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Dateline: Week Of November 8, 2003 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Tech & Fascinating Facts



 In The News - 

The U.S. says there are about 5,000 rebels in Iraq that are well financed, equipped and organized. 

President Bush sends L. Paul Bremer back to Baghdad with a message for the Iraqi Governing Council: Form a functioning government quickly. 

A suicide truck bomb explodes outside an Italian military police base in Nasiriyah – killing 16 coalition personnel and 10 others.  Earlier – a U.S. Army Black hawk helicopter crashed and killed six soldiers.  

The Guinness Book of World Records reaches 100 million sales, breaking its own record.   

Sky watchers in every continent but Australia get to see a total lunar eclipse this week. 


Sports News – November 8, 2003

Dodgers’ relief pitcher Eric Gagne wins the National League Cy Young Award with a nearly perfect season – 55 saves.


Technology News – November 8, 2003  

Thanks to the Feds - users in the nation’s largest metro areas can now take their landline numbers and transfer them to their cell phones. 

Amazon.com launches a gourmet foods store – offering over 30,000 regional food items from 300 merchants.


Entertainment /Celebrity News – November 8, 2003

rosie o donnell magazine publisher news november 2003Rose O’Donnell says her publisher had deceived her about how Rosie magazine would be run and that she was the victim of a “‘coup d’etat.” They are both suing each other for 10’s of $millions. 

Passing – Penny Singleton - best-known for portraying Blondie. She was 95. 

Passing – Art Carney (85) – who will forever be best-known as lovable “Ed Norton” on the old Honeymooners series. 

Passing – Irv Kupcinet – TV interview and gossip columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times.


Music news – November 8, 2003 

Don’t miss Shania Twain’s “Up!” Tour. 


Some top albums – week of November 8, 2003

sheryl crow music november 2003Very Best of Sheryl Crow

Shock’n Y’All – Toby Keith

Afterglow – Sarah McLachlan

Payable On death – P.O.D.

Great American Songbook – Rod Stewart

Now That’s What I Call Music – Vol. 14

Spearkerboxxx/The Love Below – Outkast

Blood in My eye – Ja Rule


 Television News – November 8, 2003

NBC says it is breaking-up with Paxson after four years and wants its investment paid back - $550 million – and that could end the network. 

Coming to Comedy Central in April – “Straight Plan for the Gay Man” – a parody of Bravo’s “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.” 


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – November 8, 2003

CSI – 29.65

Survivor: Pearl Islands – 21.44

CMA Awards – 20.75

8 Simple Rules – 20.51

friends tv ratings november 8 2003Friends – 20.37

ER – 20.04

CSI: Miami – 19.52

Everybody Loves Raymond – 18.62

Without a Trace – 18.45

Friends – 18.17

60 Minutes – 17.59

Monday Night Football – 16.64

Law & Order – 16.38

Movie-the Elizabeth Smart Story (CBS) – 16.04

Two and a Half Men – 16.02

Movie-saving Jessica Lynch – 14.91

According to Jim – 14.76

NFL Monday Showcase – 14.69

Will & Grace – 14.68

Cold Case – 14.39


Top Movies – November 8, 2003

The Matrix Revolutions


Brother Bear

Scary Movie 3


Love Actually

Mystic River

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Runaway Jury

School of Rock 

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