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Dateline: Week Of April 8, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

At Vatican City - Pope John Paul II is laid to rest and eulogized and millions gathered from all over the world.

Iraq - Tens of thousands of Iraqis flood central Baghdad to protest the U.SA In Baghdad  

donald rumsfeld news april 2005Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld urges Iraq’s new leaders to quickly fill top ministry positions and draft a new constitution as a means to stability. 

The U.S. trade deficit surges to a record $61 billion thanks to oil and Chinese textile imports. 

President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon get together at Bush’s Crawford ranch. Both disagreed on the future of the West Bank. Bush condemned the expansion of Jewish settlements as a violation of the road-map plan - a two-state solution to peace in the area. 

Police tackle and arrest a man who deposited two suitcases in front of the westside of the U.S. Capital. The man asked to speak to President Bush. 

Jeffrey Ake - an American subcontractor is kidnapped and shown on Arabic-language satellite TV pleading for his life - asking U.S. officials to withdraw American troops from Iraq. (Ake was never heard from again). 

Thousands of scientists were scrambling at the urging of global health authorities to destroy vials of a pandemic flu strain sent to labs in 18 countries as part of routine testing. The rush, urged by the World Health Organization, was sparked by the slight risk that the samples could spark a global epidemic. 

Jeffrey Doyle Robertson - whose son had been kicked off the high school football team, and then banned from school because of outbursts - shoots the football coach - Gary Kinne. This happened at Canton High School - not far from Tyler, Texas. The coach is in critical condition.  

The FDA announces that dozens of prescription painkillers must carry the government’s strongest warning - that they could lead to stroke and heart attacks. They include Bextra and Celebrex.  

Weds - Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles in Windsor Guildhall. 

Pressure on Tom Delay as fellow Republicans now say he needs to lay out what he did and why he did it.€

Sports News – April 8, 2005 -

Baltimore Orioles’ Sammy Sosa hits the 575 th homer of his career. 

New England Patriot running back Corey Dillon signs a contract extension for $10 million over two years. 

Technology News – April 8, 2005 -

Microsoft Corp. will pay computer maker Gateway Inc $150 million over four years to end a long-running legal dispute.  

XM Satellite announces they will create an online radio service on the revamped AOL home page this summer - featuring XM channels.  

Music News – April 8, 2005

russell simmons new label april 2005New label - Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons announces his Russell Simmons Music Group will partner with his old Def Jam Music Group to form a new music label.  

A French appellate court rejects an effort by French singing star Johnny Hallyday to recover the master tapes from his recordings from Universal Music Group. Entertainment in Australia as “The Wiggles” are the wealthiest in that land - doing $34.5 million gross in 2004. Nicole Kidman did $30 million and Russell Crowe - $20 million.  

 Top Pop Hits – April 8, 2005 -     

Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani fea. Eve

Switch - Will Smith

1,2 Step - Ciara Fea. Missy Elliott


Top TV Ratings/T Guide – April 8, 2005 -

Desperate Housewives -


American Idol on Tuesday


American idol april 2005American Idol on Wednesday - 24.11

NCAA Basketball

Championship - 23.89

CSI - 22.58

Survivor: Palau - 19.75

Grey’s Anatomy on Sunday - 17.99

Lost - 17.12

60 Minutes - 15.59

Without A Trace - 15.46

House - 15.04


Top Movies – April 8, 2005 -


Sin City

Fever Pitch

Guess Who

Beauty Shop


Miss Congeniality 2:

Armed and Fabulous

The Pacifier

The Ring Two

The Upside of Anger

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