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Dateline: Week Of June 1, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

The Supreme Court upholds the federal government’s power to seize and destroy marijuana – even the kind used as medicine. 

W. Mark Felt – who used to be the No. 2 man at the FBI – is the famed “deepthroat” of Watergate  - the guy who helped bust Nixon and the rest of the gang. His identity was confirmed by Bob Woodward, who with Carl Bernstein, wrote “All the President’s Men.” Felt is still alive – at the age of 91. 

senator joe biden news june 2005 Sen. Joesph Biden – the top Democrat on the senate Foreign Relations Committee says the U.S. needs to close the military base at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. 

President Bush says he remains optimistic – and will stick with his agenda in the face of setbacks on his energy policy, social security direction and nominations. 

Samir Kassir – a leading Lebanese journalist – is killed by a car bomb near downtown Beirut. 

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld – in Singapore – said the rapid development of China’s missile capabilities, air force and navy put Asia’s military balance at risk and that the Pentagon believes China’s build-up is much larger then what the government has admitted… Earlier in the week while in Washington, he warned Iraqi’s neighbors against providing medical treatment or safe haven to Iraqi’s most wanted – Jordanian fugitive Abu Musab Zarqawi.    

Attackers shot or hacked to death at least 41 and burned their houses in western Ivory Coast. 

Completing promise - Israel releases about 400 Palestinians from jail – the last of about 900. 

jennifer wilbanks pleads no contest photo image june 1 2005Jennifer Wilbanks – the runaway bride who skipped town before her wedding day, pleads no contest for faking her abduction and gets two years probation.


Sports News – June 1, 2005 – 

 Detroit forward Rasheed Wallace was fined $20.000 by the NBA for his public criticism of the officiating during the Piston’s loss in Miami this week in game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. 

Passing – George Mikan – NBA’s first superstar. He was 80.


Radio News – June 1, 2005 -

Rush Limbaugh is now beginning to podcast.


Technology News – June 1, 2005 -

CVS drugstores now sell a disposable digital camcorder. It’s from Pure Digital Technologies and costs $30.00.


Entertainment/Celberity News – June 1, 2005 -

 Summer reading – Oprah Winfrey picks a boxed set of William Faulkner books – “As I Lay Dying,” “The Sound and the Fury” and “Light in August.” 

chris slater arrested groping women june 2005Actor Christopher Slater is arrested on a charge that he groped a woman. He’s appearing in “The Glass Menagerie on Broadway. 

In Hollywood – A photographer crashed his car into Lindsay Logan’s Mercedes in an attempt to get her picture. Galo Cesar Ramirez was later arrested by police.


Television News – June 1, 2005 - 

Hugh Jackman hosts the 59th Annual Tony Awards. On CBS-TV Sunday night. 

 Passing – Actor Leon Askin (97) – Best known for his portrayal of Gen Burkhalter in “Hogan’s Heroes.” 

“Last Call With Carson Daly” will move from NY to Burbank when the show begins its fifth season in September. 

Television Ratings/listings/TV Guide - June 1, 2005 -

American Idol (finale) – on Wednesday – 30.27

American Idol on Tuesday (pre-final) – 28.05

CSI: Miami – 21.22

Lost – 20.71

House – 19.52

Law & Order: SVU – 16.38

CSI – 16.09

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 14.98

Two and a Half Men – 14.86

NCIS – 14.74



Music News – June 1, 2005 -

Some top albums –

Common – Be

Mezmerize – System of a Down

Out of Exile – Audioslave

dave mathhews band music june 2005Stand Up – Dave Matthews

II Dive – II Dive

The Emancipation of Mimi – Mariah Carey

Demon Days - Gorilliaz


Top Pop Hits – June 1, 2005 –

Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani

Don't Phunk With My Heart – Black Eyed Peas

 Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson

Incomplete – Back Street Boyz

Switch – Will Smith

mariah carey music june 2005We Belong Together – Mariah Carey

Lonely – Akon

Holiday – Greenday

Mr. Brightside - Killers



Top Movies – June 1, 2005  –

The Longest Yard


Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Cinderella Man

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


Lords of Dogtown


Kicking &Screaming


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