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Dateline: Week Of May 22, 2003 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Congress approves a sweeping tax cut bill – a $350-billion tax cut bill.

Lt. Gen James Conway – a top marine commander in Iraq says that U.S. intelligence was “simply wrong” in its assessment that Saddam Hussein intended to unleash chemical or biological weapons against U.s. forces during the war.

Under criticism, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says his nation must end its occupation of Palestinian lands. 

British Prime Minister Tony Blair visits southern Iraq and the top military commander says the war is still not over in many parts of the country.

The Pentagon says it is planning a broad re-alignment of troops in Asia – to smaller more mobile forces. 

 The House approves new powers for defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, capitalizing on his clout following the U.S. military action in Iraq. The plan bolsters Rumsfeld’s authority over hiring, firing, pay and transfer of more than 700,000 civilian defense employees – over a quarter of the entire federal civilian workforce. 

Moscow asks Tehran to confirm that it is not secretly developing a nuclear bomb and the White House demands that the regime do more to halt the activities of Al Qaeda terrorists within its borders.


Disney To Close Stores – May 22, 2003

Disney says it plans to close more than 100 stores and wants to sell the remainders to a buyer who would operate them under a licensing deal. Disney has been in the retail business for 15 years.   


Technology News – May 22, 2003

 Microsoft agrees to pay AOL $750 million to settle an antitrust lawsuit alleging that Microsoft crushed AOL’s Netscape web browser. 

ITunes 4.0 - Apple issues an update to ITunes curtailing the ability to share play lists over the Internet. Under the ITunes 4.0 version released last month, Apple allows users to stream songs over a local network. The company touted it as a way family and friends could listen to each other’s music between computers at home or in a small group setting, but some users found away to extend it beyond local networks to the Internet, making it similar to the music-swapping function at the center of piracy debates.


Entertainment News – May 22, 2003

 Disney and its Lizzie McGuire star – 15-year-old Hilary Duff, are parting. The show has been a hit on the Disney channel and is now a movie. It’s described as a bitter parting. Lizzie is also a big merchandise mover for Disney with books, clothes and music. But Ms. Duff wants to move on. She’s shooting “Cheaper by the Dozen” for Fox and next month, begins production on the Warner Bros. Film – “Cinderella Story.”

American Idol may be over for now, but host Ryan Seacrest is up for a new daily live syndicated TV show beginning in January.  It’s part newsmagazine and part variety.


Music news – May 22, 2003

On Monday – American Idol winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken appear on the “Today” show.

Appearing on the “Today” show this week – Mariah Carey and the same day, John Mellencamp appears on GMA.

Performing on the MTV Movie Awards this week – t.A.T.u – the Russian duo pronounced tattoo.

Available this week – A two DVD set of Led Zeppelin, featuring vintage concert footage.

Sinead O’Connor has announced her impending retirement from music.

Brian Wilson will perform the lost Beach Boys album “Smile” in Boston, New York and Newark in June.

Promotion – Nike is banking on a high school basketball player by the name of LeBron James. He’s not even in the NBA and many say it’s a gamble. The deal is for $90 million.


Television news – May 22, 2003

Disney says it will offer movies on demand  using over-the-air TV stations. For a few dollars, customers with special boxes will be able stop, start, pause, rewind and replay movies as if they were tapes or DVD’s. The video on-demand system is called “MovieBeam" and will test in three cities this fall, and use the signals of regular TV stations to beam digital signals to the boxes. 

Friday night television listings/TV Guide – May 22, 2003

CBS – JAG, Hack, 48 Hours Mystery, Late Show, Craig Killborn

NBC – Dateline NBC, Law & Order Special Victims, Tonight, Conan O’Brien

ABC – America’s Funniest Home Videos, 20/20, Nightline

Fox – Movie

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week

Sci-Fi – Stargate SG-1, Scare Tactics

Late Show w/David Letterman – Halle Berry, Don Rickles.


Top Movies – May 22, 2003

Bruce Almighty

The matrix Reloaded

Daddy Day Care

X2: X-Men United

The In-Laws

Down With Love

The Lizzie McGuire Movie



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