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Dateline: Week Of January 8, 2004 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Reversing himself, President Bush announces that Canadian companies would be eligible for prime contracts to rebuild Iraq.

President Bush indicates that he would lift millions of undocumented workers and open them to guest worker programs.

Mad Cow fear – In Seattle - About 2,000 tons of frozen French fries, pre-fried in beef tallow aren’t going anywhere as they are being rejected by buyers in Japan, China and South Korea.

An American Black Hawk helicopter crashes in Naaimiya, Iraq, killing all nine U.S. solders on board.

A biker, probably stopped to fix his bike, is attacked, mauled and killed in Orange County, California. The scene was in a popular wilderness park. The lion also attacked a woman afterward, grabbing her by the neck and dragging her, before she was rescued by other bikers.

Secretary of State Colin Powell defends his arguments that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that justified a war against Iraq.

A judge issues an order banning all cameras in the courtroom during Michael Jackson’s arraignment on child-molestation charges in Santa Maria, California.

The FDA rejects refuses to lift restrictions on the use of silicone gel break implants, saying more research was necessary to prove their safety.


Sports News – January 8, 2004

Indianapolis Colt QB Peyton Manning wraps up his best season in six years in the NFL. He’s hit five consecutive 4,000-yeard seasons and he only had 10 interceptions.

Dennis Green, one of the winningest NFL coaches in the 1990’s, signs a five-year contract to guide the struggling Arizona Cardinals.


Some best-selling books – January 8, 2004

The Big Bad Wolf – James Patterson

Five People You Meet in Heaven – Mitch Albom

Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

The Pleasure of My Company – Steve Martin

Who’s Looking out for You? – Bill O’Reilly

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them – Al Frankenstein

Dude, Where’s My Country – Michael Moore

Living to Tell the Tale – Gabriel Gareta


Entertainment News – January 8, 2004

Walt Disney Studios says it is shutting down its Orlando animation unit. Some 260 artists are expected to lose their jobs.

Now on DVD – “The Four Complete Historic Ed Sullivan Shows Featuring The Beatles.”

Mr. Blackwell unveils his worst dressed list – his 44th. Of Shania Twain who is at #3 – “What can I say/ In buckled bombs and country-fried kitsch, has Calamity Twain popped a stitch.” On top of the list – Paris Hilton: “How are you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree,” “Grab the blinders, here comes Paris. From cyber disgrace to red carpet chills, she’s the vapid Venus of Beverly Hills.”


Music news – January 8, 2004

 50-Cent – the hottest recording artist last year, rejoins his old group – G Unit and they’ve recorded a new album. Look for “Beg For Mercy” at stores now. 

Ozzy Osbourne cancels his upcoming 20-date tour of Britain to give him time to recover fully from his accident on an all-terrain vehicle last month. Osbourne (55) fractured his collarbone, eight ribs and a neck vertebra Dec 8 when his vehicle flipped and landed on top of him at his estate in Buckinghamshire, southern England.

Beyonce, who recently went solo, will get back together with “Destiny’s Child” for a new album.

 Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage to fellow Kentwood, Louisiana resident and childhood friend Jason Alexander has embarrassed the town. Both got married at the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip at 5:30am Saturday. Hours later, - the 22-yar-olds renounced their wedding by calling it a prank. Alexander returned home to his family with a flock of reporters, television crews and paparazzi in tow.


Television news – January 8, 2004

“The Wayne Brady Show” is being canceled after its third season. Low ratings.

The WB network’s 12-to-34 viewership is down some 18% - more than rival Fox and UPN. 

Has it been 12 years already? Tim Russert celebrates that milestone this week as host of “Meet the Press.”

Friday night television listings/TV Guide – January 8, 2004

 CBS – Joan of Arcadia, JAG, The Handler, late Show

NBC- Dateline NBC, Ed, Third watch, Tonight Show

ABC  George Lopez, Married to the Kellys, Hope & Faith, Life with Bonnie, 20/20, Nightline

UPN – Movie

Fox – Totally Outrageous Behavior, The World’s Craziest Videos. Boston public

WB – Reba, What I Like About You, Grounded for Life, Like Family

Court TV – I, Detective, Forensic Files, The System   

HGTV – Debbie Travis’ Facelift


On the Tonight Show – Britney Spears and Jim Belushi

On the Late Show – David Letterman welcomes Billy Bob Thornton, Charlie Hill.


Top Movies – January 8, 2004

Big Fish

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Cheaper by the dozen

Something’s Gotta Give

Cold Mountain

My Baby’s daddy

Chasing Liberty


The Last Samurai

Mona Lisa Smile

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