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Dateline: Week Of July 8, 2004 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

A scathing report released by the senate Intelligence Committee says the U.S. went to war with Iraq on the basis of flawed intelligence assessments that “either overstated or were not supported by” the underlying evidence on Iraq’s weapons programs.

A car bombing at the Green Zone entrance in Baghdad kills at least seven and injures 23.

Following a senate report that was critical of intelligence agencies, President Bush say his decision to wage war against Iraq was justified because it had removed a threat to the nation’s security and that the U.S. would continue to confront terrorism even when the dangers had not fully developed. 

Countries have provided only a small fraction of the reconstruction aid they promised or only a small portion of the $13 billion in non-America aid. The shortfall is a source of growing frustration for Iraq’s new interim government.

Sen. John F. Kerry plans to aggressively court more conservative voters with a message that emphasizes traditional values of service, faith and family.

Adelphia Communications founder John Rigas and his Son Timothy are convicted of looting the insolvent cable TV company and lying to investors about its finances.

Enron Update – July 8, 2004

 Ken Lay – former head of Enron is indicted by a federal grand jury in Houston.


Technology – July 8, 2004

Google says that it plans to lists its IPO on the Nasdaq board. Google earned $106 million last year on revenue of nearly $962 million.


Music news – July 8, 2004

 Singer/actress Brandy is now seeing basketball star Quentin Richardson. She was divorced last year.

David Bowie is recovering from emergency heart surgery after an acutely blocked artery was found. He had the surgery a few weeks ago. 

 Passing – Syreeta Wright (58) – collaborated with ex-husband Stevie Wonder on several hits including “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” and “If You Really Love Me.”

Yoko Ono (71) joins the chorus in support of gay marriage by recording “every Man has a Man Who Loves Him,” a gay-friendly version of a song she wrote nearly a quarter-century ago.


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – July 8, 2004

CSI – 14.83

CSI: Miami – 14.00

Two and a Half Men – 12.45

Without a Trace – 12.34

Everybody Loves Raymond – 12.23

60 Minutes – 12.00

Cold Case – 10.81

Law & Order: SVU – 10.66

Law & Order – 10.56

Amazing Race 5 – 10.30

Simple Life 2 – 9.57

Big Brother 5 on Tuesday – 9.55

Big Brother 5 on Thursday – 9.16

48 Hours Mystery – 8.95

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 8.92

For Love or Money 3 – 8.80

60 Minutes Ii – 8.69

Law & Order at 9pm – 8:57

Last Coming Standing 2 – 8.39

Movie – Catch a Falling Star – 8:31


Television news – July 8, 2004

 Brad Pitt guests on Oprah Winfrey this week.

It’s announced that James Doohan – “Scotty” on Star Trek – has Alzheimer’s disease. Doohan is 84. 

On Jeopardy - Ken Jennings 30th consecutive appearance takes him over the $1 million in earnings mark.

Fox is launching “The Fox Reality Channel” next year.

Passing – Isabel Sanford (86) – Best known as “”Weezie” on the Jeffersons,

NBC says they are moving up the premiere of a boxing reality show to November – to upstage Fox’s fourth season of “American idol.” Set to start in January. NBC’s “The Contender” is being produced in part by Sylvester Stallone, but Fox has announced it was creating a similar boxing Contest called “the Next Great Champ.” Starring Oscar de la Hoya.


Top Movies – July 8, 2004

Spider-Man 2


King Arthur

Fahrenheit 9/11

The Notebook

White Chicks


The Terminal

Shrek 2


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