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Dateline: Week Of March 22, 2003 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment,Tech & Fascinating Facts


In The News -

Iraqi’s capture their first American soldiers - as 17 are dead. Five were captured. 

tony blair in washington march 2003 British Prime Minister Tony Blair is in Washington for talks with President Bush about the war in Iraq and the U.N. role in postwar reconstruction. 

Iraq – strong explosions shake areas of Baghdad as a major battle shapes-up south of the city. A sandstorm lets up – and U.S warplanes go back into action. 

Interpol wants the arrest and extradition of former Peruvian President Albert Fujimori on charges of murder and kidnapping in incidents carried out by military death squads under his 1990’s rule.  

Islamist reformist Said bin Zuair, jailed in 1995 after speaking out against corruption in the Saudi royal family – is let out of prison after eight years. 

Yemeni American pleads guilty - Shafal Mosed acknowledged in a Buffalo, NY courtroom that he had trained the Al Faroog camp in Afghanistan to use weapons and explosives. 

An Illinois judge orders Philip Morris to pay $10.1 billion in damages for misleading smokers into believing low-tar cigarettes were safer than regular cigarettes. 

saddam hussein taped tv appearance march 22 2003Saddam Hussein makes a taped TV appearance, congratulating the “Iraqi moujahedeen” for inflicting casualties on the invading forces and vowed to drag out the war to turn it into a “quagmire” for the U.S. Meanwhile, President Bush will ask Congress for $75 billion to pay for the war against Iraq. 

Washington now says U.S. and British troops control over a third of Iraq and just about all of its airspace.  

President Bush terms the war against Iraq “a noble purpose” that would not only make the world safer but also “free he people of Iraq from the clutches of Saddam Hussein ad his murderous allies.” 

An Iraqi army officer motioned U.S. soldiers to his car at a military checkpoint near Najaf. He was a suicide bomber that  went off – killing 4 GI’s.  

Passing – Former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He was 77.


Business/Economy News – March 22, 2003  

New York City begins its ban on smokers in bars! No more smoking and fines begin at $200.  

Sears, Roebuck & Co says it has put its credit card unit up for sale. 

HealthSouth’s stock has lost 97% under allegations by the SEC of accounting fraud. 

The Nasdaq follow the lead of the New York Stock Exchange and refused to allow Al Jazeera – the Arab satellite TV network to use its facilities to broadcast live reports. 


Technology News – March 22, 2003 –

Dell launches its first line of printers, where HP makes a nice chunk of change.

 EBay problem – an Arizona couple has fled with more then $100,000 from 500 bidders. Who “sold” large quantities of expensive merchandise. 

Adobe Systems is expanding into the fast-growing DVD market with a new program designed to make it easier to customize the discs on a PC. The software, “Encore,” promises to create slick DVD’s for video entrepreneurs and aficionados and will sell for around $500. Look for it this summer.


Sports News – March 22, 2003

NFL no-no - Running back Mike Cloud of the Kansas City Chiefs gets suspended for the first four games of the 2003 season for steroid violation. 

Marquette pulled off the big stunner of the NCAA tournament – ending top-seeded Kentucky’s 26-game winning streak – 83-69. 

andre agassi tennis record march 2003Andre Agassi wins a record sixth title – defeating Carlos Moya at the nasdaq-100 Open in Florida. 

Nancy Kwan wins her fifth World Figure Skating Championship – becoming the first woman to win the title three consecutive times.


Music News – March 22, 2003

Street Dreams – Fabolous

Dutty Rock – Paul Sean 

Songs about the war in Iraq are getting released. The latest – “The Final Straw” from R.E.M. Lenny Kravitz just released “We Want Peace.” 

New album by Linkin Park debuts – “Meteora.” 

Madonna’s “American Life” video has been altered. It had featured children in war-torn images and other battle imagery. With the uptick of violence in Iraq – they were pulled.  

LeAnn Rimes and Duncan Sheik guest star as singers Connie Francis and Bobby Darin on this week’s “American Dreams” – Sunday night on NBC. 

REM going back on tour march 2003R.E.M. is readying its first tour in four years – beginning Sept. 1 in Seattle. 

Some top albums – week of March 22, 2003

Chocolate Factory – R. Kelly

Fallen – Evanescene

8 Mile soundtrack

Chicago soundtrack

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ – 50 Cent

Come Away With Me – Norah Jones


Celebrity News – March 22, 2003 –

Actor Robert Blake pleads not guilty to murdering his wife.


Top TV Shows/Rating/TV Guide – March 22, 2003

Academy Awards on ABC – 33.04

American Idol on Tuesday – 21.14

Oscar Countdown on ABC – 19.49

American idol on Wednesday – 17.19

Survivor: Amazon – 16.42

Friends – 14.90

Fear Factor – 14.66

Scrubs – 14.21

judging amy tv ratings march 22 2003Judging Amy – 14.17

JAG – 14.02

Everybody Loves Raymond – 13.52

Will & Grace – 13.42

Yes, dear – 13.19

Third Watch – 12.88

Good Morning, Miami – 12.74


Television news - March 22, 2003 -  

Steve Martin hosts the 75th Annual Academy Awards. Peter O’Toole received an honorary award for career achievement.

Debuting this week – ‘Regular Joe” on ABC. It’s another sitcom about a single dad. 

connie chung leaving cnn march 2003Connie Chung is leaving CNN. Her “Connie Chung Tonight” is about to be canceled anyway – due to low ratings. 

Peter Arnett – a correspondent for NBC News told Iraqi state television said he and other U.S. reporters are helpful to the U.S. antiwar movement and Arnett praised Iraq’s treatment of foreign reporters.



Top Movies – March 22, 2003 –

Bringing Down the House


Agent Cody Banks

View From The Top

The Hunted


Piglet’s Big Movie

Tears of the Sun

Old School

Boat Trip

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