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Dateline: Week Of February 22, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts

In The News -

The Supreme Court declares that temporary segregation in some state’s prisons must be halted unless it can be shown it is the only way to maintain safety and security.

The Shiite-led alliance in Iraq nominates Ibrahim Jafari – Muslim scholar as prime minister of Iraq.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali – an American citizen being held in a Saudi Arabian prison for 20 months is accused in federal court of conspiring with Al Qaeda to assassinate President Bush.

A Palestinian suicide bomber blows up outside a crowded bar in Tel Aviv – four are dead.

vladimir putin meets bush update february 2005President Bush meets with Vladimir V. Putin in Slovakia and exchanged views on democracy. Bush said that Liberty “is not anarchy” and Putin offered assurances on democracy, but made no pledge to alter his style of governing, amid criticism by the U.S. and others. It was the last leg of Bush’s European tour.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cancels an official visit to Cairo amid growing tensions between the U>S. and Egypt over Egypt’s resistance to democratic reform. The decision also comes after Cairo’s jailing of an opposition leader.

President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt calls for a constitutional amendment to allow other candidates to run against him – a first!

Winn-Dixie supermarkets file for chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. The company says all 920 of its stores, mostly in the Southeast – are open. It secured $800 million in credit to pay for reorganization and lost about $400 million in the most recent quarter.

A Florida appeals court clears the way for the removal of Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube – but another judge kept it in place.

Passing – By suicide – Hunter S. Thompson – best-selling writer.

Academy Awards – February 2005 -

Some Winners:

Best picture – Million Dollar Baby

jaimie fox ray academy award febuary 2005Best actor – Jamie Foxx for “Ray

Best actress – Hilary Swank for “Million Dollar Baby”

Best director – Clint Eastwood for “Million Dollar Baby”

Best supporting actor – Morgan Freeman for “Million Dollar Baby”

Best supporting actress – Cate Blanchett for “The Aviator”

Entertainment /Celebrity News – February 22, 2005 -

Lindsay Lohan’s father – Michael, tells ABC’s “Primetime Live” that his headline-grabbing problems have helped, not hurt his daughter’s movie career. Recently Logan was arrested after a fiery car crash in Syosset, NY and he was charged with driving while intoxicated.

Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane made “The Producers” on Broadway a huge smash. They left, then came back – now, there’s talk of a new movie – with the pair starring in the old “Odd Couple.”

Music News – February 22, 2005 -

Rapper 50 Cent’s new album will be released earlier than planned because of widespread bootlegging. Look for “The Massacre” to come out this week, instead of March 8.

Top Music Albums – February 22, 2005 –

Genius Loves Company – Ray Charles

Documentary – The Game

American Idiot – Green Day

2005 Grammy Nominees

Confessions – Usher

Blink 182 – The San Diego trio rockers, say they are taking “an indefinite hiatus” from their partnership.

kings of leon on letterman february 2005Kings of Leon perform on David Letterman’s show on Tuesday.

Television News - February 22, 2005 –

Sunday night on ABC – The 77th Annual Academy Awards. Chris Rock hosts. Followed by another Barbara Walters Special.

Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – February 22, 2005

CSI – 30.72

American Idol on Tuesday – 27.10

American Idol on Wednesday – 16.30

Desperate Housewives 24.18

Survivor: Palau – 23.66

Without a Trace – 21.01

CSI: Miami – 1935

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – 18.27

Movie-Stone Child – 17.98

Lost - 17.87

ER – 17.74

Everybody Loves Raymond – 17.18

Two and a Half Men – 16.78

Top Movies – February 22, 2005 –



Because of Winn-Dixie

Son of the Mask

Million Dollar Baby

Are We There Yet?


Pooh’s Huffalump Movie

The Aviator

The Wedding Date

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