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Dateline: Week Of May 22, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts


In The News -

The House votes to loosen restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research – despite a veto threat from President Bush. 

Iran’s Guardian Council disqualifies over 1,000 presidential hopefuls – narrowing contenders down to just six. 

Iraq -  Car bombs rip through Iraq – killing at least 45… The Iraqi government announces it would deploy 40,000 troops and police next week in a lockdown of Baghdad amid continuing violence… U.S. forces mistakenly arrest prominent Sunni Muslim leader Mohsen Abdel Hamid – as suicide bombers kill 25 not far away. 

A group of seven democrats and seven republicans reach agreement which forces the senate’s leadership to stand down from a confrontation over federal judicial nominees. 

Voters in France reject a proposed European Union constitution – a political setback/crisis for President Jacques Chirac. 

Former President Bill Clinton canceled a planned tour of tsunami-hit areas off the Maldives, but the reason was unclear. One U.N. official said Clinton was exhausted. 

A U.N. conference aimed at curtailing the spread of nuclear weapons ends in failure. The conference lasted about a month. 

howard dean news update may 22 2005Howard Dean says “there’s a reasonable chance” beleaguered House Majority Leader Tom DeLay may end up in jail. Delay has been admonished three times by the House ethics committee – the last for taking overseas trips financed boy lobbyists. 

In Jordan – Laura Bush makes a speech that emphasized that women must be given a larger role in government and business. Protesters heckle First Lady Laura Bush while she visited a Jerusalem shrine. 

Army Staff Sgt. Shan Werst gets acquitted of murder in the death of an unarmed Iraqi he said he shot to save a fellow soldier. 

Alberto Vilar, the multimillionaire New York money manger and benefactor to the world’s leading opera and ballet centers, is arrested this week and charged with stealing $5 million in client funds, which he allegedly used to pay bills and continue his philanthropy. 

The Supreme Court rules that farmers and ranchers could be forced to pay for government-sponsored promotions such as “Got Milk?” 

jennifer wilbanks runaway bride indicted may 22 2005Jennifer Wilbanks, Georgia’ runaway bride, is indicted on charges of making false statements to police and could face a maximum sentence of six years in prison. Back on April 26 – she triggered a nationwide search when she disappeared after her wedding was to take place. 

Lionel Tate – is back behind bars on suspicion of holding up a pizza delivery man at gunpoint in Florida. He was the youngest person ever to be sentenced to life in prison before being freed on appeal. 

Britain - Thousands of BBC employees stage a 24-hour strike to protest plans by management to eliminate some 4,000 jobs. As a result, lots of news and other programs were off the air. 


Technology News – May 22, 2005 - 

Duel core is here - AMD says debuts its first PC microprocessors with two computing cores on a single chip. The Athlon 64 X2 chips are out – this after rival Intel launched its first duel-core chip – the Pentium D. 


Music News – May 22, 2005 -

garth brooks proposes to trisha yearwood may 2005Garth Brooks gets down on one knee in front of 7,000 fans and proposed to Trisha Yearwood. She of course – said yes. This was at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield. 

KROQ Los Angeles conducts its annual Weenie Roast concert. On hand – Audioslave, the Killers, Hot Hot Head, Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance and others. 

Television News – May 22, 2005 -

Passing – Eddie Albert (99) – best-known as Olivier Douglas on “Green Acres.” 

For the first time in its history -  Fox-TV ends a TV season at #1 in the 18-49 demo range – all season – from September to May. 

ken jennings loses may 2005 Ken Jennings – who won 74 games on “Jeopardy!” - loses a three-day tournament of champs and a $2 million prize to Brad Rutter of Pennsylvania. Speaking of Jennings – Comedy Central is developing a show that would star him! Let’s see! 

“Nightline” which read the names of over 721 U.S. military personnel who lost their lives in Iraq, says it’s going to do it again – this time on Memorial Day. 

“American Idol” – the battle between the two finalists – Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood drew some decent ratings – and the finale drew about 29 million with Carrie Underwood the winner! 

Jay Leno testifies in the Michael Jackson molestation case near Santa Barbara. 

Tuesday night on ABC – “Trump Unauthorized.” Movie traces “the Donald’s” early years and his rise to wealth. Justin Louis plays Donald Trump. 

Thursday nights on Fox-TV – “The O.C.”


Top Movies – May 22, 2005 –

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith


The Longest Yard

Monster in-Law

Kicking & Screaming


The Interpreter


Kingdom of Heaven

House of Wax

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