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Dateline: Week Of April 22, 2003 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Tech & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

President Bush tells hundreds of Arab Americans that U.S. officials – while working to create a democracy in the country have “no intention of imposing our form of government or our culture.” 

 Retired American army general Jay Garner – whose managing the postwar Iraq – is in that city this week for a tour. 

U.S. soldiers have arrested Mohammed Mohsen Zubaidi – a self-proclaimed mayor of Baghdad – and – an unelected leader who grabbed power while American officials struggled to create a transitional government there. 

North Korea, for the first time – claims it has nuclear weapons and is finishing reprocessing enough plutonium for more bombs. 

Police file charges against former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and several of his allies in the abduction and killing of a former Serbian president.  

There are some 13 SARS-related deaths reported across Asia. Thousands have been quarantined. 

Meanwhile – at a second gathering of delegates in Iraq – it’s agreed that there will be a new government and they’ll will meet within four weeks to begin forming a transitional government. 

A South African court sentences Winnie Mandela to four years in jail for fraud. 

The government has approved an eagerly awaited type of stent that emits a drug to help keep newly unblocked arteries from reclogging – the Cypher stent from Johnson & Johnson. 

greenspan fifth term announcement april 2003Alan Greenspan says he is ready to serve a fifth term as chairman of the Federal Reserve. 

Iraq - The Army finds $112 million in U.S. currency sealed inside seven animal kennels. That brings to $766 million – the total cash uncovered in just a few days in a wooded neighborhood of mansions where top Baath Party and Republican Guard officials once lived. The loot was left there by fleeing officials. 

Amazing story – In Montana – The Fifth Avenue Grocery in Roundup closed its doors in 1952 and stayed closed until late last year. Thousands of items, most in mint condition, were locked up. This week – the contents go up for sale. 

Ticked off in Toronto - Canadian officials have launched a campaign to repudiate the World health Organization’s warning that it is potentially dangerous to travel to Toronto because of an outbreak of SARS. 

 Modesto (CA) police say Scott Peterson did kill his wife in their home. This week – Peterson pleads innocent to the murder of his wife, Laci.


Technology News – April 22, 2003 –

RealNetworks says it has reached a million customers for is online entertainment subscription service, but that its revenue dipped. 

RealNetworks says it will acquire listen.com. 

Microsoft releases Windows Server 2003 – its first new operating system for server computers in more than two years. 

EBay profits and revenue soar. Profit more than doubled to $104.2 million. 

apple unveils itunes april 22 2003Apple Computer’s unveils its ITunes music service has all five major record companies supplying music – but – it can only be accessible on Apple Computers. Steve Jobs – the company’s chief – promised to lure customers away from unauthorized file-sharing sites and networks, calling it “a major milestone in the evolution of the real digital music age. The service has just over 200,000 downloadable songs for 99 cents each. 

Verizon must reveal the names of two alleged music pirates to the RIAA – so a federal judge rules. In one case  - the RIAA got a subpoena last July that demanded the identity of an Internet customer in Pennsylvania who was offering hundreds of songs for copying on Kazaa. Verizon didn’t want to comply  because the material wasn’t on their servers. 

The Recording Industry Assn of America sends warnings to users of Kazaa and Grokster file sharing networks. The notes say that unauthorized file-sharers “risk legal penalties”  are sending them via instant messaging – to those sending out the music files.


Music News – April 22, 2003 

Passing – Nina Simone (70). 

Some top albums – week of April 22, 2003

kelly clarkson music april 2003Thankful – Kelly Clarkson

New Breed – 50 Cent

Say You Will – Fleetwood Mac

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ – 50 Cent

Now 12

Have You Forgotten? – Darryl Worley

Meteora – Linkin Park

Come Away With Me – Norah Jones 


Television News – April 22, 2003 -

ESPN presents the NFL draft – sponsored by Coors. 

 Lyric Benson (21) who recently completed an episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” is pronounced dead. She was shot by her ex-boyfriend in her apartment doorway. Her boyfriend then killed himself. 

NBC cancels “Just Shoot Me” – a casualty because it’s against “American Idol.” 

Lifetime Magazine - named after the cable channel – debuts. 

Viacom is buying AOL-Time Warner’s 50% stake in Comedy Central. Price is $1.2 billion. 


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – April 22, 2003

American Idol on Tuesday – 19.82

CSI – 19.09

Friends – 18.24

American Idol on Wednesday – 18.14

Everybody Loves Raymond – 17.72

Law & Order on Thursday – 15.48

CSI: Miami – 14.89

Will & Grace – 14.69

scrubs tv ratings - april 22 2003Scrubs – 14.66

Law & Order; Criminal Intent – 14.51

Survivor’ Amazon – 14.22

Still Standing – 14.14

 Yes, Dear – 13.73

Good Morning Miami – 13.22

Law & Order – 13.18

Bernie Mac Show – 13.04


Top Movies – April 22, 2003 –


Anger Management


Malibu’s Most Wanted


Bulletproof Monk

What a Girl Wants

Phone Booth

It Runs in the Family

The Real Cancun

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