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Dateline: Week Of July 22, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

London – Would-be bombers fail to blow-up subway trains and a bus – and this time – they’re caught on cameras. Witnesses say bombs in backpacks made loud popping sounds and emitted a strong smell, but failed to fully detonate. All four attackers fled. 

 Break from Bush – Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) announces he would support legislation allowing the government to finance research using a broader range of stem cells. 

Egypt  - Several explosions rip through the Red Sea resort area of Sharm el Sheik – killing at least 62. 

Iraq – A suicide bomber maneuvers his truck across a highway median in east Baghdad and blows up – killing 40… American troops set up a semi-permanent base along the Syrian border – a smuggling route – the first of its kind… Donald Rumsfeld, visiting Iraq urges Iraqis to move ahead on military, political and diplomatic fronts in order to stabilize things. 

ariel sharon news july 2005Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice advises Israeli prime Minister Ariel Sharon to work closely with the Palestinian Authority to prevent Israel’s panned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip next month from being delayed. 

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake shakes Tokyo and 27 are injured. 

The death toll from record-breaking rains in India rises to about 700. 

America re-launches its manned space program as the Discovery shuttle lifts-off from the Kennedy Space Center with seven astronauts. 

SWAT teams in London capture the last three fugitives wanted in connection with the bombing attempt on the London transit system. They are no doubt, Islamic militants. Earlier – police arrested Yasin Hassan Omar – shooting him with a stun gun in a predawn raid.


Business/Economy News – July 22, 2005 -

The strength of home sales pushed the nationwide median price up to $219,000. 

McDonald’s is ending its decade-long promotional partnership with Walt Disney Co, and will team with DreamWorks Animation in May 2007 for Shrek 3. 

The state of Vermont sues cigarette maker R.J. Reynolds of misleading the public with unsubstantiated claims that its Eclipse brand of cigarettes might carry less cancer risk.


Sports News – July 22, 2005 - 

Biker Lance Armstrong wins his seventh consecutive Tour de France championship. 

A Florida judge orders O.J. Simpson to pay $25,000 for allegedly stealing the signals of DirecTV. 

Quarterback Alex Smith – the NFL draft’s first pick – signs a six-year $57 million contract with the 49ers. 


Technology News – July 22, 2005 -  

HP drops its deal to re-sell Apple’s iPod. 

Google says its second-quarter profit quadrupled – as share hit a new high of $314.94. Net income was $343 million, compared with $79 million or 30 cents during the same period last year.


Music News – July 22, 2005 -

Sony BMG reaches a $10-million out-of-court settlement for payola practices.


Radio News - July 22, 2005 - 

Jack-FM is the big buzz. It’s doing great in places such as Los Angeles –with its smirky non-DJ promos, but lousy in New York.


Entertainment /Celebrity News – July 22, 2005 –

 Passing – Comedy writer Pat McCormick (78) – considered one of the best of his time. 

Passing – Myron Floren (85) – accordion with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. 

roman polanski wins libel july 2005Movie maker Roman Polanski wins a libel suit against Vanity Fair magazine, which published a story that said he propositioned a woman while on the way to the 1969 funeral of his murdered wife, Sharon Tate. He’ll get $87,000. 

The opening of “Imagine” – a Broadway musical based on the songs of John Lennon – is postponed once again. The date now is Aug. 14 at New York’s Broadhurst Theatre. 

TV Guide is shedding its familiar small format and is re-launching this fall with a regular-sized glossy – same size as other magazines.


Television News – July 22, 2005 -  

MSNBC takes Tucker Carlson’s show out of prime time – and into a later slot. Sorry Tuck! The show was low-rated. 

al michaels moves to ESPN july 2005 Al Michaels will move over to ESPN as the play-by-play announcer for “Monday Night Football” when the games are broadcast over the cable channel beginning in 2006. He’ll be joined by commentator Joe Theismann with Michele Tafoya and Suzy Kolber on the sidelines.  Mike Patrick and Paul Maguire will be gone from MNF – probably given other assignments.


Top Movies – July 22, 2005 -  

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Wedding Crashers

Fantastic Four

The Island

Bad news Bears

War of the Worlds

Hustle & Flow

The Devil’s Rejects

Batman Begins

March of the Penguins

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