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Dateline: Week Of August 8, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts


In The News -

Iraq – President Bush says a premature Iraq pullout would send a “terrible signal” to the enemy. .. four U.S. soldiers are killed when a mine exploded near Tikrit. 

Britain gets tough with foreign-born Muslim ideologues – arresting 10 – saying they will be deported because they post a threat to national security.  

Iran says it is resuming to enrich uranium and could care less about American and European threats. Europe proposed providing Iran with a guaranteed source of fuel for its civilian nuclear plants.  

General Kevin P. Byrnes is relieved of his command for “matters of personal conduct,” according to the Army. 

Gasoline prices are way up – especially in places such as California where it’s topping or nearing $3 a gallon.  

peter jennings dies photo august 2005 Passing – ABC anchorman Peter Jennings at the age of 67… of lung cancer. 

President Bush signs a $286.5-billion transportation bill, saying it will deliver jobs and ease traffic congestion.  

Scott Sullivan – former WorldCom Inc. finance chief is sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the company’s $billion dollars accounting fraud. 

Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, reaches an agreement with HarperCollins to write two books, this after her best-selling memoir. 


Sports News - August 8, 2005 -

Baseball (passing) – Manager Gene Mauch (79) of the Phillies, Expos, Twins and Angels. The winingnest manager that never went to the World Series. 

Tony Stewart wins the Indy 500!  


Music News - August 8, 2005 - 

Some top albums 

Now That’s What I Call Music – Vol. 19

faith hill music august 2005Fireflies – Faith Hill

Demon Days – Gorillaz

Rock-A-Fella Presents… Tealrra <ari

X&Y – Coldplay

Monkey Business – Black Eyed Peas

The Emancipation of Mimi – Mariah Carey 


avril lavigne 2005 tour august 2005On a 35-city tour – Avril Lavigne. This week  - Kansas City! 

Rapper Beanie Sigel is released from a New Jersey prison after serving nine months on gun possession charges. 


 Entertainment/ Celebrity News – August 8, 2005 - 

- Dana Reeve (44), widow of Christopher Reeve – says she has cancer.


Television News – August 8, 2005 -  

On Sunday – “Comedy Central Roast” and in the hot seat – Pamela Anderson. Roasting her – Sarah Silverman, Eddie Griffin, Andy Dick and Bea Arthur and… Tommy Lee.  On Comedy Central of course! 

Fox says an independent investigation could not substantiate allegations that Paula Abdul had a sexual relationship with a contestant, and she will remain on “American Idol.” 

There will be a sixth season of “The Sopranos.” Look for it in March on HBO. 

DirecTV says it would stop marketing TiVo’s digital recorders and instead, introduce its own version. 

This week – the season finale of “I want to be a Hilton” on NBC. It’s down to two contestants and the prize is a $200,000 trust fund, a NY apartment for a year plus entertainment tickets and the good life in Manhattan.


Top Movies - August 8, 2005 -

The Dukes of Hazzard

Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sky High

Must Love Dogs

March of the Penguins


Fantastic Four

War of the Worlds

The Island

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