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Dateline: Week Of November 8, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

Jordan - Suicide bombers in nearly simultaneous attacks on three Western chain hotels in Amman – kill 57. 

bush ends latin america trip nov 15 2005President Bush ends his Latin America trip with a stop in Panama, where he endorsed the idea of widening the Panama Canal, but rejected the country’s request that the U.S. remove thousands of unexploded munitions it left behind when it turned over control of the waterway in 1999.  

An Iraqi woman, appearing on Jordanian state TV. She identified herself as Sajida Rishawi and confessed how she tried to blow up a hotel. Her husband – near her at the time – did his part and blew up. 

Izzat Ibrahim – who served as chief deputy to former President Hussein – and one of the most wanted in Iraq – is dead. 

Gunmen kill a second defense lawyer – Adei Zubeidi – in the trial of Suddam Hussein and seven co-defendants. 

More Iraq – Five U.S. soldiers and a dozen Iraqis are slain in separate incidents involving suicide and road bombers. 

The Supreme Court says it would hear a challenge to the Bush administration’s plan to try accused foreign terrorists in special military courts. 

 schwarznenegger measures rejected in california nov 2005Voters in California reject Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hard fought proposals to curb state spending, redraw the state’s political map and lengthen the time it takes teachers to get tenure. 

Iraqi soldiers near the Iranian border discover 27 corpses – all civilians – who had been shot in the head.  

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wins re-election in NY.   

The New York Police Department unveils a bomb detector. It’s a hand-held device and will be used in random searches on the subway system. 

The famed Fulton Fish Market in Manhattan is history – and moves to a new home in the Bronx. 

New York Times correspondent Judith Miller who went to jail for 85 days rather than divulge a source in the CIA leak  investigation, resigns this week. 

The FDA would like warning labels placed on condoms recommending the warning say something like “greatly reduce but do not eliminate” the risk of some sexually transmitted diseases.


 Sports News – November 8, 2005 -  

The longest play in NFL history happened this week – a 108-yard touchdown return that stunned the San Francisco 49ers and propelled the Chicago Bears to a 17-9 win. Nathan Vasher caught the missed field goal deep in the end zone on the final play of the first half and decided to bring it out.  The previous record was 107 yards. 

NASCAR says it will limit teams to field four cars only – not five. 

Terrell Owens admits he was wrong and pleads with the Philadelphia Eagles for another chance. The team told the All-Pro wide receiver that he would not be allowed to return when his four-tame suspension ended.  Owens was originally suspended after scuffling with former teammate Hugh Douglas, then criticizing the tam and McNab on an ESPN interview. 


Entertainment /Celebrity News – November 8, 2005 -

 Paris Hilton is unhurt in an accident as she left a Hollywood nightclub. . She was a passenger in a Bentley that a companion drove into the back of a large commercial truck. The accident was captured on video and shown on the Internet. 

Tom Cruse drops his sister – Lee Anne Devette as his public relations agent. 

howard stern suspension promoting sirius radio november 2005Radio news - Howard Stern receives a one-day suspension after heavily-promoting his move to satellite radio.  

Attorneys for Rush Limbaugh will ask a judge to order that state of Florida to disclose the source of a purported leak about Limbaugh’s medical records as well as the names of anyone who has had access to the medical records.


Television News – November 8, 2005 -

On Sunday night – “Saturday Night Live in the 80’s Lost and Found.” 

 On “Saturday Night Live” – Jason Lee with musical guests Foo Fighters. 

Regis Philbin will host a new version of “This Is Your Life.” 

Toyota pulls its ads off of FX’ “Nip and Tuck” in part because of the graphic depictions of sex and violence. 

NBC Universal pays $25 million for an option to buy a controlling stake from the founder of Pax-TV. 


TV Ratings/TV Guide – November 8, 2005 -   

CSI – 28.72

Desperate Housewives – 23.02

Without a Trace – 20.44

Survivor: Guatemala – 18.27

Grey’s Anatomy – 18.12

NCIS – 18.07

Extreme makeover: Home Edition – 17.65

cold case tv ratings november 2005Cold Case – 16.62

Monday Night Football – 16.51

Criminal Minds – 16.21

CSI: NY – 15.70

60 Minutes – 15.61

Law & Order: SVU – 15.20

NFL Postgame Show – 15.07

Commander in Chief – 14.64

Category 7: end of the World – 14.31

ER – 14.28

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 14.27

House – 13.44

CSI: Miami – 13.30


Top Movies – November 8, 2005 –

Chicken Little


Saw II

Legend of Zorro



Good Night and Good Luck

Shop Girl


The Weather Man

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