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Dateline: Week Of August 1, 2003 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, News & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

Brooklyn Bishop Thomas Daily – still remembered for his role in the Boston Archdiocese sex abuse scandal a few years back, finally resigns. 

North Korea agrees to a six-nation talk about its nuclear weapons program. 

Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the pentagon needs to exhaust every alternative before asking Congress to increase the size of active duty personnel. 

The war against Iraq did not significantly diminish Al Qaeda and may even have hampered the struggle against the terrorist network – so says a British parliamentary committee. 

President Bush is in excellent health and declared “fit for duty” by his doctors. 

milomir stakic sentenced life prison august 2003Milomir Stakic – former mayor of Bosnia is sentenced to life in prison for exterminating or departing thousands of Muslims and Croats in 1992. 

French Troops on helicopter patrol over the green savanna of northeastern Congo stopped a massacre in progress in a remote village, although nine villagers died. 

A suicide bomb goes off at the JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta – killing 15. Two are Americans. 

S. Korea - Hyundai Group chairman Chung Mong Hun commits suicide. He’s the son of the company’s founder. 

Secretary of State Colin Powell says its just gossip that he plans to quit of President Bush is re-elected.


Technology News – August 1, 2003 

MP3.comfounder Michael Robertson has a new venture – SIPhone Inc – a telephone service that uses the Internet. 


Fascinating Facts – August 1, 2003 - 

Felix Baumgartner – An Austrian stuntman became the first person to skydive across the English Channel gliding on carbon fiber wings up to 217 mph. 

Cory Lopez wins the U.S. Open of Surfing at Surf City, Huntington Beach, CA. 

 Passing – John “Tex” McCrary who was big in the 1950’s with his wife Jinx on radio and television. 

Passing – Marie Trintignant (41) French film actress beat into a coma by her rock star boyfriend Bertrand Cantat. 


Television News – August 1, 2003

Hip-hop clothing maker 205 Flava says they have paid “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard to wear their clothes on the show – a no-no. 

On NBC – Reality series – “Race to the Alter.” 

oprah new o magazine august 2003Another Magazine from Oprah Winfrey – this one a test called “O at Home.” Look for it in October.


Entertainment/Celebrity News – August 1, 2003

daily lmail apologizes nicole kidman august 2003Actress Nicole Kidman accepts an apology from Britain’s Daily Mail – plus undisclosed damages in a libel suit. The paper suggested she had an affair with actor Jude Law.   

Arnold Schwarzeneger announces on Jay Leno’s “Tonight” show – that he is a candidate for governor of California – in a recall race. Earlier, Governor Gray Davis asked the State Supreme Court to delay the Oct. 7 recall election so he could revamp the ballot in order to improve his chances.  

 “Sex and the City,”  - Looks like author Candace Bushnell has a new book – “Trading Up,” her first full-length novel. 


Music News – August 1, 2003

ray charles news august 2003Ray Charles has canceled his remaining tour citing hip discomfort. 

Krist Novoselic – former Nirvana bassist – says he is quitting music and wants to get into politics. He’s leaving the band “Eyes Adrift.”




Top Movies – August 1, 2003

Bend It Like Beckham

Johnny English

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Legally Blonde 2, Red, White & Blonde

Bruce Almighty

28 days Later

American Wedding


Spy Kids 3


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