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Dateline: Week Of September 1, 2003 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Abbas abruptly resigns after only four months in office.

It’s official – Sen. John Kerry announces he’s running for President.

Leaders of France and Germany criticize the Bush administration’s new proposal for a greater international role in occupied Iraq, saying the U.S. must speed up the transfer of power to an Iraqi government and give the U.N. more authority. 

Later – The Bush administration decides to submit a resolution giving the U.N. a more prominent role in the security operations in Iraq and in the nation’s political transition and economic reconstruction.

The Department of Homeland security warns that Al Qaeda might launch attacks in the U.S. using tactics not employed here in the past, such as planting car bombs or hijacking airlines in Mexico or Canada so they can be flown into American targets.

A car bomb explodes outside the headquarters of Iraq’s U.S. trained police, one officer is reportedly killed and 25 others are injured.

At Disneyland – One man dies and 10 others are injured when train cars filled with passengers break lose from a locomotive in a dark tunnel at Big thunder Mountain.

Jessica Lynch Gets Book Deal – September 1, 2003

Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch signs a $1 million book deal. “I Am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story” will be written by a New York Times reporter.


Music news – September 1, 2003

Gerard “D.O. Canon” Fields, a rapper tied to Vivendi Unversal’s beleaguered Murder Inc. record label, dies after a late-night shooting in Queens, NY. 


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – September 1, 2003

Actor Johnny Depp is quoted by a German magazine as saying that “America is dumb, is something like a dumb puppy that has big teeth, - that can bite and hurt you, aggressive.” Later, Depp apologized, saying it was out of context and that it was not anti-American sentiment.

 Passing – Actor Charles Bronson (81).

Universal Music Group says it will slash the wholesale price of its CD’s by 25% in a bid to revive an ailing market and discourage piracy. Universal is the world’s biggest record label.

Passing – Gisele MacKenzie (76) best-known for her appearances on “Hit Parade.”


Television news – September 1, 2003

Comedy Central sells the rights for re-run syndication of “South Park,” its most popular program. The show would have to be clean-up for regular television though. It’s one of the first times a cable channel has sold a series to broadcast television. “South Park” is in its seventh year on Comedy Central.

New on Nick Jr, “Rubbadubbers” – a British imports. Cast of characters include Tubb the frog, Sploshy the starfish, Reg the robot, and Finbar the shark.  


Top TV Shows/listings – September 1, 2003

Everybody Loves Raymond – 11.99

CSI – 11.70

CSI: Miami – 11.48

Exhibition pro-football – 11.17

Law & Order (Wed) – 11.16

King of Queens – 11.13

Without a Trace – 10.61

Big Brother (Wed) – 10.20

60 Minutes II – 10.20

For Love or Money 2 – 10.02

Law & Order Criminal Intent – 9.71

Law & Order (Sun.) – 9.34

CSI (8pm) – 9.29

Law & Order SVU – 9.07

Fear Factor – 9.04

Still Standing – 9.03

Big Brother 4 – 8.73

D.C. – 8.65

60 Minutes – 8.64

Preseason Showcase – 8.57

George Lopez (8pm) – 8.40

Entrapment – CBS – 8.08


Tuesday Night TV listings/TV Guide – September 1, 2003

 CBS – Big Brother 4, Cupid, Judging Amy, Late Show

NBC – Frasier, Frasier, Frasier, Good Morning, Miami, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Tonight

ABC – 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter, Life with Bonnie, According to Jim, Less Than perfect, NUPD Blue, Nightline

Fox – Performing As…, The O.C..,

WB – Gilmore Girls, Smallville

UPN – One on One, One on One, Buffy the Vampire slayer

PBS – Nova, secrets of the Dead, P.O.V.

CNBC – Kudlow & Cramer

E! –True Hollywood Story – Jenna Jameson adult film star.


Top movies – September 1, 2003

Jeepers Creepers

Freaky Friday


Pirates of the Caribbean

Open range


Freddy vs. Jason

The Medallion

Uptown Girls

My Boss’s Daughter

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