was thankful she had the chance to reconcile with her father who died this week. “It is a true blessing to have had a parent that love me unconditionally and was always there for me. I am honored to be Aaron Spelling’s daughter. He had a heart that was as big as his talent, and today along with many others I mourn his loss. He was a great man and even better father.”


Television news – June 23, 2006

 “The View” airs without Star Jones who was asked not to return after telling of her surprise departure via People Magazine. She was supposed to remain with the show until July. She told the magazine she felt like she was fired. Her contract was up, but was not going to be renewed.

Charles Gibson leaves Good Morning America after 19 years. He’ll concentrate on ABC’s Evening News.

On “Saturday Night Live” – host Kevin Spacey with musical guest – Nelly Furtado.

 Passing – Mega TV producer Aaron Spelling. He was 83. 


Friday night television listings/TV Guide – week of June 22, 2006  

CBS – Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home, Numbers, Late Show, Craig Ferguson

NBC – Dateline NBC, Las Vegas Law & Order Tonight, Conan O’Brien

ABC – America’s Funniest Home Videos, Kyle XY 20/20, Nightline, Jimmy Kimmel 

UPN – WWE Friday Smackdown!

Fox – 24

WB – What I Like About You, Twins Reba, Living with Fran

PBS – NOW, Washington Week Billy Moyers

Sci-Fi – Stargate Atlantis

MTV – The Hills,  Real World-Road Rules, Where My Dagos At, Celebrity Death Match

Law & Order – McCoy is on a hit list.


On Jay Leno – Brandon Routh and Ziggy Marley

On Dr. Phil – Mothers with drug addictions. 

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