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 Dateline: Week Of December 1, 2002 In News, Popm Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech  & Fascinating Facts 



In The News -

Turkey offers the U.S. its bases in a potential war against Iraq. 

The Bush Administration wants the United Nations to conduct more aggressive weapons searches in Iraq. 

Economic advisers out - President Bush ousts Treasury Secretary Paul H. O’Neill and Lawrence B. Lindsey.  

 Strom Thurmond – the nation’s oldest and longest-serving senator – reaches his 100th birthday this week and his birthday is celebrated by friends, Supreme Court justices and leaders of the Senate. 

Lawmakers vote to begin impeachment hearings against President Luis Gonzalez Macchi, deepening political and economic turmoil in Paraguay. 

A federal panel rejects a $1.8-billion government loan guarantee for United Airlines and that may mean a bankruptcy filing. 

President Bush speaks at a rally in Louisiana for the Republican challenger in a Senate runoff – Suzanne Haik Terrell. 

Alcohol-related crashes in the U.S. that resulted in death have fallen significantly in the last 20 years with the largest decreases involving drivers under age 21, according to federal health officials. 

An FBI report released this week says the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty rose from 51 in 2000 to 142 last year with 72 of those killed in the Sept. 11 attacks alone. 

At Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii – Remains believed to be those of U.S. servicemen killed in Laos and Vietnam were returned to U.S. soil. One of the remains many be those of James McGovern – who became known for his daring exploits in China and Southeast Asia 50 years ago. 

Israel kills Mustafa Sabah – a Palestinian militant blamed for making bombs that blew up three battle tanks – leaving seven soldiers dead. 

In Boston – newly released church documents reveal cases from homosexual rape, drug abuse by priests and molestation of girls as the Roman Catholic church abuse scandal keeps growing. 

President Bush lights the national Christmas tree and offered greetings to loved ones lost in the terrorist attacks and those separated by military assignments.

 president bush radio address week of december 1 2002 timeline mrpopcultureWeekly radio address – President Bush called on Americans to take time during the holiday season to help those less fortunate through volunteer work at soup kitchens or visiting the sick at hospitals. 

A fire at the Goajira nightclub and disco in Caracas, Venezuela kills 47. 

A study released by Harvard University’s Center for risk Analysis estimates that the death toll from crashes caused by drivers talking on their cell phones appears to be rising significantly – now 2,600 deaths a year in such crashes. 

New Jersey - Passengers on a Greyhound bus panicked, and called 911 when the bus driver told them he was taking them “to the Taliban” after some criticized his meandering route. He was trying to get to his destination through side streets when passengers began making fun of him. That’s when he spoke the line. All of a sudden – police were everywhere – passengers were ordered to get off the bush with their hands in the air. 

The FTC sues Mark Nutritionals – makers of “Body Solutions” heard on the radio for “false and unsubstantiated” claims that its products would produce weight loss without diet or exercise. The commercials are heard on major radio stations – and pitched by radio talent.


Technology News – December 1, 2002 

Video game sales should hit $12 billion in revenue for 2002! 

Teaming with RealNetworks - Starz Encore Group unveils movies on demand from the Internet. 

Aol recovery plan news dec 1 2002 timeline mrpopcultureAOL lays down a recovery plan – saying online ad revenue may drop as much as 50% - but premium services should bolster its recovery.  

Disney has a new online game – its first – that can accommodate thousands of players – “Toontown.” 


Music News – December 1, 2002

Some top albums –

Up! – Shania Twain

Tim McGraw & The Dancehall Doctors

8 Mile soundtrack

Now 11

Better Dayz – 2Pac

jennifer lopez music billboard chart dec 1 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureThis is Me… Then – Jennifer Lopez

Back in the U.S. Live 2002 – Paul McCartney

Stripped – Christian Aguilera

 A battle over health benefits is won by classic soul artists Sam Moore, Mary Wells, Jackie Wilson and Curtis Mayfield. They sued their union (AFTRA) and won $8.4 million. 

R. Kelly is set to launch a new album next month – “Chocolate Factory” – his first album since his June indictment on felony child pornography charges. 

British rock band Oasis cancels a Hamburg, Germany concert after a fight that left Liam Gallagher with several broken teeth. 

whitney houston on tv week of december 1 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureWhitney Houston appears on ABC’s “Primetime: Special Edition” with Diane Sawyer. Ms. Houston said she apologizes for things such as canceled concert dates. 

Passing – Dave Ray – folk-blues guitarist known for his virtuoso six and 12-string guitar work. He was 59. 


Television News – December 1, 2002

 Oprah Winfrey breaks ground in South Africa for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. She’s given $10 million for the project. 

Passing – Actor Glenn Quinn (32) had roles in “Roseanne” on Buffy spinoff – “Angel.” 

Passing – Roone Arledge – who changed the way sports was presented on television. He spent four decades at ABC, first as ABC Sports president, then as president of ABC news. He was 71.  

Lizzie McGuire – seen on Disney and ABC Saturday mornings – is on fire. Star Hilary Duff just recorded a pop single – “I Can’t Wait” and a Lizzie McGuire movie is in production. 

On Animal Planet – you love Steve Irwin – The Crocodile Hunter, but there’s also his American counterpart – Jeff Corwin!


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – December 1, 2002

Everybody Loves Raymond – 20.53 million viewers

CSI: Miami – 18.83

Monday Night Football – 18.88

The Christmas Shoes – 16.62

Still Standing – 16.31

Law & Order – 15.83

JAG tv ratings nielson december 1 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureJAG – 15.14

The Simpsons – 15.11

CSI – 15.01

King of Queens – 14.91

Judging Amy – 14.68

Frasier – 14.66

Law & Order: SVU – 14.62

60 Minutes – 14.43

The West Wing – 14.28

Yes, Dear – 14.05



Top Movies – December 1, 2002

Die Another Day

The Santa Clause 2

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights

Treasure Planet

Friday After Next


8 Mile

The Ring

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