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Dateline: Week Of March 22, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

At least 14 are dead after an explosion in a Texas oil refinery near Texas City.

Terri Schiavo’s parents go to the supreme Curt in an attempt to keep their daughter alive.

A 17-year-old girl in northern Vietnam dies of avian influenza. It’s the 48th official bird flue death in Southeast Asia.

The government launches an investigation after evidence uncovers that Pakistan has made clandestine purchases of U.S. high-tech components for use in its nuclear weapons program.

A magnitude 8.7 earthquake strikes off the northern coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, killing hundreds and triggering mass evacuations.  

Passing – Attorney Johnny Cochran.

Terri Schiavo Right To Die Dispute – News Update – March 23, 2005:

Right to die dispute of Terri Schiavo - The U.S. Supreme Court turns down an appeal to legally keep her alive and Gov. Jeb Bush’s request to take custody of the woman has been turned down. 

Terri Schiavo’s family says their court battle to keep her alive is over that she has begun her 10th day without food or water.


Sports News – March 22, 2005


NCAA Men’s Basketball – Illinois comes back from a 15-point deficit to beat Arizona – 90-89 in Chicago regional final. 

Ending a streak of six consecutive losses to sister Serena, Venus Williams wins in the quarterfinals of the Nasdaq-100 Open at key Biscayne, Florida.


Technology News – March 22, 2005

A U.S. District Judge orders Sony not to manufacture, use, sell or import into the United States – PlayStatons that incorporate sol-called force feedback technology developed by Immersion Corp of San Jose. Immersion won an $82 million judgment against Sony in September over the use of its technology that makes game controllers shake and vibrate to enhance realism. 

Internet phone company Vonage is sued for alleging failing to make clear that 911 calls were not included in a basic subscription.


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie news – March 22, 2005

Michael Lohan, father of singer-actress Lindsay Logan faces felony charges for allegedly driving drunk into a telephone pole on Long Island.

Paula Abdul is fined and placed on probation after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of hit-and-run driving stemming from an accident last December in which her car slipped another on a local freeway.

Disney and Miramax end their 12-year partnership.


Music news – March 22, 2005

Rapper C-Murder loses in his latest bid to get his second-degree murder conviction thrown out in Louisiana.

Wordwide sales of recorded music declined 1.3% to $33.6 billion last year as the U.S. market grew for the first time since 1999 and consumers bought more concert and video DVD’s.

Bono, his Ali Hewson wife and clothes designer Rogan launch – Edun – a line of eco-friendly clothing. 

For the first time in hits history – “American Idol” was forced to scheduled a re-vote after incorrect voting numbers were displayed.


Television news – March 22, 2005

Don’t miss HBO’s “America Undercover – “Left of the Dial” which chronicles Air America’s beginnings.

The Cartoon Network have paid AOL for rights to “Princess Natasha” – a web-based cartoon series. The character is a princess who is also a spy.

Passing – Producer Paul Henning – producer of the CBS-TV rural comedies of the 1960’s – “Beverly Hillbillies,” “Petticoat Junction” and “Green Acres."

HBO orders 12 more episodes of “Deadwood.”

Retires - Longtime NBC announcer Howard Reig – best known for his introduction of the Nightly NBC News.

On Dr. Phil Wednesday – a search for two children abducted by their father.

Kelly Frank (43) – arrested for plotting to kidnap David Letterman’s 16-mont-old son, pleas not guilty.

A fourth CBS executive is fired after the network’s bad reporting on President Bush’s military service. 

Monday night television listings/TV Guide – week of March 22, 2005

CBS – Still Standing, Listen Up, Everybody Loves Raymond, Two and a Half Men, CSI: Miami, Late Show, Craig Kilburn

NBC – Fear Factor, Las Vegas, Medium, Tonight, Conan O’Brien, Carson Daly

ABC – Extreme Makeover: Hoe Edition, the Bachelor, Nightline, Jimmy Kimmel

PBS – Nature, Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose

UPN – One on One, Cuts, Girfriends, Half & Half

Fox – Nanny 911, 24

WB – 7th Heaven, Summerland

Comedy Central – Southpark, Blue Collar TV


On Late Show W/David Letterman – Queen Latifah.

Top Movies – March 22, 2005

Guess Who

Miss Congeniality 2

The Ring Two


The Pacifier



Ice Princess

Be Cool

Million Dollar Baby

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