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Dateline: Week Of December 8, 2002 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 



In The News -

Saddam Hussein facing a possible U.S.-led war over alleged weapons of mss destruction said that Iraq’s enemies would be defeated. 

President Bush chooses chairman and chief executive of CSX Corp. John W. Snow as Treasury Secretary. 

President Bush says he will make small pox vaccination available to all Americans with military and health care personnel first in line. 

In Boston – Cardinal Bernard Law resigns as archbishop of the Boston Archdiocese over his church’s year-old sex scandal. 

henry kissinger resigns chairman attacks dec 8, 2002 news timeline mrpopcultureHenry Kissinger quits as chairman of a new commission investigating last year’s terrorist attacks, saying he did not want to get rid of his international consulting firm to take the position. 

The government ordered 10 prescription drugs to be confiscated at the borer if patients buy them abroad instead of through their doctors, calling the medications too risky for unsupervised use. They include acne treatment Accutante to a version of the date-rape drug GHB. 

President Bush signs an order to make it easier for religious groups to obtain federal funds to perform charitable services. 

Baton-wielding security forces arrested at least 60 people in Tehran as thousands gathered in and Tehran University to call for political reform.  

rumsfeld in qatar december 2002 news timeline mrpopcultureDefense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld talks to U.S. troops on a base in Qatar. “You are what stands between our people… and an evil that cannot be appeased.” 

President Bush publicly scolds incoming Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott for remarks that seemed to endorse segregation. Lott praised the 1948 presidential campaign of Sen. Strom Thurmond that promoted segregation. Bush told an audience in Philadelphia – “Any suggestion that a segregated past was acceptable or positive is offensive and it is wrong.” 

The United States proposes that U.N. inspectors adopt a strategy of summoning key Iraqi scientists individually and in groups of as large as 50 to multiple interviews both in and outside Iraq. 

North Korea says it will re open shuttered nuclear power facilities and has asked the International Atomic Energy Agency to remove monitoring cameras and seals from all of its nuclear facilities. 

The U.S. military captures, then releases a Yemen ship filled with scud missiles. The ship was getting them from North Korea. 

A terrorism task force is investigating a report that a Colombian rebel group is plotting to kidnap former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in Mexico City. 

jimmy carter nobel peace prize december 2002 news timeline mrpopcultureFormer President Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize. He denounced war as policy and urged the world to accept U.N. leadership in tackling challenges ranging from the Middle East to global poverty. 

Democrat Mary Landrieu wins the Senate in Louisiana despite a strong challenge from Republican SuzanneHaik Terrell. 

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NY reaches an agreement with his City Council on a compromise measure that would ban smoking in nearly every bar and restaurant. You’ll be able to light up – “outside.” 

Trent Lott is under fire for his remark and asks for forgiveness and his problem is growing. “This was a mistake of the head or of the mouth, not of the heart.” 


Business News - December 8, 2002

Coca-Cola says it will stop quarterly profit projections and would rather concentrate on long-term planning and forecasting. 


Technology News – December 8, 2002 

Playboy Enterprises signs with video game publisher Arush Entertainment to produce a Playboy video game. 

AOL lays off 300 workers and plans to eliminate several hundred more next year under a cost cutting move. 

DirectTV will pay the National Football League $400 million for its “NFL Sunday Ticket” package. 


Entertainment Mews – December 8, 2002

Artists United to Win Without War – a group of Hollywood celebrities who oppose a preemptive strike if Iraq – are making news. Out front – Martin Sheen, Mimi Kennedy, Robert David Hall, Tony Shalhoub and Wendie Malick.


Music News – December 8, 2002

david lee roth suit against van halen december 8 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureDavid Lee Roth files a suit against members of Van Halen, alleging that Eddie, Alex and Michael Anthony diverted royalties and breached their fiduciary duty to him. 

Concert promoter Clear Channel cancels what’s left of Guns ‘N Roses first tour in nine years. The tour was over a year in planning. First off – the band was supposed to deliver a new album, “Chinese Democracy” to tie into the tour – and so far, no release date has been set. Plus – events in Vancouver – where that concert was canceled last minute, sparked a fan melee. 

The rowdy Australian band – “The Vines” are jettisoned from the Jay Leno “Tonight” Show after lead singer Craig Nichols began trashing the group’s equipment during a sound check just before the show’s taping. He went into a tantrum – throwing around things – and then they were asked to leave. 


Television News – December 8, 2002

The Sopranos ends its season on HBO – with 12.5 million viewers tuning into Sunday’s extended season finale.


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – December 2, 2002

CSI – 29.74

Friends – 25.42

ER – 23.92

Survivor: Thailand – 21.39

Primetime on Wednesday – 21.27

scrubs tv ratings nielson dec 8 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureScrubs – 19.50

Will & Grace – 19.32

Monday Night Football – 18.30

Law & Order: SVU – 16.22

Las & Order – 15.88

Good Morning Miami – 15.58

Everybody Loves Raymond – 15.11

60 Minutes – 14.36


Top Movies – December 8, 2002

Die Another Day

Analyze That

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Treasure Planet

The Santa Clause 2

Adam Sandler’s Crazy Nights

Friday After Next

8 Mile

The Ring

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