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Dateline: Week Of September 22, 2006 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts

In The News -

The Army says it needs $billions more to maintain its current level of activity in Iraq plus other global commitments.

A bomb explodes in an alleyway of a Shiite neighborhood full of woman and children. 35 are dead.

A federal judge sentenced former Enron Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow to six years in prison for his role in running fraudulent books that brought the company down.

tony blair final speech sept 2006British Prime Minister Tony Blair conducts his final speech as party chief. He defended his transatlantic alliance with the U.S. and touted his achievements at home. He thanked delegates for the “privilege of leading you.”

Leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan meet with President Bush at the White House for talks about working together to fight terrorism. Bush later backed away from a pledge he made this week to order U.S troops to invade Pakistan, if necessary, to track down bin Laden.

Mohammad Orabi Khalefa takes over as new lead judge in the trial of Saddam Hussein. He replaced Abdullah Amiri – who was accused of favoring the defense.

Hundreds of thousands of supporters gather in the southern suburbs of Beirut and celebrate their victor over Israel in fighting this summer. It was leader Shiek Hassan Nasrallah’s first public appearance since the war broke out July 12.

An audio tape from the leader lf Al Qaeda urges followers to kidnap Westerners to barter for the release of a cleric imprisoned for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

On “Fox News Sunday” – Bill Clinton defended his bin Laden strategy, saying he authorized the CIA get groups together to try to kill him.

At Platte Canyon High School in Colorado – A gunman holds six girls hostages – then shoots and kills one of them - then kills himself.

Archbishop Emanuel Milingo – known for is exorcisms and temporary breaking from the church to marry – is excommunicated by the Vatican.

Three enlisted Marines will stand trial for the alleged kidnapping and murder of a 52-year-old Iraqi man.

Congressional Republicans agreed to prohibit customs agents from seizing prescription drugs that Americans buy in Canada and bring back into the United States. The deal lets Americans carry up to a 90-day supply of medication back across the border without being stopped by customs agents.

Business/Economy News – September 22, 2006 -

Crude oil trades below $60 a barrel.

FedEx Corp says its first-quarter profit rose 40%.

Sports News – September 22, 2006 -

Passing – Golfer Byron Nelson. He was 94.

The New Orleans Superdome reopens – and the Saints play the Falcons on “Monday Night Football.” This after a $185-million renovation of a stadium many believed could not be salvaged.

Music News – September 22, 2006

steven tyler hepatitus sept 2006Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (58) admits he has hepatitis C.

Rumors that Eminem is retiring can now be put to rest as Billboard says he’ll be back… December 5 with a new album – “Eminem Presents: The Re-Up.”

Entertainment News – September 22, 2006 –

Joseph Barrino – father of “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino – files a $10 million libel suit against Simon & Schuster and their book his daughter, titled, “Fantasia: Life Is Not a Fairy Tale.” The book was published last year and made into a TV movie. Father Barrino says it contains “false, exaggerated, sensational, intentional and malicious untruths.”

Peter Jackson – “Lord of the Rings” director is teaming with Microsoft to create content for Xbox 360.

Oprah Winfrey launches her own XM satellite radio channel – “Oprah and Friends.”

In response of allegations of false product claims – buyers of the “Shape Up” product line – endorsed by Dr. Phil McGraw – will be eligible for cash refunds or replacement supplements.

New fragrance for woman – “With Love… Hilary Duff.”

Passing – Iva Toguri. Many WWII GI’s knew on the radio as “Tokyo Rose.” She was one of perhaps 12 “Roses” heard.

Passing – Actor Edward Albert (55) – Son of Eddie Albert. He died of lung cancer.

ken jennings new book sept 2006New book out by “Jeopardy!” champ Ken Jennings – “Brainiac: Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs.” According to Jennings “trivia” goes back about 300 years!

Television News – September 22, 2006

Melissa Gilbert guest stars on FX’ “Nip/Tuck.”

CW has a hit as 5.3 million tuned-in to the debut of “Americas’ Next Top Model.” Tyra Banks hosts.

Top Movies – September 22, 2006 –

Jackass: Number Two

Jet Li’s Fearless

All the King’s Men

Everyone’s Hero




Gridiron Gang

The Black Dahlia

The Covenant

The Illusionist

Little Miss Sunshine

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