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Dateline: Week Of September 1, 2002 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

U.S. Officials say the Bush administration is exploring tough proposals that would force Baghdad to open its doors to aggressive weapons inspections or face immediate punitive action.

An Israeli attack helicopter fires missiles at a car in the west Bank, killing 10 Palestinians.

President Bush says he would seek congressional approval before taking any action against Iraq.

A gunmen tries to kill President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, but is unsuccessful.

9/11 anniversary - The House and Senate hold a solemn joint meeting in New York’s Federal Hall – as more than 300 of the 535 lawmakers trekked to the location – many by train.

President Bush launches a diplomatic offensive and places phone calls to the leaders of China, France and Russia in an appeal for collaboration in dealing with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. 

At the final day of a U.N. summit in Johannesburg, Secretary of state Colin Powell is interrupted by jeers and boos as he attempted to defend U.s. programs to reduce global warming and help the world’s poor. 


Sports News – September 1, 2002

 The USA “Dream Team” basketball team which is composed of NBA players – loses 87-80 to Argentina for the first time in international competition at the World Basketball Championship.


Business News – Chainsaw Al Update – September 1, 2002

Former SunBeam Corp. Chief Executive Al Dunlap – also known as Chainsaw Al for cutting thousands of jobs in the 1990’s before the appliance maker filed for bankruptcy reorganization, will pay $500,000 to settle charges he used accounting techniques that hid Sunbeam’s financial problems,  Dunlap has been living in retirement for the past four years.


Technology News – September 1, 2002

Napster Inc says it plans to liquidate after a bankruptcy judged blocked the sale of its technology to Bertelsmann.


Entertainment news – September 1, 2002

American Idol Has A Winner

Kelly Clarkson wins Fox-TV’s “American Idol” with Justin Guarini as runner up. It’s the first “American Idol” and it looks like from the ratings, they’ll be another one.  Ratings for the finale – some 22.8 million watched. “American Idol” was simply a summer replacement series, but has taken a life of its own.

Look for the Nov. 1 release of the “American Idol CD-ROM.” On November 1.


Music news – September 1, 2002

 N’ Sync’s Lance Bass, who had hoped to become the youngest space traveler, has his plans torpedoed as sponsors failed to come up with the $20 million sought by the Russian Space Agency. Bass has already trained for several months at Star City – a facility near Moscow.

 Rapper Snoop Dogg announces he is abstaining from marijuana and alcohol. “I’m 30 years old now. Three kids. A wife. A mom. Brothers. Artists. Family. Friends. They all need me. They depend on me. I’ve been leading homeboys off the cliff for five, six years. So now, I’m going slow.” 


Television news – September 1, 2002

With a new Sopranos season starting next week – gone in the opening is the World Trade Center Twin Towers – for obvious reasons.  The show begins its fourth season September 15.

The Disney Channel says it is dropping its vintage programming and replacing it with hipper fare. No more “Vault Disney.” Disney wants to invest in new programs for younger viewers.  One of the original new shows is “Kim Possible” which will begin in June. This may stem from the success of “Lizzie McGuire” which debuted January of last year.  Some of the newly acquired teen reruns to be seen on the channel include “Smart Guy,” “Boy Meets World” and “Even Stevens.”

MTV’s “Video Music Awards” set a rating record for the channel – 11.9 million viewers – the largest audience in MTV’s history (so far).

Passing – Paul Tripp – Known for his educational kid’s shows of the 50’s. He was 91. Before television, Tripp was the author of the famous “Tubby the Tuba.” Many remember him in the 1960’s as host of “Birthday House.”

MTV’s “Real World” enters its 12th season beginning this week. Seven new housemates will get to know each other amid the energy of Las Vegas. 


Top Movies – September 1, 2002


My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams


Austin Powers in Goldmember

Blue Crush

Serving Sara

The Good Girl

One Hour Photo 

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