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Dateline: Week Of January 22, 2003 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment,Tech & Fascinating Facts



In The News -

Israeli troops drive into Gaza City and in the end – 12 are dead. 

A 7.8 earthquake hits Mexico – killing at least 21. The quake hit about 310 miles west of Mexico City. 

It’s revealed that President Bush will tell Americans to prepare for war with Iraq during his State of the Union address. Earlier – he urged Iraqi soldiers to disobey orders from “”killers who occupy the high levels’ or the Iraqi government vowing again to disarm Saddam Hussein. 

Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Bitz contends that Iraq has no intention of coming clean with its Weapons inspections. 

Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts charged that the Bush administration was moving too quickly toward war in Iraq and needs to build support at home. 

colin powell talks about iraq january 2003Secretary of State Colin Powell – speaking in Davis, Switzerland – said Iraq has failed to account for a large cache of chemical and biological weapons. He said the U.S. reserves the right to attack without global support. 

After several months and 350 inspections – United Nations weapons teams have been unable to verify Bush administration claims that Saddam Hussein is secretly building chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. 

 Satan’s road? - New Mexico wants to shed Route 666 – the designation. As it just happens – the road is very dangerous, running north-south for about 160 miles in the northwestern part of the state. The road won’t go away, but the number will.  

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld apologizes to veterans for comments he made on the military draft that he said had been misconstrued by some as disparaging their service. 

Joel Cacace, acting boss of the Colombo organized crime family is arrested and charged in a string of 1987 murders. 

Andrew Luster – great grandson of cosmetics magnate Max factor – and still a fugitive – is found guilty of raping three women in California. 

Radomir Rade Markovic – a top intelligence official under former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is found guilty of planning to assassinate one of Milosevic’s rivals and sentenced to seven years in prison. 

 Shoe bomber Richard Reid is given three life sentences plus 110 additional years in prison. He shouted back at the judge that Allah “will give victory to his religion. 

The U.S. launches “the final phase” of its Iraq diplomacy. President Bush gave an address to the U.N Security Council, Congress and the American people to rally support. 

The Dow drops below 8,000 – its seventh loss in eight sessions. Fear of war is blamed. 


Fascinating Facts – January 22, 2003 - 

In New York – a judge throws-out a class-action lawsuit that blamed McDonald’s food for obesity, diabetes and other health problems in children. He laid it out simply – that the law is not intended to protect people from their own excesses.  


Sports News – January 22, 2004 

Super Bowl XXXVII – At San Diego – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Oakland raiders 48-21. 

For the seventh straight year Sony’s “NFL GameDay” called the Super Bowl. It’s artificial intelligence that crunches the strengths and weaknesses of every National Football League player in determining an outcome. 

Serena Williams beats her older sister Venus in the Australian Open and gets her fourth consecutive Grand Slam title.  


Technology News – January 22, 2003 –

A worm subbed “SQL Slammer” because it exploits a weakness in Microsoft Corp’s Windows 2000 SQL server hits business/companies over the globe. It crashed servers and congested traffic on the Internet for a few hours – but all is OK. 

ted turner resigning aolAmazon.com reports its second profit, earning $3 million or a penny a share. 

Earthlink will cut 25% of its workers and shut-down customer support for dial-up customers. 

Ted Turner plans to resign as vice chairman of AOL.


Music  News – January 22, 2003 –

 Shania Twain conducts the Super Bowl half-time show. 

R&B singer R. Kelly is arrested in Miami on new charges that he was in possession of sexually graphic photographs of himself and a female minor. He’s already awaiting trial on child porn charges. 

Robin Gibb and brother Barry will no longer use “The Bee Gees,” but they will continue to make music.  

The Library of Congress unveils the premiere collection of the national Recording Registry. Among those featured – Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and early rap from Grandmaster Flash.


Television News – January 22, 2003

Almost 138 million saw the Super Bowl on ABC.  Al Michaels and John Madden called the action. 

NBC countered ABC’s football coverage by airing “Saturday Night Live Super Bowl Halftime Special.” 

jimmy kimmel after superbowl jan 2003Preview - Following Super Bowl coverage on ABC – look for Jimmy Kimmel Live – as it kicks off. Next week – it’ll air after “Nightline.” 

ABC has paid just over $4 million for the British ITV1 program on Michael Jackson. The program will air on a two-hour “20/20” in February.





Top Movies – January 22, 2003 –

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