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Dateline: Week Of October 1, 2003, In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Tech & Fascinating Facts



 In The News - 

A Palestinian woman walked into a restaurant full of diners in Haifa, Israel, setting herself off… killing 19. 

Israeli fighter jets fly into Syria and drop bombs onto a suspected terrorist training camp.  

President Bush says he welcomes a Justice Department investigation into whether someone in the White House illegally disclosed the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame in an effort to discredit her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson He had accused the Bush administration of “twisting” intelligence abut Iraq’s weapons programs. 

Tens of thousands of demonstrators converge in New York. They were there to urge stronger rights for (Illegal) immigrants. 

Texas - Philip Morris pays $2 million to settle the case of a child who suffered disfiguring burns in a fire caused by a smoldering cigarette. 

Reinterment ceremony - Also in NY – thousands turn out for the reburial of 419 Colonial-era slaves and free blacks. 

President Bush’s approval numbers are back to where they were before the Sept. 11 attacks. 

arnold schwarzengegger women complaint oct 2003California recall - Three more women – eleven in all – say Arnold Schwarzengegger touched them without their consent. Later – Schwarznegger apologized for having “behaved badly” toward women in the past. 

Police arrested dozens of students during an alcohol-fueled riot in the street of Mankato after Minnesota State lost its homecoming football game to North Dakota State. Dozens were arrested. 

Unemployment remains at 6.1%. 


Celebrity News – October 1, 2008 

Roy Horn is cognizant, but still in critical condition after being mauled onstage by a tiger. The future of Siegfried & Roy as an act is in doubt. Horn was attacked by a royal white Siberian tiger named Montecore 45 minutes into their show.


Radio News – October 1, 2003 –

rush limbaugh drug investigation oct 2003More Limbaugh trouble - Rush Limbaugh says he will reveal details of the drug investigation brought-on by Florida authorities – and asked listeners to have faith in him. A day after Limbaugh resigned from ESPN as a football analyst – The New York Daily News reported that he was under investigation for allegedly buying addictive pain pills by the thousands on the black market.


Music News – October 1, 2003

Rapper Ice Cube will be starring in XXX2. The original starred Vin Diesel. 


Television News – October 1, 2003

Rush Limbaugh is out as an ESPN football analyst after resigning. It was all due to pressure after a remark he made about how the media wants a black quarterback to succeed and particularly – Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb – who isn’t doing all that well, or – believes Limbaugh – he got credit when it should have gone to the team’s defense.   

“101 Juiciest Hollywood Hookups.” On E!.


Top Movies – October 1, 2003 –

School of Rock

Out of Time

The Rundown

Under the Tuscan Sun

Secondhand Lions


Lost in Translation

The Fighting Temptations

Once Upon a Time In Mexico

Cold Creek Manor

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