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Dateline: Week Of April 8, 2004 In News, Pop Culture, Tech News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

In her testimony before the panel investigating why 9/11 happened – National security advisor Condoleezza Rice defended the Bush administration’s handling of terrorist threats, saying “there was no silver bullet’ that could have stopped the plot. 

 Iraq – U.S. forces claim major roads in Najaf and use heavy firepower to force the surrender of Shiite cleric Muqtada Sadr. 

John Kerry reiterates his call for an internationalization if Iraq’s security and reconstruction efforts. He called the surge of violence in Iraq “a failure of diplomacy” on the part of President Bush. 

President Bush vows to finish the job in Iraq – that troops were making progress and reaffirms the June 30 deadline to hand over sovereignty. 

Victoria’s Secret says it will drop this year’s CBS broadcast of the lingerie fashion show.  There’s still a lot of sensitivity after the Janet Jackson debacle. 

President Bush signed into law a measure aimed at saving U.S. companies more than $80 billion in pension contributions over two years, days before many firms make quarterly payments. 

Three Muslim-owned gas stations in San Antonio are torched. 

president bush fallouja radio address april 2004Weekly radio address – President Bush said that U.S. forces were taking control of Fallouja “block by block” and allied troops were “finding and engaging the enemy” elsewhere in the country despite this being one of the bloodiest weeks of the Iraq war.  He warned that the military offensive against the widespread insurgency could rage for weeks, but reaffirmed his commitment to the June 30 deadline for transferring sovereignty to Iraqis.


Sports News – April 8, 2004 - 

 Phil Mickelson wins the Masters at Augusta. Golf vet Arnold Palmer – in his 50th Masters, abdicates – but gets a huge ovation as he walked off the 18th green. 


Technology News – April 8, 2004 -

IBM Corp announces that it is purchasing Dakah – an Indian outsourcing firm. 


Radio News – April 8, 2004 -  

Clear Channel – the largest radio chain – has booted Howard Stern off its stations. It’s not a good time to be a shock jock.


Music News – April 8, 2004 -

The parents of Al Yankovic are found dead in their home in Fallbrook, CA. Apparently – they died of carbon monoxide poisoning after starting a fire without opening the fireplace flue. 

Madonna comes under fire after it’s learned she would play her first-ever Irish concert on a Sunday – a day of rest for Christians there.  

Some top albums – week of April 8, 2004

 Me & Mr. Johnson – Eric Clapton

Honkin’ On Bobo – Aerosmith

U Gotta Fell Mo – Lil’ Flip

Hood Hop – J-Kwon

usher confessions music april 2004Confessions – Usher

Damita Jo – Janet Jackson

Now That’s What I Call Music

College Drop out – Kanye West


Television News- April 8, 2004 -  

mark walberg entourage announcement april 2004Mark Wahlberg is one of the executive producers on a new HBO show called “Entourage.” The series stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven. 

Donald Trump will double his take on the second season of “The Apprentice.” He was getting $50k per episode and now he’ll get $100K. 

“The Swan” – getting a nice lead-in from “American Idol” on Fox, beats ABC’s “The Bachelor in the ratings.  

Saturday night on USA – “Nashville Star” – as four contenders are left. 


Top Movies – April 8, 2004 -  

The Passion of the Christ


Johnson Family Vacation

The Alamo

Walking Tall

Home on the range

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

The Whole ten yards

Ella Enchanted

The Girl Next Door


Passing – Actress Carrie Snodgrass (57). 

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