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Dateline: Week Of February 8, 2005 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

ariel sharon news update feb 8, 2005Egypt summit – Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas shake hands – pledging to halt all attacks after four years of massive killings, suicide bombings and the whole bit. 

Bold, but not beautiful - North Korea says it does have atomic weapons and has no interest in the six-nation talks to end their nuclear program. 

Iraq – Gunmen fire into a bakery complex in Baghdad killing 20… A Shiite Muslim and a Kurdish slate captured 75% of the voting in Iraq’s election. 

Militant group Hamas said they would hold fire against Israel as they decide to honor a cessation of hostilities declared at the summit in Egypt last week. 

howard dean - dnc news february 2005Howard Dean is elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee – unanimously. 

In Munich – Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said at a security conference that the U.S.-European alliance could withstand its current differences and he urged unified efforts to deter terrorism. 

President Bush is putting pressure on Congress – asking them to quickly pas legislation restricting class-action lawsuits – saying that such “frivolous” claims harm the economy. He wants such claims in federal court. 

Candidate John Kerry is contributing $1 million to the DNC. 

It’s announced that Prince Charles will marry his live-in lover Camilla Parker Bowles in a spring ceremony at Windsor Castle. 

Ellen MacArthur breaks the record for fastest solo sail around the world – a 27,334 journey – and the British sailor completed it in less than 72 days, beating the previous record by 32 hours. 

Soldiers form Virginia’s 276th Engineer Battalion return to the U.S. after a bloody tour of Iraq. 

White House advisor Karl Rove – the architect of President Bush’s re-election campaign – will have an expanded role in Bush’s second term as policy maker. 

Passing – Playwright Arthur Miller (89) – Onetime Mr. Marilyn Monroe. 


Business News – February 8,  2005 -

Sears, Roebuck & Co. discloses plans to switch dozens of recently acquired Kmart stores to a new mid-size store format called sears essentials, a smaller version of Sears Grand. 


Technology News – February 8, 2005  

Apple says it will split its stock 2-for-1. 

Google introduces a map service – and lets you search for address and local business listings. 

Ask Jeeves acquires Bloglines – a web service that lets users keep up with online diaries and news sites. 

Microsoft says it will acquire Sybari software – maker of antivirus and other security software.


Radio News – February 8, 2005

Hip hop station WQHT NY airs parody song “USA For Indonesia” – sounding like “We Are the World” – and it offended a whole lot of folks. The song mocked victims of the tsunami. Fired were producer Rick de Gado along with morning sow co-host Todd Lynn and five other employees remain suspended. 


Music News – February 8, 2005


Sunday -  On CBS-TV – Music’s big night – the 47th Grammy Awards! Hosted by Queen Latifah. And, a special tribute to Ray Charles… 

melissa etheridge 2005 grammy appearance Nominees, performers and presenters include: Usher, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, Green Day, Black Eye Peas, Joss Stone, Gretchen Wilson. Also – Tim McGraw, Norah Jones, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Keith Urban, Prince. And – Stevie Wonder, Melissa Etheridge, Mariah Carey, Outkast, U2 and Jaimie Foxx.    

A jury rules that Vans Inc – the sneaker maker – owes Motley Crue bassist Niki Sixx at least $600,000 for using his photo without permission in an advertising campaign. 

Passing – Jimmy Smith (76) – Best-known for his Hammond Organ. 

EMI says earnings will be lower because of delayed releases of two key albums from Coldplay and Gorillaz. 

Cleveland based “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame” asks a federal judge to stop two journalists and a radio company from creating a website called the “Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” saying it’ll infringe on their trademark.  


47th Grammy Award Winners – Week of February 8, 2005 – 

Record of the year – “Were We Go Again – Ray Charles and Norah Jones

 Album of the year – “Genius Loves Company” – Ray Charles

Song of the year- “Daughters” – John Mayer

New artist – Maroon 5

Male pop vocal – John Mayer – “Daughters

norah jones 2005 grammy winner Female pop vocal – Norah Jones – “Sunrise.”


Television News – February 8, 2005 -

CNN News chief Eason Jordan resigns in the wake of contentious comments he mad about journalists killed by U.S. troops in Iraq. He said some of them, had in fact, been targeted. 

Passing – George Herman – longtime host of “Face the Nation.” He was 85. 

Courtney Smith – a financial commentator, who appeared on CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg, is arrested on failing to disclose that he received $100,000 in cash from a telemarketing company whose shares he touted.


TV Ratings/TV Guide – February 8, 2005 –

Super Bowl XXXIX (Fox) – 26.07

Super Bowl Postgame – 50.10

American Idol on Tuesday – 28.50

American Idol on Wednesday – 16.17

CSI – 24.95

The Simpsons – 23.07

Happy days 30th Anniversary Reunion – 19.92

Without a Trace – 19.33

ER – 18.08

Everybody Loves Raymond – 17.57

Two and a Half Men – 17.01

Medium – 15.85

American Dad – 15.165

CSI: Miami – 15.13

Apprentice 3 – 14.80


Top Movies – February 8, 2005 –



Are We There Yet?

Million Dollar Baby

Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

The Wedding Date

Hide and Seek


The Aviator

Meet the Fockers 

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