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Dateline: Week Of October 22, 2003, In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Tech & Fascinating Facts 



In The News - 

Iran says it would suspend uranium enrichment and sign an agreement permitting inspectors to make checks of its nuclear program. 

Brush fires in S. California destroy 1,500 homes. 

Iraq – Suicide bombings take a total of 35 lives in Baghdad. 

President Bush makes a brief visit to Bali, Indonesia to confront the threat of Islamic extremism and to show the area’s support against terrorism. Meanwhile, secretary of State Colin Powell is in Nairobi, Kenya to encourage Sudanese rebels and government officials holding peace talks. 

A mortar round hit the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad where Deputy defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was staying. He’s OK. 

In Russia – the country’s richest man – Mikhail Khordorkovsky is arrested and charged with seven criminal counts including tax evasion and fraud. He’s the head of Yukos Oil Co. 

A memo from Defense chief Donald Rumsfeld to his staff doubts about how much progress has been made in fighting the war on terror. The memo asks if the Pentagon is the right agency to lead the fight against terrorism. 

Although he has apologized for his remarks about Muslims and Islam, President Bush says that controversial remarks by Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin do not reflect his point of view. 

Federal agents raid 61 Wal-Mart stores across the country and arrest about 250 illegal immigrants working on cleaning crews. 

david delainey pleads guilty enron oct 2003David W. Delainey, who used to run Enron, pleads guilty to insider trading and became the highest-ranking former executive to cooperate with a criminal investigation of the company’s collapse. 

Britain’s Conservatives  kick out their fourth party leader in about a decade. Goodbye Duncan Smith because he failed to make any inroads against Tony Blair. 

The Federal Reserve Board keeps short-term interest rates at 1%. 

Passing – Madame Chiang Kai-shek, widow of the Nationalist Chinese president. She was 105.


Technology News – October 22, 2003

Software maker PeopleSoft posts a net loss for the third quarter – but beats expectations.  Meanwhile, Amazon.com posts its first profitable quarter outside the holidays! 

RealNetworks now claims they are the king of online music services with 250,000 paying subscribers.


Sports News – October 22, 2003

World Series - Josh Beckett gets the World Series MVP award with a five-hit shutout of the Yankees as the marlins win 2-0 in game six.


Entertainment/Celebrity News – October 22, 2003

People Magazine says – yes – it did alter a front cover picture of David Arquette and Courteney Cox – and moved them closer together to make room for text. 

nicole kidman spokesperson chanel 5 oct 2003Actress Nicole Kidman is the new spokeswoman for Chanel No 5 the top selling fragrance in the world.  

Actor Robert de Niro (60) has been diagnosed with prostate cancer but it was caught early. 

Mel Gibson says he will market his “The Passion of the Christ” himself. The film has been rejected by Fox. 

Disney Hall – a venue for mostly live classical music – opens in downtown Los Angeles. 

Rosie O’Donnell and the publisher of her defunct magazine are in court, accusing reach other of destroying the publication by refusing to compromise on its content. 

London’s Daily Mirror publishes a report that Paul and Heather had a baby boy, but they really had a daughter! Oh well. 

Passing – Robert Ray – better known as Rod Roddy – the erstwhile announcer with the “Price is Right.” He had been with the show for 17 years when he took over for another legend – Johnny Olson. He was 66 and died of colon and breast cancer. Roddy was a former top-40 DJ in places such as Ft. Worth and Buffalo.


Music News – October 22, 2003

It’s hot – Britney Spears’ latest single – “Me Against the Music” from her forthcoming album – “Me Against the Zone.” 

clay aiken first album oct 2003Second place “American Idol” finalist Clay Aiken has his first album released, “Measure” and it has sold 613,000 copies the first week. Not bad. 

 In a Florida jail, fighting his deportation, Ricky “Slick Rick” Walters counts the days. The Hip-op Hall of fame inductee is into his 17th month behind bars with no end in sight, despite legal efforts and appeals from well-known friends such as Jesse Jackson. 

New book by Sting – “Broken Music.” The story very few people know.    

New marketing ploy to sell music? Yes – if you buy “Stunt 101” by rappers G-Unit, you may get a medallion worth about $12,000. Four are being issued, so you never know which CD has one.


Some top albums – week of October 22, 2003  

Chicken & Beer – Ludacris

Measure of a Man – Clay Aiken

The Movie Album – Barbra Streisand

Hard – Jagged Edge

2nd to None – Elvis Presley

Life for Rent – Dido

hilary duff music october 2003Metamorphosis – Hilary Duff

SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below – OutKast

Great American Songbook – Rod Stewart

Loon – Loon

Very Best of the Eagles


Television News – October 22, 2003

On Spike TV – Reality show “Lap of Luxury.” 

News correspondent Chris Wallace has quit ABC and is moving to Fox News to anchor “Fox News Sunday.” 

New on MTV – Sundays – “Viva La Bam” and Wildboyz.” Both are sort of tame versions of “Jackass.” 

Passing – Actor Fred Berry (52) – Best-known for playing “Rerun” on the 1970’s sitcom “What’s Happening.” 

Passing – Actor Jack Elam (82) – famous for his floating/wandering left eye.  

OMG! On NBC’s “Friends” Thursday night – Phoebe gets engaged! Then on ER – a shocking moment. Bob Newhart guest stars! 

Don’t miss VH1’s “Super Secret TV Formulas.” 

andy griffith unveils bronze statue in north carolinaA bronze statue is unveiled in Raleigh, NC by Andy Griffith. It depicts the scene in the opening credits of the “Andy Griffith” show where Andy and Opie are walking toward a fishing hole. 

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