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Dateline: Week Of August 8, 2003 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment,Tech & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

A car bomb explodes outside the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad – and 12 are dead. 

john poindexter resigns aug 2003John M. Poindexter resigns after 20 months. 

British arms dealer – Hemad Lakhani – is caught attempting to sell a surface-to-air missile to an undercover agent in New Jersey. 

Amrozi bin H. Nurhasylm – an Islamic militant is fund guilty of mass murder is sentenced to die by firing squad for last year’s nightclub bombings in Bali. The explosives killed 202 people. 

In California – The Supreme Court clears the way to an October 7 recall election – to recall Gov. Gray Davis.  

Liberia - President Charles Taylor delivered a farewell address to a nation bloodied by 14 years of war, declaring himself the “sacrificial lamb” in the effort to end that he said was a U.S. backed rebel war against his besieged regime. 

The Boston archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church offers $55 million to settle more than 500 sexual abuse lawsuits.  


Business/Economy News – August 8, 2003 - 

Coca-Cola Co. has agreed to pay Burger King Corp and its operators more than $20 million to settle a dispute over a rigged marketing test for Frozen Coke. Coke admitted in June that some of its employees manipulated the results of a test of the frozen soft drink in 2000 to win Burger King’s business.  

Ford Motor Co. is recalling more than 1.68 million SUV’s, including the Explorer -  to fix speed control cables and seat frame bolts.  


Sports News – August 8, 2003

The Detroit Tigers – the worst team in baseball with only 30 winning games so far this season – beat the Oakland A’s!


Technology News – August 8, 2003

Another virus – the Blaster worm blasts around the world. The worm is designed to cripple the Microsoft web site, where a patch can be had to get rid of it. 

HP introduces consumer items – including a video-tape to DVD recorder. 

microsoft loses lawsuit august 2003A federal jury finds that Microsoft’s Web browser infringed on a University of California patent and they must pay $520.6 million in damages.  The technology allows Web browsers to alter the display of Internet pages by rotating a picture. It’s Microsoft’s first significant loss in a patent case since 1994 


Entertainment News – August 8, 2003

Movie News - Disney and Pixar have their fifth hit with “Finding Nemo.” 

Passing – Actor/Dancer Gregory Hines. He was only 57 and is dead of cancer.


Music News – August 8, 2003

Jewel, Ben Harper, Nappy Roo, Rooney Cold on the WB’s “Smash” this week. Hosted by Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murry. Next week – Ashanti! 

r. kelly touring aug 2003Touring – R. Kelly


Television News – August 8, 2003  

Fox’ new series – “The O.C.” gets decent debut ratings – about 7.6 million viewers. 

ESPN X-Games – going strong for nine years. They’re anything but mainstream. 

Howard Stern settles his $10-million lawsuit against ABC and the producers of the reality series “Are You Hot?” which he said was ripped off.


Top Movies – August 8, 2003  


Freaky Friday

American Wedding


Spy Kids 3-D

Bad Boys II

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Finding Nemo

Terminator 3

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