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Dateline: Week Of July 22, 2004 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

The commission investigating the Sept 11 terrorist attacks concludes that the U.S. government had been hobbled by “failures of imagination, policy, capabilities and management,” and warned that sweeping reforms were needed to prevent another catastrophic terrorist strike.

 Pakistan captures one of the United States’ 21 most wanted terrorists – Ahmed Khalfan Ghailant, who was thought to be planning more attacks on the U.S.

The U.S. economy grows at a 3% annual rate, down from 4.5%.

The deadliest attack since Iraq’s interim government took power, a vehicle bomb kills 68, northwest of Baghdad.

Convention - Sen. John Kerry delivers a negative assessment of President Bush’s leadership, saying that another four years of his administration would produce economic hardship at home and more hard feelings abroad.

John Kerry vows to rebuild alliances and restore “trust and credibility to the White House” as he concluded the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

More convention - Sen. John Kerry calls for extending the 911 commission’s charter until 2006. A Senate oversight committee moved up its first hearing on reforming U.S. counter terrorism agencies to later this week.

With the assault on President Bush’s national security record during the first few days of the Democratic convention, Bush campaign strategists signal they intend to strike back hard and fast.

Luis Echeverria - ex-President of Mexico is charged in the deaths and disappearance of up to 280 protesters in the so-called Corpus Christi massacre 33 years ago.

President Bush puts pressure on Sudan to stop ethnic violence by pro-government militants in the western region of Darfur.

New indictment - John A. “Junior” Gotti , son of the late mob boss John Gotti, - with about 2 months of prison time left to go on a 1999 racketeering conviction, may be in prison for a long time. Court papers allege that he, Joseph “Little Joey” d’ Angelo and Michael “Mickey Y” Yannotti plotted in 1992 to first kidnap and then kill Curtis Sliwa, reportedly as payback for comments he made about the elder Gotti on a radio show. On June 19, 1992, Sliwa was ambushed after he hailed a cab in Manhattan. He underwent sugary for internal injuries and leg wounds after the attack.


Sports News – July 22, 2004

Tennessee Titan Eddie George signs with the Dallas Cowboys for a year.


Technology News – July 22, 2004

 .tv… Tiny Tuvalu says it wants the company VeriSign to charge more for its .tv Internet extension. The Geneva-based International Organization of standards bestowed the tiny Pacific Island of 9,000 the .tv country code and decided to license if to non-tuvaluans to use.

AT&T says it will stop marketing residential service -saying it cannot compete against the local phone companies it once owned. It will focus instead on more profitable corporate and government clients, which now account for 75’s of the company’s business.


Music news – July 22, 2004

Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, R.E.M., Pearl Jam and other rockers will unite for politically minded concerts this fall, voicing dissatisfaction with President Bush and the Republicans.


Entertainment news – July 22, 2004

Filmmaker Michael Moore decides not to attend a screening of his documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” near President Bush’s ranch in Texas, saying he was afraid his presence would detract attention from the movie’s message.


Radio news – July 22, 2004

 After being dropped from NPR after 24 years, Bob Edwards is heading to XM radio. He had been on NPR’s “Morning Edition” since 1979.


Television news – July 22, 2004

“Seacrest Out” - “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” is canceled. The show had been on the air since January.

The popular “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel returns this week. The channel says ratings increase from 60% to 80% - all in the name of sharks. 

MTV has a new digital channel aimed at gays and lesbians. “LOGO” is scheduled to launch Feb. 17 and will feature such shows as “Family Outing,” – featuring coming-out stories. It’s produced by Cher and her daughter Chastity Bono; “Fantastic Voyage,” a reality series about gay-themed cruises. Actor Scott Thompson will host “My fabulous gay Wedding,” a wish-fulfillment show with real-life couples. 

Christie Alley , whose weight problem has been the butt of jokes, will produce and star in Showtime’s “Fat Actress” - an unscripted comedy series in which she’ll play a fictional version of herself, an actress trying to find work and love in unforgiving Hollywood. On Dr Phil - Anatomy of a divorce.

Friday night television listings/TV Guide – week of July 22, 2004

CBS - Joan of Arcadia, JAG 48 Hours Investigates,

Late show

NBC - Dateline NBC Las Vegas, Tonight Show

ABC - George Lopez , Married to the Kellys, Hope & Faith,

Life with Bonnie, Nightline

WB - What I Like About You, Grounded for Life, Reba, Reba

Fox - Bernie Max, Method… The Jury

PBS - NOW with Bill Moyers, Washington Week Wall Street

Week, American Family: Journey of Dreams, Tavis Smiley,

Charlie Rose

Disney - Phil of the Future, Thai’s So Raven Movie-Flubber,

On Nick - “The Fairly Oddparents - 3 times a day

Grounded For Life - Lily wakes to find her car on the porch.

Tonight Show - Christina Applegate

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