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Dateline: Week Of May 15, 2004 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

In the face of more criticism, the army says that it has overhauled interrogation procedures fused for Iraqi detainees. It will no longer use techniques such as placing hoods over the heads of prisoners or forcing them to stand naked.

A suicide car bomber assassinates the president if Iraq’s Governing Council as his vehicle waited to enter the headquarters of the U.s. occupation.

Pentagon officials say 37 is the number of detainee deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eight are unresolved homicides that may have involved assaults during or after interrogations.

The home and office of onetime U.S. ally Ahmad Chalabi are raided. Chalabi was rousted from his sleep. Computers and documents were carted away.


Technology News – May 15, 2004

Looks like they’ll be a new telephone directory – listing cell phone users. The database is being assembled by the Cellular Telecommuications and Internet Assn. Look for it later this year.


Music news – May 15, 2004

Las Vegas - Celine Dion cancels five more shows of her nightly Caesars Palace performances after spraining her neck earlier this month.


Television news – May 15, 2004

 On Jay Leno’s “Tonight” show - First Lady Laura Bush says the President reads newspapers daily. 

With her facing a prison sentence – “Martha Stewart Living” will be put on hiatus after this TV season winds up.

Passing – News anchor Floyd Kalber (79).

Ready to go – Regis Philbin will emcee “Super Millionaire” on ABC beginning Sunday night. The show offers a $10 million prize.

Elizabeth Vargas will replace Barbara Walters when she exits “20/20” in September.

The “Frasier: finale was seen by 25.2 million people – about half the nearly 52.5 million who watched the final “Friends.”

Monday night television listings/TV Guide – week of May; 15, 2004

CBS – Yes, Dear, Still Standing, Everybody Love Raymond, Two and a Half Men, CSI: Miami, Late Show

NBC – Fear Factor, Las Vegas, the restaurant, Tonight, Conan O’Brien

ABC – Motown 45, Super Millionaire, Nightline

UPN – Eve, Half & Half, Girlfriends,

Fox – American Idol, the Swan

WB – 7th Heaven, The WB’s Superstar USA

PBS – Colonial House, Six Wives of Henry VIII, Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose

Disney – Sister, Sister, Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible


Motown 45 – Appearing – Backstreet Boys, the Four Tops, Macy Gray, Nick Lachey, Smokey Robinson. Hosted by Lionel Richie and Cedric the Entertainer.

On David Letterman – Antonio Banderas, Alanis Morissette.

On Jay Leno – Rodney Dangerfiled, Slipknot.


Top Movies – May 15, 2004


Van Helsing

Mean Girls

Breakin All the Rules

Man on Fire

13 Going on 30

New York Minute

Laws of Attraction

Kill Bill Vol. 2


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