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Dateline: Week Of June 1, 2006 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts

In The News -

Canadian officials arrest 17 people and seize explosive material intended for terrorist attacks against targets in S. Ontario.

Convicted Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad is given six consecutive life terms in prison.

Harvard University announces a privately funded program to create human stem cell lines from cloned embryos.

The Army Corps. of Engineers admits that design defects in the New Orleans levees caused the majority of flooding during Hurricane Katrina.

Katharine Close of Spring Lake, NJ wins the 79th National Spelling Bee.

Iraq – Mass graves are discovered – containing at least 38 bodies that were killed by the Hussein regime after a 1991 Shiite uprising.

starbucks enertainment division june 2006Starbucks hires entertainment lawyer Alan Mintz – who will head the company’s new entertainment division.

Ford will offer no-interest financing on almost all-new vehicles and give buyers $1,000 towards purchases.

Technology News –June 1, 2006 -

The Motorola “Q” phone debuts – and it’ll compete directly with Blackberry.

Music News – June 1, 2006

Passing – Keyboardist Billy Preston (59).

Radiohead launches its first U.S. tour in three years.

Television News – June 1, 2006

The Sopranos season finale gets 8.9 million viewers, down 19% from a previous season finale – back in 2004.

Comedy Central premieres “Dog Bites Man” – spoofing local news.

Tom Green – who’s gone from MTV, will begin hosting a weekly call-in show on the Internet.

Don’t miss the 2006 MTV Movie Awards hosted by Jessica Alba.

The “American Idol” finale on Wednesday hit 36.38 million viewers

Top Movies – June 1, 2006 –

The Break-Up

X -Men – The Last Stand

Over the Hedge

Da Vinci Code

Mission: Impossible III



See No Evil

An Inconvenient Truth

Just My Luck

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