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Dateline: Week Of August 22, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts


In the News -

hurricane katrina hits new orleans aug 2005Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans is hit hard with water everywhere and the death toll is climbing. At least 58 deaths are reported in the area – including Mississippi. 

Iraq – Groups representing Iraq’s minority Sunnis call for delays in approving a national constitution. They’re concerned about being cut out of last-minute negotiations. 

In Salt Lake City – President Bush breaks from his vacation and defends his Iraq policies against critics who say U.S. forces need to come home. 

Israel declares that it had finished evacuating Gaza’s block of Jewish settlements in a somewhat peaceful process.   

President Bush in Idaho – tells soldiers and airmen that winning the war was worth the sacrifice of losing lives. 

Eric Rudolph apologized to people maimed or killed by a pipe bomb packed in nails – the one he planted during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. 

alan greespan warns against stocks falling august 2005 Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warns of stocks and property values falling because of what he calls “low risk” premiums.  

Hurricane Katrina hits Florida’s southeastern coast – killing 2 and knocking out power to over a million homes.  

A Peruvian airline carrying 100 aboard crashes while attempting an emergency landing near a jungle. 41 are dead. 

Connecticut becomes the first state to challenge the No Child Left Behind law in court, arguing that the centerpiece of President Bush’s education law amounts to an unfounded mandate from the federal government. 

Folk singer Joan Baez joins war protesters near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas – and meets with military families who want troops pulled out of Iraq.


Fascinating Facts – August 22, 2005 - 

Stem cell breakthrough - Harvard scientists say they have fused an adult skin cell with an embryonic stem cell, a development tat could lead to the creation of useful tem cells without involving human embryos. 

The Justice Department approved a controversial Georgia law requiring photo identification to vote. Opponents vow to challenge the measure in federal court. 

Gap opens a store for Baby Boomers – its first one. Look for Forth & Towne in West Nyack, NY. The Gap also has Old Navy, Banana Republic and of course  - the Gap.


Sports News – August 22, 2005 -  

 Sudden death – San Francisco 49er guard Thomas Herron – only 23 – dies after coming off the field after an exhibition game against Denver. 


Technology News – August 22, 2005 - 


google launches sidebar august 2005

Google will launch software that pulls news stories, photos, weather updates, stock quotes and other features onto a user’s computer without opening a web browser.  The new application is called Sidebar. 

Intel announces new technologies aimed to make it easier for PC’s to record and play back video and music. It’s called the “VIIV” chip – and rhymes with “dive.” 

Satellite pioneer Intelsat Ltd is acquiring PanAmSat for $3.2 billion. 


Entertainment/Celebrity News – August 22, 2005 -

Passing – Actor Brock Peters (78). 

chris farley walk of fame star august 2005The late Chris Farley now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Actor George Clooney, a Las Vegas nightclub owner and two Las Vegas real estate companies announce plans to construct a casino, boutique  hotel and condominium project in the area. 

Serena Williams will create for “Flirt! Cosmetics – produced by Estee lauder. Williams herself has a fashion company named Aneres, which is Serena backwards.  

Music News – August 22, 2005 -

Sean Combs hosts MTV Video Music Awards – and it’s held in Miami, despite the events of Hurricane Katrina not far away. And yes, Marion “Suge Knight” was shot and wounded in a nightclub earlier. He’s OK. 

E-label - Warner Music Group Corp is launching a record label that would develop and market new artists and distribute their music only over the Internet.  It should give emerging artists more time to develop without the traditional pressures of having to churn out a slate of hits. 

Passing – Robert Moog (71) – who created the Moog Syntheseizer. 

Kayne West is suing Chicago DJ Eric Miller of possessing 10 unreleased songs that West produced when he was just 18. 


Television News – August 22, 2005 -

HBO’s “Six Feet Under” airs its finale this week. 

CNN host Bill Hemmer jumps to Fox after 10 years.


Top Movies – August 22, 2005 -  

40 Year-Old Virgin

Red Eye

Four Brothers

Wedding Crashers

The Skeleton Key

March of the Penguins

The Dukes of Hazzard


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sky High

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