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Dateline: Week Of January 8, 2006 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

President Bush criticizes “irresponsible debate” in the U.S. over the war in Iraq where he says political progress has been made.

A U.S. helicopter with 12 passengers and crewmembers crashes in Northern Iraq killing all on board.

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay indicted last fal,l abandons his plans to regain his leadership post.

Carlos and Elsa Alvarez who work for Florida International University in Miami are charged as Cuban spies – doing the deed for more than two decades. The FBI says they have been sending Fidel Castro’s intelligence agency encrypted reports about American officials.

A stampede at Hajj, - one of Islam’s holiest sites crushes 345 worshipers to death in Cairo.

In Washington – President Bush meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and both are united against an Iranian nuclear program.

Iraqi insurgents shoot down an Army helicopter, killing two U.S. pilots.

A man shouting “I will kill!” rushed into a downtown Moscow synagogue and stabbed eight before he was wrestled to the ground. Three were seriously injured.

Confirmation hearing – as senate Democrats turn up the heat on Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito Jr. At question – his abortion views and his ties to a conservative alumni group. 


Business/Economy  News – January 8, 2006

OfficeMax says it will close 110 retail superstores across the U.S.

Toys R Us says it will close 87 stores in the coming months as part of its reorganization plan. 


Sports News – January 8, 2006  

New England Patriots defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars – 28-3 and over in the NFC – Washington beats Tampa Bay – 17-10.


Technology News- January 8, 2006

Apple Computers roll out its PC powered by chips made by Intel Corp. A TV commercial promoting the new IMacs and MacBook Pro says Intel processors have been “freed” from being “trapped inside PCs – dull little boxes – performing dull little tasks.”

The DOW pushes past the 11,000 mark for the first time in more than four years.  It’s all time high (so far) was 11,722.98 in January of 2000.


Entertainment news - January 8, 2006

Starbucks and Lionsgate Entertainment announce a partnership to promote the release of the studio’s “Akeelah and the Bee.” Starbucks plans to promote the movie, its DVD and its soundtrack in its 5,500 North American stores and will share the profits. It’s the first time Starbucks is promoting a movie. 

 TV Guide’s newsstand sales increased 38% after the magazine was redesigned The company sold an average of 400,000 copies a week since the publication switched to a larger format October 17.  (Picture – last TV guide in smaller format).

Oprah Winfrey comes to the defense of embattled author James Frey, whose bestselling memoir has come under fire. Apparently, there are big holes in “A Million Little Pieces” as the website smokinggun.com revealed last week. They called into question the veracity of key moments, particularly altercations with the police in Frey’s purported retelling of his past drug abuse and rehabilitation. Winfrey selected Frey’s memoir for her readers’ club in October.

Howard Stern takes to the airwaves at his new home – Sirius Satellite Radio. He really let it out as he said the F-word some 77 times, cursed God’s name nine times and used the n-word several times.

The Da Vinci Code is finally coming out in paperback. Originally published three years ago, publisher Double Day says the book did so well in hardbound, that it didn’t bother with paperback until now.


Music news – January 8, 2006

 UPN seems to be doing well with Chris Rock’s “Everybody Hates Chris” and may do a series on another singer – Alicia Keys – a drama loosely based on her childhood. Keys (24) was born to a white mother and black father, who split up when she was 2. Her mom raised her in Hell’s Kitchen (NY) where she learned to play classical piano beginning at age 6.

 Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Mathers have re-applied for a license to marry. They had married in 1999 and divorced in 2001. His name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

Sony Music is launching a new label – “Music With A Twist” and the twist is – it’s the first major music label dedicated to nurturing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists. 


Television news – January 8, 2006

Looks like “The Office” – about the world’s most embarrassing boss – is doing great in the ratings as last week, the show was seen by more people than ever. Catch it Thursday nights on NBC.

New on Oxygen – “Campus Ladies – about two fortysomething women going to college. Also – “The Janice Dickinson Project” – a fiftysomethng supermodel who starts up her own agency. According to programming president Debby Beece – “Oxygen loves bold and unconventional women.”

Monday night television listings/TV Guide – week of January 8, 2006

CBS – King of Queens, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Out of Practice, CSI: Miami, Late Show, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

NBC – Surface, Las Vegas, Medlum, Tonight, Conan O’Brien

ABC – Wife Swap, Emily’s Reasons Why Not Jake in progress, the bachelor, Nightline, Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fox – House,

UPN – One on One, All of Us, Girlfriends, half & Half

PBS – Frontline, Tavis Smiley, Charile Rose

WE – Race to the Altar, Women on death Row

MTV – MTV Cribs, Next, Real World, There & Back, My Own

Court TV – Beach Patrol, Forensic Files, North Mission, Dominick Dunne: Power, Privilege & Justice

On the Tonight Show – Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane guest.

On David Letterman – Albert Brooks and Krisin Cavallari.

On Conan O’Brien – John Leguizamo, John Tesh.


Top Movies – January 8, 2006


The Chronicles of Narnia

King Kong

Fun With Dick and Jane

Cheaper by the dozen 2


Memoirs of Geisha

Rumor has It…

Brokeback Mountain

The Family Stone

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