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Dateline: Week Of July 1, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts


July 1, 2005 -

Iraq – A suicide bomber goes off at a police station in Baghdad – killing 12… 22 die in suicide bombings in Baghdad and Hillah, a Shiite city south of Baghdad. 

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor  (75) says she is retiring. She has served on the Supreme Court since 1981. 

New York Times reporter Matthew Cooper is jailed for refusing to submit to questioning by a special prosecutor investigating possible wrongdoing by the Bush administration. 

In London, President Bush, readying for a summit, meets with Tony Blair, but stood fast on his opposition to the Kyoto protocol that mandates targets for cutting green house emissions. 

President Bush – responding to international pressure – proposes a $1.2 billion program to combat malaria and promised to double U.S.-aid to Africa over the next five years. 

Spain becomes the third country to legalize gay marriage. The Netherlands and Belgium already recognize gay marriage and Canada’s House of Commons just passed legislation that would legalize gay marriage by the end of July. 

Fascinating Facts – July 1, 2005 - 

martha stewart prison news m diddy june 2005Martha Stewart says that her nickname in prison is “M. Diddy” – and that house arrest is “hideous” and that her prosecution was about bringing her down “to scare other people.” 

Thai fisherman catch a 646-pound catfish that may have been the world’s largest fresh water fish. 

Wal-Mart sales rose 4.5% in June!


Sports News – July 1, 2005 -  

London – in a stunning upset, narrowly outpolls Paris and will host the 2012 Summer Olympics! 

manny ramirez grand slam #20 june 2005Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox – hits his 20th career grand slam! 

Minnesota Viking coach Mike Tice gets fined $100,000 by the NFL – why? Because he scalped Super Bowl tickets. 

All-Star guard Ray Allen gets a five-year, $85-million contract extension with the Seattle SuperSonics. 

Roger Federer gets his third consecutive title at Wimbledon. 

The Milwaukee Bucks sign #1 NBA draft pick Andrew Bogut to a multi-year deal.  

Passing – Hank Stram (82) – who, as a coach, won more games in the old AFL league. But he was better known as a sportscaster. 


Technology News – July 1, 2005 -  

Intel joins clickstar say they have formed a digital entertainment company that will serve first-run movies on the Net. 

Microsoft agrees to give $775 million in cash and $75 million in software to IBM Corp to resolve an anti-trust claim.


Entertainment/Celebrity News - July 1, 2005 –

 Passing – Actress and singer June Haver (79). 

brooke shields mad at tom cruise june 2005Brooke Shields fires back at Tom Cruise, who criticized her after she revealed she had taken an antidepressant to cope with postnatal depression. 


Music News – July 1, 2005 -


Some top albums –

X&Y – Coldplay

The Emancipation of Mimi – Mariah Carey

United State of Atlanta – Ying Yang Twins

Somewhere down in Texas – George Strait

Monkey Business – Black Eyed Peas

In Your Honor – Foo Fighters

I’m a Hustla – Cassidy


Passing – Luther Vandross (54) – Grammy-winning R&B singer. 

Passing – Renaldo Benson (69) -  Member of the legendary Four Tops. 

Michael Jackson begins vacation on tiny Bahrain – for privacy and relaxation. 

lil kim sentenced june 2005  Rapper Lil Kim gets sentenced to a year and a day in prison and fined $50,000 for lying to a federal grand jury to protect friends involved in a 2001 shootout in front of NY hip-hop station WQHT (Hot 97). 

Live 8 – The London concert had U2, Paul McCartney and a reunion of Pink Floyd! Actor Will Smith lead all the Live 8 cities in a simultaneous demonstration – with attention to the dying children in Africa. In Berlin – Green Day rocked as did Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Rome. Neil Young was in Toronto. And – hip-hop stars did their thing in Philadelphia. 

A federal judge declares a mistrial in the Notorious B.I.G. wrongful death suit. 

A judge dismisses a lawsuit against soul singer James Brown – that he raped a former employee 17 years ago. 

Television News – July 1, 2005  –

MTV says that its broadcast of “Live 8” deserved criticism. MTV’s handling of the concerts – staged in London, Philly and eight other cities – had frequent cutaways and went to commercials during key moments. 

Don’t miss “MTV’s the ‘70’s House.” 12 young adults are cast back to the 1970’s – with a few TV channels, 8-track tapes and a rotary phone. Can they make it? 

 4th of July on NBC – Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular: The Light of Freedom.  Mariah Carey is one of the performers.


Top TV Shows/TV Guide - July 1, 2005 - 

Dancing with the Stars – 18.59

CSI – 13.32

Without a Trace – 11.38

CSI: Miami – 10.67

Two and a Half men – 10.58

Everybody Loves Raymond – 9.70

Law & Order – 9.32

Dancing with the Stars (8pm) – 9.27

Daytona 400 – 8.31

CSI: NY – 7.74


Top Movies – July 1, 2005 –

War of the Worlds

Batman Begins

Mr. &  Mrs. Smith


Herbie: Fully Loaded



Star Wars

The Longest Yard

Land of the Dead

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